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by Roxanne St. Claire

Former Bullet Catcher and lone wolf investigator Jack Culver is on a mission. Thirty years ago, an innocent woman was convicted of murder. Jack believes he's found the real killer -- but to take down one of the highest legal authorities in the land, he needs access. Serious access. Unfortunately, the one person he knows with that kind of power is his ex-boss and ex-lover, the woman who still haunts his dreams. Bullet Catchers owner Lucy Sharpe realizes she's being used for her connections, and she intends to use Jack Culver right back. She's determined to see justice served, even if that means partnering with the man who once found his way past her iron shields. This time, she'll be strong enough to avoid Jack's persuasive touch. But when passion flares, and they become the killer's target, Lucy and Jack don't just break some rules -- they shatter them. And that means risking everything: their jobs, their hearts...and their lives.
Download Now You Die (The Bullet Catchers) epub
ISBN: 1439149488
ISBN13: 978-1439149485
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Roxanne St. Claire
Language: English
Publisher: Pocket Star; Reprint edition (May 26, 2009)
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Rating: 4.8
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I was happy to finally get Lucy's story. I also enjoyed getting to know Jack a bit better. I didn't really like him in the previous books and wasn't sure how he and Lucy would really fit. This story allowed a different and deeper view of both Jack and Lucy which made them seem more human and broken. I missed having Dan around in this book, but I'm looking forward to reading his story next. As for Lucy and Jack, they take on big names in politics and the surrounding political corruption. Sparks fly when they get close to each other and also when they disagree about how to approach their case and who the real criminal might be. Through the course of their investigation, more and more of their personal history and true feelings are revealed. The story had a decent amount of action, plenty of mystery and suspense, and steamy chemistry. I enjoyed it and can't wait to read the next one.
I love this entire series. Each book within the series can be enjoyed on its own but one of the strengths of the series is the continued building of the main characters-especially Lucy, Jack, and Dan. (His story comes next). This is Lucy and Jack' s story and is not to be missed. Roxanne St Claire commands this genre although I suspect that has been a well kept secret for who knows what reason. She currently (2014) writes straight romance which so many less talented writers do. What a loss. Now You Die is fast paced with complex characters, an exciting plot, great dialogue, and is just an extremely well written and entertaining R/S. She is right up on top with the best. I read kindle books now. When I first discovered RSC, I had a hardtime finding her print books. Don't let some publisher politics or misappreciation keep you from this wonderful series. Read and enjoy.
I had been waiting for Jack and Lucy's story since I first seen the spark in previous Bullet Catcher's Books... and Boy did it deliver... This book is a well written symphony of mystery and intrigue. Surrounded by a 30 year old crime finally solved.. It has a bunch of people that you either love or hate or just can't wait to see what happens to them.. .. you get wrapped up and forget to feed your family until it ends... and then you shower and pass out from the hangover of the ride!!! This avid reader gives Now You Die 2 Thumbs Up and an Angry Orchard!!
I have been anxiously waiting to get my hands on this book and now that I have, it's only left me wanting more. Not only was Now You Die filled with twists and great excitement, it had romance, lust, and some really heart-wrenching moments. Lucy carried the weight of the world on her shoulders for so many years that it's great to see her finally let go of the past and live for the future with Jack.

The only thing that really made me sad was that Dan got the short end of the stick. I know that Lucy needs someone to challenge her, but what about Dan?? His presence in almost all of the Bullet Catcher books has made him so irresistible and I am saddened that he didn't get what I think many of us feel he deserved. I just hope Ms. St. Claire does him justice in the next book because he is definitely my favorite Bullet Catcher - and I wouldn't mind hearing about his good friend Max and how his family is doing either.
OH MY GOSH. The hits just keep coming for Juicy Lucy and her band of Bullet Catchers. So many opportunities for them to die. Why did it all come down at the end? I loved Lucy and Jack’s story. Damn Dan anyway. What a sore loser.
Slowly writer
Higgie was a married attorney who had an affair with Eileen. As a result, she had triplet girls who were given up for adoption. Three years later Higgie had an affair with Wanda. He, Wanda and Eileen were in an alley when Wanda was shot, and Eileen drove away in fear. Someone planted a gun in her car and people on the take put her in jail for life. Twenty-four years later, Higgie is a Supreme Court Justice.

Jack is a private investigator who has been visiting Eileen in jail. She won't tell anyone the truth of what happened in the alley because she fears that Higgie will kill anyone who helps her. Jack believes she is innocent and asks Lucy to help him find evidence to convict Higgie of the murder. Lucy runs the Bullet Catchers, a private investigation and security firm. Along the way, Lucy and Jack fall in love.

This is the third book in a trilogy. In the first two books, Bullet Catcher agents find and fall in love with two of Eileen's daughters, Miranda and Vanessa. The third daughter Kristen has not yet been found as this story begins.

Jack is the hero of the story with his maverick ways. Lucy is supposed to be smart and talented but her decisions and actions get in the way their success. She insists her team follow careful plans which end up not working. More than once, Jack is chasing and almost catches Kristen, but she gets away because of Lucy. In one case Lucy tells a team member to bring Jack back immediately which causes Jack to lose Kristen. More than once, Lucy is taken by surprise by a bad guy, nearly killed, and then saved by Jack at the last minute due to his instincts (not the plan).

The plot was complicated, well done and solved, with no loose ends which is good. To give it more stars, I would prefer more interesting character development and interaction. These characters were ok, but they didn't make the book stand out from the (mysteries) pack. A romance existed but not much development. Jack and Lucy had a one-time connection from before. Since then Jack loved her but they were apart for reasons vague to me. Now working together, he still loves her but doesn't tell her, because she is not ready to commit. Don't read this for the romance, read it for the mystery and suspense.

There are many Bullet Catcher books, and I did not realize that this was part of a trilogy (a subgroup within the larger group). I did not read the first two books of the trilogy which are FIRST YOU RUN and THEN YOU HIDE. Those are the stories of finding Eileen's first two daughters Miranda and Vanessa. Other reviewers say the third book can be read as a stand alone, but I do not recommend it. I wanted to know more about why Jack was visiting Eileen so much and why he stayed away from Lucy (the woman he loved). I bought the third book to see if I liked the author. On hind sight, I would suggest reading FIRST YOU RUN first. Then if you like it, continue with the others

Story length: 341 pages. Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 5. Total number of sex scene pages: 15. Setting: current day South Carolina and nearby Kiawah Island, and New York. Copyright: 2008. Genre: romantic mystery suspense.
I loved the bullet catcher books. Great stories and hot men. I wish Roxanne St Claire would go back to writing in this style.
Sometimes it takes me awhile to get into her story line but when I do I find it hard to put her books down until it's read. I think I've read all the Bullet Catchers series and enjoyed every one of them. Hopefully there will be more in that series.