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by VJ Gotastory

Kaneesha and her boyfriend Jarvis find themselves struggling to care for themselves and their eight year old son. But after being forced out of a their home due to a foreclosure that their slumlord failed to tell them about, they end up in a small project called The Heights . Trying to fit in, they accept an offer from their first floor neighbors to go to their home. Once they enter the filthy, funky apartment, they want to leave but to avoid being rude decide to stay. That is until Kaneesha mistakenly ingests a roach after being offered a drink from a dirty cup. The couple flees immediately and it doesn t take long before they discover that trifling neighbors are the least of their concerns. After a few puff...puff...pulls, they lose their jobs, possessions and self respect. Their relationship crumbles when Jarvis leaves Kaneesha and his son all alone. In the hood, misery Loves Company so Kaneesha befriends Reds, a neighbor hood pregnant crack queen. Now she learns the ropes on how to use her body to feed her habit. Things go terribly wrong when Red leads Kaneesha to a hotel party to score drugs in exchange for sex, a decision she ll regret. Will the dangerous move cause Kaneesha to trade a life of peril to be the mother she always knew she could be? Or will she surrender to its power and seduction? Year of the Crack Mom is a brilliant debut novel, based on true events, that deals with the power of the human spirit to live against all odds.
Download Year of The Crack Mom (The Cartel Publications Presents) epub
ISBN: 0982391315
ISBN13: 978-0982391310
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: VJ Gotastory
Language: English
Publisher: The Cartel Publications; 1 edition (January 16, 2010)
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Rating: 4.5
Votes: 967
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When I first discovered Crackmom I had some high expectation for this book,but
after reading it this book came up a little bit short & left me disappointed by
the end.Dont get it twisted despite the way I started this review Crackmom is a
decent well written book.The main characters Kaneesha & her boyfriend Jarvis go
to hell & back once they are introduced to crack & develope an addiction that
they can never satisfy.They loose there jobs,section 8 apt & self respect trying
to feed there habit on a dailt basis.Reds was a pregnant crack whore who knew
all the rules of the crack game & got money for her habit by any means necessary.
She befriends Kaneesha & the 2 women do what they have to do to get there next
hit.On the cover of the book it said this novel almost didn't get published
because it's so chilling,brutal & honest,dont believe the hype,this book reads
like an R rated movie,nothing more,nothing less.This is a very negative & sad
book but it's the perfect blueprint to what can happen to anyone who gets into
smoking crack but just like my review title says "Crack is Wack" period.
Throw her heart
This book was highly spoken on as a good read, I read it but I kind of figured Reds was a little shady..I cried on some parts because of all the things the little boy went through ...
I was over the urban unrealistic books i skimmed over this one several times but said screw it was done in one night forced myself to put it down! Well this happens to families all the time the extra killing added suspense but the drugs are for real I found myself cursing the characters many times. I enjoyed this!
I just purchased a kindle and year of the crack mom was my first book to read on it. Never having done drugs and not understanding people who do and just don't stop this book was my aha moment. This woman loved her son, her man and best friend but didn' t have enough love for her self. I loved how this book took you into the mind of the abuser, the book had me cheering for her beause she had goodness in her. I loved how this book flowed and truely for me understanding addiction. I am so glad that the author told this story. This is a must read and it will have you thinking long after the last page.
This book was a decent read although I did have a hard time getting past all the errors and missing words.I had to fill in the blanks with quite a few sentences.I agree with another reviewer when stated that this was just another typical crackhead story.There was no wow factor and at times I felt the story was just dragging on.The real action finally picked up close to the end,but even that was predictable.The ending was ok but I guess I expected a lil bit more.I rate this book 3.5 stars.I also wish the author could have elaborated on Kaneesha's road to recovery.
Brick my own
While I wanted more details and grittiness out of this book, it was still pretty good. This book does a good job of telling how some people slip into the life of a crackhead. The reviews and covers hyped it up to be so raw that you may not be able to get through the book. This was not the case at all. The book basically told the story of a young mother who was maintaining her life with her boyfriend and son. After learning that her boyfriend was a crack smoker, she too jumped on the bandwagon. As you already know, the rest from there was downhill. The book was pretty good. Nothing that those faint at heart can't read though.
Fight for a life that belongs to you, is the right thing to do. Keneesha lived a life that was turn upside down and turned inside out by a man who was suppose to love her. Rape, deceit, hatred and death motioned for the cause of change in her life. I felt sorry for Red, Hysear, manny, Keneesha and her father. These people love her unconditionally but she couldn't see that until it was too late. Glad that Dubbs suffered for all his wrongs. Great storyline.
I am having a hard time writing this review because as far as the writing goes, this was a well put together book. My only concern is that it gives you a step by step detail on how to go about smoking crack.I find this to be distrubing! Therefore I can only give this book a 4 star. This is my own personal opinion.