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by Marcus Major

Meet the Moores. Mom, dad, in-laws, all of them loving, fighting, staying together, and falling apart. As generations collide, as personal and professional lives intersect and combust, a stunning secret comes to light-and cuts deep into the heart of what really makes and breaks a family.
Download A Family Affair epub
ISBN: 0451214005
ISBN13: 978-0451214003
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Marcus Major
Language: English
Publisher: Berkley (January 4, 2005)
Pages: 256 pages
ePUB size: 1760 kb
FB2 size: 1645 kb
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 479
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I have read all of Marcus Major's novels, including his novella in Got To Be Real. It is so much fun for the constant reader to come across characters from other stories - it's almost like you're part of the "club." Cameo appearances by Ibn, Mike and Stacy from Four Guys and Trouble made an already engrossing story even more fun to read. I recommend anything by Marcus Major - he's a great story teller and will have you riveted from beginning to... well, here's hoping this isn't the end to the tales of the Moore family!
this was ok. it was not what i expected. i love marcus major. and i love the characters as always. during some moments, i wished for a little more burst, pop, or something. but i never got it.
Marcus Major came on the scene in 2000 with Good Peoples, a fresh, funny, original spin on the guy-girl relationship novels. A Family Affair, the sequel to Good Peoples, brings back the original characters and he adds a few new characters such as teenagers Jasmine and Darius.
Jasmine and Darius, two teens with troubled pasts meet and this definitely turns into "A Family Affair" as her family members are worried about her seeing this young man since some of them believe that he's "bad news". Another major storyline involves the parents of Amir and Myles...
For fans of Good Peoples, it's pretty fun revisiting Myles, Marisa, Kenya, and Amir and the inclusion of the younger characters, Jasmine and Darius, gave this novel a nice breath of fresh air. Marcus Major writes realistic and fun novels and there were several laugh out loud moments as well. His novels are always written in quick, concise chapters that keep the story flowing and the laughs coming. The other nice thing about his novels is that there isn't a lot of "over-the-top" drama that can really get old and annoying.
Marcus is just a writer who, up to this point, hasn't disappointed. If you've enjoyed his previous novels, you'll enjoy this one too. The addition of the younger characters should appeal to a younger audience more than perhaps any of his other books.
I have to say that I am a little biased when it comes to Marcus Major books because I have loved them all since "Good Peoples"; and have felt his writings are above most if not all of his contemporaries in his genre. ... Major has always shown readers strong three dimensional characters which draws you into his story and humanize the characters more than most contemporaries in his field. His latest novel continues his strengths with superb dialog and thinking ..... . Major has always had an ability to write from a female perspective without sounding disrespectful, which is uncanny and unlike no other authors in his field. In addition, fans and those who have read his previous works will be pleased to see that majority of the characters in "A family Affair" were in his other books, giving the reader updates and laughter showing how some have changed and how some have stayed their crazy self (Ibn in particular lmao). In the end "A family Affair" is a very good novel for those who have enjoyed Marcus Major books in the past or for those who have yet to have read his writings. I have and would recommended this and other books he has written. and I hope everyone who have read or will read his books enjoy them as much as I have. (P.S Please keep writing more stories or updates on the Moore family in your upcoming works :O)
Ever since I came across Major's work through the "Discover Great Writers" program at that other book outlet I have been a huge fan. Mixing equal parts humor, drama, and grown folks'... Major spins tales that grip the reader, hold them in a death clutch, and will not release until the last page. A Family Affair, Major's newest release, follows this same well established pattern. I burned through the pages, gave up some much needed sleep in a rush to reach resolution. The best novels have a "what if" premise that explodes in ways the reader never envisioned. For A Family Affair the premise is what if the family patriarch, after close to forty years of married bliss developed that past mid-life crisis that has been well chronicled. The ride to find the answer will shock and absorb you in Major's skilled hands. The book is worth the price alone just based off the barbershop scene where the wife eavesdrops on a naughty phone conversation. Read the book and you'll see what I mean. Marcus Major is a great talent, one that definitely deserves a host of accolades.
This books picks up where Good Peoples left off. Its a couple of years later and Myles and Marisa are back. This time they are dealing with some problems that Myles parents are going through. Peg and Leonard have been married for many years and never really went through serious problems until now. They have custody of their niece Jasmin who is a teenager and is ready to have her own life and do whatever she wants. Apparently Leonard isn't happy and decides to step out on his wife with a younger woman. The family cannot believe that Leonard would do such a thing and its a trip to read how each family member deals with all of the problems that is going on.
This is a excellent book that faces problems that most families go through and deal with. There is a good amount of drama and surprises that goes on in this book. In my eyes this is a bestseller:)
I love Marcus Majors book A Man Most Worthy. I wish there was a sequel to this book. I have lost myself in this book for hours. John and Josephine and the friends makes you want to be right there with them. I would love a sequel as to where their lives went after she had the baby. Was there a wedding, did Cent come back into the picture with her gold digging self. ????
This sequel to "Good Peoples" really didn't have a link to that book. It may have the same characters but the concept was totally different. But it was a good book though. The addition of Jasmine and the plot between Amir/Myles' parents added a twist to the story line.
But the characters that I wanted to see more of who were the main course in "Good Peoples" were Myles and Marissa. They really didn't have much story line in this book. There just has to be a trilogy about the Moores somewhere in the near future.