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by Gloria Naylor

This fictionalized memoir of the award-winning author, Gloria Naylor, tells a story of a massive covert surveillance operation perpetrated against her by an official of the U.S. government. This domestic spying both destroys the peace and tranqui
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ISBN: 0883782634
ISBN13: 978-0883782637
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Gloria Naylor
Language: English
Publisher: Third World Press; First Edition edition (December 1, 2005)
Pages: 175 pages
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 733
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I could not put this book down. This is the first book by Gloria Naylor I've read -- may she R.I.P. I hope it is not the stalking that brought her to an early death last year. Having been put in this program in 1985, I can attest the V2K technology was used on me and my experience was similar to Ms. Naylor's. The voices occurred only when I was in my apartment kitchen. So I intuitively knew I wasn't crazy, although I felt I was going crazy. I moved to another apartment, and the voices stopped.

Like Ms. Naylor, I also was put in this program out of first. It is the betrayal by friends, family and people you would not expect, such as employers, landlords, church leaders and members, doctors and dentists, that is the most heartbreaking about being a target of this crime against humanity. No one expects they will reach adulthood and then experience they are not allowed to live their life left alone and to pursue their own happiness without hurting others. But, rather, are spied on, stalked, gossiped about, ostracized, smear campaigned, photographed in public (and perhaps in private), property vandalized and/or stolen, vehicle sabotaged, and your conversations and activities reported on 24/7 365.

People who participate in gang stalking are the lowest of the low. They are cowards, weak, with no moral backbone. Google the Milgram experiment that was conducted at Yale University in 1961 if you are not familiar with it. 60% of the participants in the experiment would bend over for "authority."

Today many gang stalking victims, or "targeted individuals," are coming out with their stories on the internet and youtube. I believe Ms. Naylor's book is the first published on the subject from first-hand experience as a target. What I find disturbing about some of the self-proclaimed experts on gangstalking and mind control is they have stolen Naylor's ideas and taken them as their own without giving her credit. This only serves to discredit targeted individuals who deal with this torture daily. We don't need liars speaking on our behalf. We have had enough lying already.

I ask those who are self-proclaimed experts in the field of gangstalking, by their own research, or gangstalking experience to please give credit where credit is due. Don't take others' ideas to make them your own. There are a couple of experts today who are repeating Ms. Naylor's conclusions and pretending they are their ideas.

I highly recommend this book if you are a victim of gangstalking and mind control, or know someone who says they are a victim. This program is very real and is reaching epic proportions. I can't say I'm all that shocked that the number of targets is growing yearly.

This hideous, disgusting, low-life program is also being conducted by public-private contractors, corporations, as well as the FBI and former military. It's not only the NSA. By having more cooks in the kitchen so-to-speak, it's more difficult to find the culprits. I believe this is planned that way -- to confuse and obfuscate.

The more facts are brought to light, the better our society will be. But as it stands, people are being dehumanized -- both the targets AND the perpetrators. Wake up, perps! We don't all live forever. What is going to be waiting for you when your life comes to its inevitable end?
I have always liked reading Gloria Naylor's work, so about a year after 1996 was published, I got a copy. I have since bought a replacement copy. From the first page to the last, I was captivated; however, like her other works, such as Linden Hills, this is a novel that can be read on many different levels. Firstly, the narrator is named "Gloria Naylor" and, at times, it is tempting to confuse the narrator and the author, but you must resist this urge. Secondly, it is a novel that is rich in literary and cultural allusions from George Orwell's iconic novel, 1984, (a cat that the narrator kills is named "Orwell"), to conspiracy theorists of every stripe, like those we might meet in a Philip K. Dick story, to the National Security Agency spying on American citizens, and the author's own works. This further blurs the line between fact and fiction; nevertheless, Naylor's novel, 1996 is far too carefully crafted to be a poorly veiled autobiography. If you like a novel that you might read during a boring airport layover or one that you would gladly reread a couple of times a year to discover something new with each reading, then Gloria Naylor's 1996 is a novel for you.
Gloria Naylor proves, once again, that her perceptions on issues are bar none in accuracy and insight! She is very fair as she exposes the greatest secret of our time, that the government and its henchmen are experimenting and using warfare on its own citizens! Cointelpro and gangstalking can happen to virtually anyone, the fact that it happened to a well to do & world respected author should tell you how vulnerable anyone is to have this happen. Gloria Naylor and her books (esp 1996) are the exception to the rule; Gangstalking most often happens to vulnerable white women. For these people to select and target her is telling you that these people really WILL select anyone of almost any stature!

I have been enduring harassment that is very similar to hers, for years now, and can tell you that it is torture. 1996 most def is fair in pointing out many of the 'who, what and where' of Gangstalking- she is not a racist because her story mirrors the story of many people that have experienced and independently verify the same thing she asserts! Although, the V2K is something I haven't experienced, it would take an immeasurably strong person to deal with that and day to day life, esp then needing to collect the inner resources to write! Gloria Naylor will be revered as a pioneer, as time goes on, and the more of these crimes are brought into the light of day! If you can do one thing for yourself, your family and your country, read this book and wake up!

If you are interested in government sanctioned harassment or just with eroding civil rights here in America this is the book for you
I completely believe Gloria Naylor's account and do not suspect she had some episodic break with reality. This book clearly demonstrates the abuse of power than can happen when weak, undeserving and unscrupulous persons are given extra-judicial authority to interfere with the lives of law-abiding Americans.
arrived on time, new -- if anyone had told me about this i would think it's fiction, or sci-fi, but i've read other books about Black Ops brainwashing. What makes this so disturbing is that it's just SO insidious & unbelievable to seem real. Reality IS scarier than fiction.
Excellent description of how organized stalking and the NSA's mind reading technology work. Her experiences as a target are very similar to my own, which really validates the fact that this is a real phenomenon. (Note that although the sections written from the stalkers' point of view are fiction, her own experiences are fact.) I especially recommend reading the appendix on mind reading technology, which explains that it has been developed secretly by government agencies for decades.