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by Meryl Sawyer

Madison Connelly is tired of lies—and betrayal. First her husband and business partner leaves her for another woman. Then Detective Paul Tanner arrives to tell her that the man she thought was her father isn't. Madison wants answers…answers about her past that someone is going to deadly lengths to keep hidden.Falling for Madison isn't in Paul's job description: find the girl, bring her to his employer, Wyatt Holbrook, the end. But as Madison bravely agrees to cross over a dangerous threshold into Holbrook's privileged, secretive world, she'll need more than Paul's growing attraction to keep her safe. Because she's about to be drawn deep into a complicated web of intrigue, deceit—and murder.
Download Death's Door epub
ISBN: 0373773749
ISBN13: 978-0373773749
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Meryl Sawyer
Language: English
Publisher: HQN; Original edition (April 28, 2009)
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Rating: 4.2
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I need to go back and read again some of this author's earlier books. Maybe my taste has evolved, but really I can't imagine that the Meryl Sawyer who wrote A Kiss in the Dark is the same one who wrote this dreadful book! If not for the trivia, I wouldn't have finished this book. Madison Connelly finds her best friend brutally murdered, but other than screaming a bit upon discovering the body she displayed no emotion. She was more concerned about the dog she found at the scene. Madison and her ex-husband run an online trivia gaming site, and despite that fact and the fact that she had gone to MIT on scholarship, she basically knows nothing about computers (keystroke logger? What's that?). Paul Tanner, the homicide detective on disability leave while recovering from a gunshot wound, is working at his father's security firm. He stumbles upon Madison when he hears her aforementioned screaming since he's following her on assignment from his father. He needs to have her submit to paternity testing since his client believes she's the client's sperm donor-conceived daughter, and he needs a match for his liver transplant. She meets the wealthy client, moves into his guesthouse the next day, but insists there's been a mistake and she cannot be his daughter. Of course, her mother is off sailing the world with her new young husband and can't be reached to confirm anything. This is all in addition to the Cuban mob guy wanting to buy her business for money laundering, and her being the victim of identity theft, which leaves her virtually penniless,also there's the minor detail of someone killing off the other donor-conceived children. There is way too much going on in this book, and maybe that's the problem. The characters are unlikeable because they're never really given personalities. Everyone (other than Madison) seems to have parental neglect issues and are all emotionally stunted because of it. The ending had everything wrapped up nicely...peace on earth...yada yada! By then I didn't even care about the fun trivia; the majority of the book felt like a vehicle for the author to impart that trivia.


Paul learns that his mother, who left his father and abandoned the seven-year old Paul, is living with her lesbian lover for whom she left her family. Conveniently, she lives in Key West, so after Madison is kidnapped by the serial killer and nearly dissolved in a vat of red-tide acid and rescued by Paul and his father, Paul and Madison skip on over (after stopping for new clothes) and meet dear old mom and her friend. Really?? Could the family reunion not wait? Wouldn't the authorities need a bit of information from them?
Meryl Sawyer is one of my favorite authors, but I was very disappointed in this book.

One of the things I like best is the way she makes her animals into actual characters. However, I think she overdid it this time. Animal testing is a horrible thing and I couldn't be more against it, but it almost seemed like the whole first half of the book was hitting the reader over the head repetitively with Aspen's plight, at the expense of the actual mystery and storyline.

The biggest problem I had with the book, though, was as a South Florida resident. I live in Palm Beach after many years of living in Miami, and it seems like the author failed to do her research on South Florida geography. Miami and Palm Beach are well over an hour apart, and it's not feasible that these people would all work and hang out in Miami Beach while living in Palm Beach. It's not feasible to think that Paul could drop by Madison's with a pizza and make it there within half an hour. And there isn't any way on earth that someone could drive from either Palm Beach or Miami Beach to Key West in 2 1/2 hours. I lived in the Coral Gables area, and it took me about 2 hours hours to get to Marathon, which is at least 50 miles north of Key West. None of this takes into account street traffic, the nightmare that is I-95 or moving east-west across bridges to and from these two islands. There's no excuse for not having researched this better and setting the book in a pair of cities that were more believable to be intertwined (i.e. Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, for example).

The story itself, once it was told, was exciting, and while the culprit's identity was pretty easy to figure out, it still kept me turning pages until the end.
Great story line
Meryl Sawyer is a wonderful writer. This story is well researched and the author's care for animals is apparent (I agree with her on all levels). The dialogue between the characters is very good, the characters very likeable, and you can't guess who the killer is. I have read all of Ms. Sawyer's books and can't wait for the next one.
Cherry The Countess
Good supence novel. Meryl Sawyer is a good author. I will buy more of her books in the future. I will recommend her to my friends
Another very good book of Meryl Sawyers.
The plot is always interesting and hard to put the Kindle down.
I look forward to more of her books being available.

This was a very enjoyable book. Except for the fact it's pretty obvious from the beginning who the bad guy was, it was pretty interesting.
Item sent promptly and in the condition as advertised without any problems noted. Would certainly purchase with complete confidence. Price was right too.