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by Deidre Knight

Read Deidre Knight's posts on the Penguin Blog. The spartans wage fierce wars-but nothing matches the battle within their hearts...Spartan slave River Kassandros can transform into any weapon. After a bloody battle he's forever a dagger-until a mortal can release him. Drawn to this blade, Emma Lowery draws blood with it and frees River. But even as they fight off intense passions, a sinister power arises to destroy them. To protect humankind, they may have to make the ultimate sacrifice-and lose their chance at love...
Download Red Kiss: A Gods of Midnight Novel epub
ISBN: 0451226615
ISBN13: 978-0451226617
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Deidre Knight
Language: English
Publisher: Signet; First Edition edition (June 2, 2009)
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Rating: 4.9
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Deidre Knight continues her steamy saga of Immortal Spartans with Red Kiss, the second installment in the Gods of Midnight series.

When River's Spartan brothers fell at Thermopylae, River was the only non-warrior to follow the fallen warriors into death and to the banks of the River Styx. When the war God, Ares, turned the Spartans into immortal warriors sworn to protect humanity from demons, River was dipped into the magical waters and transformed into a weapon shifter. Damned to serve his brothers in battle by assuming the from of their weapon of choice, River's existence is one of lonely and sometimes grudging servitude.

When the Spartans battled in revolt against an increasingly corrupt Ares, River was cast into the river in the form of a dagger. Now, at the beginning of Red Kiss, River is stranded in this form, with his soul and identity slowly seeping away. The violent nature of his weapon form threatens to consume all that was once good in him. Unless he is soon found and commanded into his human form by a mortal, he will lose his ability to return to his human form.

Months pass before River manages to make psychic contact with the mortal demon hearer, Emma Lowery. When Emma hears River calling out for help, she faces a lifelong fear of the water to rescue him. At River's urging, she uses him in blade form to draw blood from herself. From her blood sacrifice, River draws the energy he needs to shift back to human form. In the process a soul connection is forged between Emma and River, but River's psychic calls for help have broadcast his location to the demons Ares has sent forth to reclaim him.

While Emma's blood gift imbues River with the power to help her escape the immediate danger, the energy is fleeting. He cannot maintain his human form without more blood sacrifice on her part. But the evil that pursues River has no intention of letting Emma go. Without River's protection, she will surely die.

While River is captivated by the lovely Emma, every time he shifts from weapon to human form, he loses control of his emotions and sexual yearnings. Horrified that the episodes he calls berserkers might cause him to harm Emma, he warns her to steer clear of him. Instead of making love to Emma, as his heart yearns to do, he vows to to protect her from an evil he fears she can never comprehend.

But evil has its sites set on more than just River. They want Emma, too.

Even if River overcomes his dangerous side so he can be with the woman he loves, the demons will continue pursue him--and her-until they are both destroyed. Will River turn his back on love so Emma might remain safe, or will he and Emma combine their gifts to conquer the evil may soon destroy everything they hold dear?

As with Knight's Midnight Warriors Series, the Gods of Midnight promises to become stronger with each new installment. With the series world building done, Red Kiss is a faster, sexier read, liberally infused with the heat and sass its sultry Savannah setting.

As with all of Ms. Knight's romantic fantasies, a fresh and surprising new romantic pairing brews within the pages of Red Kiss, leaving the reader with the promise of more delicious reads set in this larger than life world populated by some of the sexiest heroes to come down the pipes in a long while.

Red Kiss proves again that Ms. Knight does, indeed, give great hero! Don't miss this one.
In ancient Sparta, River Kassandros had been a slave. After being dipped in the River Styx he becomes immortal and has the ability to shape shift into any weapon. While in dagger form he was thrown into the river by a demon and was washed into the Atlantic Ocean. He did not know how long he had been in the water and was afraid if someone did not find him soon he would never shift into human form again. Emma heard a voice begging to be saved; she walked into the ocean, stepped on a silver dagger, cut her foot, found River, and helped him shift back into his human form. River rejoins his Spartan brother as they continue to protect mankind and battle the god of war, Ares. I know this all sounds a little farfetched, but the book is fantastic.
After following Deidre Knight's Parallel series, which is awesome, her books are a definite pre-order and must-read for me. "Red Kiss", book 2 of her Spartan series has everything I love in a good book - great characters, engrossing plot, humor, emotion, romance, passion, and good sex. The Spartan series' cast of characters is varied and fascinating, and Knight does a great job of setting up future possible pairings and conflicts, and makes you wish she would write MUCH faster. I can't wait for book 3!!
This Book is now one of my top ten faves. It's diferent, it's intriguing and I didn't want to put it down. I became totally engaged with the characthers, including the ones outside the main story line. It included a couple of twists that really surprised me. that doesn't happen often. A super romance.
Book was purchased so I could read the whole series. It was just like the others and didn't vary much.
Trapped in dagger form, and swept out to sea after being cast into the water by an enemy during battle, weapons-shifter River Kassandros' life force is fading away. River has lost all hope of being found by his Spartan brothers, soon all that will be left of him will be an inanimate dagger. Praying for deliverance from a different kind of trap, Emma opens up to her psychic hearing ability to the higher power and instead of hearing a promise of aid, Emma hears a desperate voice needing her help to save him. Screwing up her courage, Emma faces her fear of drowning determined not to damn the owner of the mysterious voice to that dreaded fate. Emma is shocked to find that she is savior to a dagger and Emma even more surprised when her blood transforms the beautiful weapon into a gorgeous dangerous nearly naked man.

River, who started life as a slave, has great potential as a tragic leading man. But in focusing on River's struggle with his inner berserker instead of River's pain and feelings of unworthiness from being a lesser brethren - he's been cemented into the servant roll for eternity shifting in battle to a sword or dagger to be wielded by his 'master' the Spartan cadre's captain Ajax - Knight doesn't wring out all the poignant potential from River's story. The beserker thing does add to River's troubles - on returning to human form River is in thrall of emotions of violence or lust - but the isolation and feelings of unworthiness of eternal servanthood had a stronger sympathy factor. Knight does use River's berserker issues to stave off the consummation for River and Emma but doesn't really build the relationship between the pair. River falls immediately for Emma - which makes it feel like any woman would have done - Emma decides she's in love with River almost as quickly.

Red Kiss, book 2 in Diedre Knight's Gods of Midnight series, is stronger as an ensemble piece than it is as a paranormal romance. Knight's delving into more of the large cast was satisfying enough to make up for the simplisity of the romance between Emman and River. I enjoyed getting to see more of the star-crossed pairing of the scarred King Leo and the blue-haired nymph like oracle, and a bit of back-story and character development of several more of the Spartans was quite interesting: teases of Aristos' history with his lost love and Niko with his own secrets, one that sets him apart from the other brothers and one that hints at a secret shame that explains his past animosity toward River. Also, Knight throws some potential redemption in for one of the bad guys.

While I did like Red Kiss a bit more than Red Fire: A Gods of Midnight Novel, on the whole I still prefer Knight's Parallel series but still I found myself more intrigued enough by the setup for future romances that I will be keeping an eye out for the next book.