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by Geoff Nicholson

Virgil Marcel is the golden boy of L.A. cuisine - an all-American Wolfgang Puck with rock-star good looks, a restauranteur's restauranteur and owner of Trimalchio's, the trendiest restaurant in a city of trendy restaurants. A magnet for the beautiful and the powerful, Trimalchio's is the hottest ticket in town - Morton's, Le Dome and Spago all exist to absorb the hapless players who can't get a table at Trimalchio's.Out of the blue, he receives an invitation to join London's secretive Everlasting Club, where a party has been going non-stop for some 350 years and whose membership has included the Marquis de Sade, American presidents and European royalty. It's unclear what fuels the club's Dionysian revelry, but the members are ominously insistent that Virgil join. When he declines, he is "kidnapped" and taken on a sensualist's tour of Britain. But is this just part of the initiation, or is he being prepared for a more primitive and sinister ritual?
Download The Food Chain epub
ISBN: 0879515082
ISBN13: 978-0879515089
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Geoff Nicholson
Language: English
Publisher: Overlook Books; First Edition edition (November 1, 1993)
Pages: 192 pages
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 174
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Few people seem to have heard of this book, I'm surprised it isn't yet a film.
Bought this after seeing a movie based on this author's book. The movie was better. This is very very strange.
Where has this man been all my life? He published this book in 1992 and I'm just now discovering it-- what?! If I was going to write a book, this is the book I would write (or something like it). There's almost nothing else in fiction I can say that about. Not to say books I would never have thought up myself aren't just as good as this one-- 'coz that's like all of the books I've loved but this one-- but here I can say 'this is the voice of My People, DAMMIT'. People who irreverently combine the occult and weird humour. We don't have many to cater to our tastes, so I'm happy to find someone who does.

The story starts with a mysterious invitation sent to Virgil Marcel, son of the owner of an American chain of restaurants. It purports to be from something called the Everlasting Club, located in England. Virgil accepts their invitation, arrives at the club, and the fun begins.The secrets, the mysteries, initiation rites, rituals.... we are sending them up, up and away. And lets hope they never come back down. Or if they do, SPLAT!
The vagueness of what is going on makes this book stand out from others; the reader is kept in the dark about the present but gets the past woven in through the chapters to build up the story. I felt like I took a journey with Virgil Marcel, his invitation to the secret Everlasting Club in England wasn't traveled alone, it was a trip taken with the reader deeply immersed in with everything that was going on. For a foreigner such as himself the food was strange sure, but the real food that was served and created for the club was a mixture of disgusting combinations, fancy pairings, secret meats and an overabundance of liqueurs, not to mention the naked woman lounging on the dinging room table...

Virgil has no idea what he has gotten himself into, spoiled, rich and young he takes advantages of what the club has to offer but unknowns to him its not as simple as it seems. Something dark and secret and mysterious is happening and the members who belong to the club are no ordinary people. Sadists freaks, gluttons and weirdos with insatiable strange fetishes have feasted there for the past three hundred years and they have no intentions of changing their bizarre, dark rituals and feasts. As Vrigil gets tangled up deeper into the nets of despair and simply walking away is not an option. Half the fun was reading about the history of the members and the other was worrying what was happening to the guests, the chapters go back and forth giving more glimpses of what this club is really into.

The writing was silky smooth and flowed easily, it never bumped around my head like a blind critter and the ideas and theories the author included were not too foreign, but it was unusual to see crazy things one can make up in their head or simply know in print, staring them in the face. Nicholson's charm lays in his descriptions, the amount of food in this book is staggering, most of it doesn't come close to anything I would be able to eat, a creature put together on a silver platter with a shark's head and octopus tentacles, claws and other weird parts is not your daily fare, yet it was something that The Everlasting Club was known for and the reader gets to experience it all.

The bizarre meets gruesome and perverse in this strange but wonderful tale, and the ending was great, I felt scared that this thin book will end before thing get really ugly but it was all tied up wonderfully. Full of twists and turns this book doesn't shy on taking the deep plunge into the deep end of the psyche!

- Kasia S.
Very quirky. Tough to review.