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by Arthur C. Clarke

Includes Armaments Race; Big Game Hunt; Cold War; Critical Mass; Defenestration of Ermintrude Inch; Man Who Ploughed the Sea; Moving Spirit; Next Tenants; Pacifist; Patent Pending; Reluctant Orchid; Silence Please; Sleeping Beauty; Ultimate Melody; What Goes Up
Download Tales From the White Hart epub
ISBN: 0345241657
ISBN13: 978-0345241658
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Short Stories & Anthologies
Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Language: English
Publisher: Ballantine Books (January 12, 1975)
ePUB size: 1346 kb
FB2 size: 1925 kb
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 285
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Classic Arthur C. Clarke, "Tales from the White Hart" is a collection of short stories, nominally tales told by the denizens of the eponymous bar during its Wednesday-night hangouts of scientists, academics, and science-minded writers. Representing the "amazing yarns" category, they are Clarke in laid-back mode, amusing himself with intelligent but offbeat variations on real scientific phenomena (some of which, it should be noted, have since come to exist in actuality!). As Clarke himself says in the Preface, "there is room . . . for what might be called the 'tall' science-fiction story. By this I mean stories that are *intentionally* unbelievable . . . . [And] for some years I've been irritated by critics who keep claiming that science fiction and humor are incompatible." He fills both those gaps in this volume.

The stories have Clarke's signature hard-science component, but with an uncharacteristic element of humorous plot twists and surprise endings. Both the science and the humor seem a bit tame by modern standards, but these stories were an interesting signpost toward what science-fiction could be, erected in its early days by one of its most able practitioners. They feel a bit dated now, but they are fun enough to read and a good reminder of the currents and personalities that pervaded the field in the earliest years of the Atomic Age.
Only sorta science fiction from a brit who took his book money and moved to sri lanka. SIR arthur is, of course, a god. These stories are from the guy down the street and are as delightful as a phone call from a friend saying "how about we meet for a pint?"

I have never been a lover of collections of short stories, but this book is a winner. It lives up to everything that I would expect from Arthur C. Clarke even in this genre. The White Hart pub and its clientele provide a good link between the stories and make it easier for me to enjoy. The final story gives an interesting twist to the whole book and is a fitting finale.
Enjoyable and entertaining collection of short stories often with delightfully surprising endings. Harry Purvis is indeed the consummate story teller who entertains with his creative, quirky characters while enjoying a favorite brew in London's White Hart Pub.
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This has been my favorite for years. The only other copy I had was a well worn Paperback-pages missing, torn, etc.
Anything written by A. C. Clark will always be at the top of my Sci Fi reading list.
It is wonderful to have access to some of the early published writings of A.C. Clarke ... and to literally witness how his style and substance evolved in subsequent years. Clarke is a terrific visionary but he also has a very wry and deliberate sense of irony and humour which isn't often seen in his more mature work. These however are funny reads and well thought out.

A terrific addition to my Kindle - when I want a great short story between the droll tomes.
Vintage Clarke, showing that the master of long-form, heady speculative fiction does just fine at the shaggy-dog and otherwise humorous short-form format. Full of "sciencey" jokes. Nothing deep, or that will make you think too hard.

Recommended bus reading - works fine in small chunks.
Read the book basically in one day. The ideas are well technically arranged it seems like more of what marvel used for mr fantastic and his machines and Klaw the bad guy.... Other parts of the stories tie into one theme and that was good. Reminds me of Isaav asimov but Arthur c clarke is much more entertaining than Asimov. Thanks. Great book!