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by Stephanie Bond

Ever had one of those days? A surprise visit from her father—who's on the run from the law—has given Carlotta Wren a lot to think about. Should she join her former fiancé, Peter, in proving her father is innocent? If she does, are her body-moving days over? And then…A close friend's behavior begins to spin out of control…The cops turn up the heat on her father's case…Carlotta discovers that her brother Wesley's gambling debts are child's play compared to his new vice…And the Charmed Killer, a serial murderer, unleashes his wrath on Atlanta.Now the bodies are piling up—and Carlotta's father is the number one suspect!
Download 4 Bodies and a Funeral (Body Movers, Book 4) epub
ISBN: 0778326683
ISBN13: 978-0778326687
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Stephanie Bond
Language: English
Publisher: MIRA; Original edition (March 31, 2009)
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Rating: 4.7
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Admittedly this is the first book of this series that I've read. But Bond does such a good job in the beginning catching you up on whats been happening that I don't really feel the need to read the first three books. But I find it frustrating because I hate serials and I would not have bought this book if I knew it was a serial and absolutely nothing is resolved at the end. Thats more on me than the author so can't complain too much there. But Stephanie Bond does a good job of sucking you into this characters life and then leaves you hanging at the end. You don't find out who Carletta is going to end up with. That is more irritating than not knowing who the serial killer is and what is going to happen to her brother. Wish I had bought the sixth book this series instead of this one.
I have been a fan of Stephanie Bonds book for a while now and the Body Movers series did not dissapoint. I suggest starting with The Party Crashers to get to know the
characters and move your way through each Body Mover Book. After the first one I was hooked and could'nt wait to move on to the next. Carlotta has 3 great men in her life. A big burly cop, An old very rich flame and then thers Coop the body mover with a rough past and she just can't seem to choose. Coop has my vote. I would love to see them together. Just when you think things are going to work out, another monkey wrench gets thrown in. Lots of twist and turns,love, lust and stuff that just brings a smile to your face, A few "I did'nt see that coming"
I really don't want to give anything away but I know you'll enjoy the series.
I've come to love the characters in this book - some more than others, of course, and can't wait to see who Carlotta winds up with.
The mysteries take us on a journey with a brother and sister who, despite many unfortunate obstacles, have managed to survive and move forward in their lives. Carlotta and Wes are clever and endearing, and I will read everyone of the books about these two because I am enjoying the series tremendously, and because the books are a continuation of one huge story. Each books leaves unanswered questions which may, or may not, get answered in the next book.
I just powered through the Body Movers series.... I really love reading novels like this that are just pure entertainment...not brain stretchers or lessons in anything. Sometimes a girl just wants pure getaway from it easy reading...with some romance and mystery thrown in. Sure they are now very deep and go over and over the same stories again and again....but still just take you along for an easy ride. I am now eagerly awaiting number 7 as I thought 6 was going to tie up more loose ends. However I guess number 7 and whatever follows will have to wait!
Early Waffle
This is a fun series to read. It's well written. Some of the reviews try to go to deeply into what this means or what that means but if you just read it for fun, you'll love it. I don't think it's meant to be torn apart and critiqued. It's just a fun series.
You have to read them in order though, or they won't make sense. I tried reading them out of order and they seemed stupid but when I went back and read them in order, I loved them.
I am an avid reader but have never gotten into books of this type. For whatever reason I am now a HUGE Stephanie Bond fan. I have read several in this series. They are fun, light, easy reading ... the perfect take me away from reality light hearted reading I need right now. I tried to read Janet Evanovich but simply could not appreciate her writing. That was many years ago so maybe my opinion would be different now. Stephanie Bond has a similar style but for some reason I am really enjoying her books
I am not happy with this book. I do not like books that are not resolved at the end. Granted, the situation with the parents being absent is a continuation, but for the plot of this book to continue to the next book (#5) is unacceptable. Will the plot be solved in book 5 or book 6?
Love this series, the charactera are great and theres the never ending who will she choose thag hasnt been played out im 23 books unlike some series. However, i feel like the kindle version of this book was edited by a drunk monkey.