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by Christie Craig

When her remaining divorced and single friends get hitched, Kathy Callahan sets her sights on her hot plumber Stan Bradley and gets more than she bargains for when their tryst leads to a wild adventure. Original. 200,000 first printing.
Download Divorced, Desperate and Deceived epub
ISBN: 0505527987
ISBN13: 978-0505527981
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Christie Craig
Language: English
Publisher: Love Spell; Original edition (November 24, 2009)
Pages: 322 pages
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Rating: 4.8
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Gold Crown
Kathy Callahan has had the hots for her plumber, Stan Bradley, for the almost three years he's been in town. She calls him up to fix her pipes, even if they don't need it...and dreams of him fixing her pipes. There's just so much to like about him, and he's great with her son Tommy. The problem is, he's a man, and after a traumatic divorce, she's been very gun shy. Now that her son is in Europe with his father for a month, however, Kathy seizes on an opportunity to follow through on her attraction. Of course, no sooner does she try to give up on her fear and trust all the signals Stan's been sending out over two years of flirting, that it seems Stan has given up. When Kathy shows up at his house find out if the plumber's ship has sailed, she sort of throws herself at him and ends up in his lap. It's a great place to be...until another woman shows up, then the bullets start to fly. Before Kathy can catch a breath, she's on the run from mobster goons, she almost killed a man with a toilet seat, and she finds out her plumber Stan is really Luke Hunter, undercover FBI agent serving time in Witness Protection until he can give testimony to take down a notorious crime boss. So much for trusting men!

I've been a huge fan of Christie Craig since I picked up Shut Up and Kiss Me a few months ago and since then I've read several of her fun romantic suspense novels. They're great light entertainment, and despite the underlying thread of suspense and danger, they're cute and sexy. Divorced, Desperate and Deceived is no different in that regard, and there were several characters I really enjoyed - especially the erstwhile bodyguard turned lackluster goon, Joey...though I'm still not sure of the connection between birdwatching and being gay. Luke was just as delectable as all of Craig's leading men, and his protectiveness of Kathy was both endearing and sweet. I especially enjoyed spending more time with Sue and Jason from Divorced, Desperate and Dating (Romantic Mysteries) and Lacy and Chase from Divorced, Desperate and Delicious (I haven't read that one yet, but I met them in Sue and Jason's book).

In truth, the only character I couldn't warm up to was Kathy, and that became my primary issue with this book. I felt her character came off too much like a damsel in distress when the bullets were flying and too bitter and suspicious when they weren't. The assumptions and disbelief about Luke's relationship with his geriatric landlady was funny at first, but went from funny to completely aggravating by the fourth or fifth accusation. My dislike of her character is not meant to imply that there was a problem with how the author chose to portray her - author's prerogative. I simply mean that my preferences in female leads in a book - and in romance in particular - lean away from the girly-girl, victim-in-waiting type. I prefer smart, capable women who can either talk, think, or fight their way out of their problems. In this book, Luke was the manly man making all the decisions and Kathy followed along behind him like a good girl, and that's not what I prefer.

Also, while I liked the threads that drew Jason and Chase and their spouses into the storyline, as well as the evolution of Joey, the multiple transitions between Luke and Kathy and the rest of the participants disrupted the pacing of the plot and took away from the development of Luke and Kathy as individual characters and their relationship together. I did, however, enjoy the sense of completion that came from the epilogue and the feeling of the overall arc of the loosely connected trilogy coming to a satisfying conclusion. I preferred Divorced, Desperate and Dating for reading enjoyment, but I still think Divorced, Desperate and Deceived was well written and fun, and I am, of course, anxiously awaiting anything else Craig plans to write. 3.5 Stars.

Originally reviewed for One Good Book Deserves Another.
I read the rest of the series and enjoyed it so it's almost like an obligation to finish it. I can't say as I was thrilled with the idea of it. Now I wish I had gone with my gut.

Because every segment is broken up with flashes of what everyone is doing, one day lasts FOREVER. It's exhausting and frustrating! And it screws up the pace. The author decided to constantly stop at these tense built up tense moments only to let you down when you returned to that group of people. You read about Kathy, flash to Joey, check on Chase and Jason, flash back to Kathy. Even the love scenes are interrupted this way. At about 40 percent, I was about to pull my hair out. I have read The Far Pavilions, a 900+ page book, but this somehow felt longer. It got to the point that I really didn't care about Kathy and Luke in their own story!

The story line was just so implausible, that I had a hard time suspending disbelief.

1.5 - 2 STARS: This one just didn't come together. The most annoying thing about it is that it is so BORING. The longer I read it the more I hated it. I read romances for the romance. I thought this would be Kathy's story. It's actually only 1/3 her story.
The mystery starts as Like Hunter is undercover and yet starts to fall for Kathy, a divorced mom who has resolved to avoid men for the rest of her life. Through a series of events, Kathy is caught up in Luke's undercover project and true feelings come out. Can the new found love survive undercover work?

With many hilarious moments and many emotional moments Christie Craig's Divorced series is wonderful and a very great read.
I like this author just not a fan of this series and this last booked my least favorite of the three.I didn't get the humor in this book at all, it was either me or the book and after reading other reviews I'm going for the book. So much time was spent jumping from all the different characters I didn't remember who the story was about! I don't mind when books have a secondary couple but this book didn't do it the right way. Getting into what's going on for one couple and then it switches to another character I just didn't want to keep up, to much going on. Also and this will be a spoiler but at the end when Kathy finds out she is pregnant was so unbelievable I couldn't get past it. First there was no way they didn't even finish and second there was like a week after it happened she finds out she is pregnant? Never have I heard of that early being able to find out. Just not my favorite Craig book but I will keep reading her.
(Contains spoilers)
Kathy, a divorced mother, finally decides to launch herself in a relationship with Stan, a plumber which has pursued her for nearly 3 years. Unfortunately, the same day a gang of killers is aimed to kill the federal agent Luke Hunter, who has spent the last 3 years feigning to be Stan Bradley, a plumber, being a key witness in a process against Lorenzo, a big boss. Luke has no other alternative that escape bringing Kathy with him in order to protect her. They cannot contact anyone accept the person in charge of Luke's case, which happens to be not available. In a carousel of events, Luke and Kathy manage to survive, mainly thanks to one of the bad boys who turns against his boss. I found the plot unnecessary stretched, and especially found annoying the excessive attention to Joey's story. It ruined the rhythm of the narration.