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by Liddy Midnight,Myla Jackson

Call Me Barbarian By Liddy Midnight Princess Cedilla enjoys unprecedented privilege in a society where women are neither seen nor heard. Her life changes when twin barbarian gladiators enter the arena. One glance and Cedilla is irrevocably bound to these Southern warriors-and revealed as half-barbarian herself. Whether in the arena or the bedchamber, Asterix and Apostroph live for the moment-until they find their destined mate. When Cedilla is banished by the Emperor, they devote themselves to satisfying her wildest desires. But the Empire needs Cedilla, and the Empire is intolerant of barbarians. . . Dragonmagic By Allyson James It's hell to be a dragon enslaved. Arys, a powerful silver dragon in human form, is bound to a witch who uses his magic and his body to pleasure her in every way imaginable. When Arys spies Naida, a young woman just coming into her powers, watching Arys performing erotic acts with the witch, he knows that Naida is the key to his freedom. First he must convince Naida she's his true mate and that the power of their sexual play, and her love, will release him. Fallen For You By Paige Cuccaro For ten thousand years, Zade's warrior mentality kept him focused on the Watcher's mission-rid the world of the Oscurità fallen angels. And then the witch Isabel came under his care. The Oscurità will be coming to posses her or kill her, drawn by her burgeoning powers. Isabel is a temptation they can't ignore, but neither can Zade. If he succumbs to his feelings, Zade's frozen soul could destroy Isabel. If he resists, his unsatisfied need may cost him everything. To save all he holds dear, Zade must trust that Isabel was born for him, and he has fallen for her. Spontaneous Combustion By Nicole Austin Dr. Madailein Flannagan's carnal desires are blazing deep inside, and her best friend Jake Cruise is just the man to fan the flames. But the sexy, bad boy firefighter goes for equally bad girls, and Maddy's afraid she's just not his type. Although lately she h
Download Ellora's Cavemen: Dreams of the Oasis Volume 1 epub
ISBN: 1419955810
ISBN13: 978-1419955815
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Short Stories & Anthologies
Author: Liddy Midnight,Myla Jackson
Language: English
Publisher: Ellora's Cave; 1 edition (March 30, 2006)
Pages: 275 pages
ePUB size: 1474 kb
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 888
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heart of sky
This is a book about fantasy and fiction. It starts out with a story of andre the chameleon who steps in to save the peace treat only to find out the man he is pretending to be has a wife who wants another chance with him. This is a great story about falling in love and laying it down until the time is right. The next story is about a widow who is royalty only to find out that she is in fact not the kings daughter. However the men that are destined to be her true mates are more than willing to comfort her through this tough transition. This is a story about finding love and not folding to the preconceived notions of what is right. In the next story Maddy and Jake have always had a thing for one another but never know how to tell the other for fear of rejection. Jake decides however he is tired of being afraid and waiting to see if Maddy will make the first move. Jake goes after her with both barrels blazing and what comes out in the end is a story of true love that will last for years to come. Arys is a dragon caught by the witch Clymenestra. Arys wants free of this witch and when he sees Nadia peering at them through the window he knows she is the one to help him. Nadia doesn't know what is going on but one look in Arys eyes and she is hooked. This is a great story about love and finding out who you are with the support of true love. Zade is an angel and Isabel is a witch. Zade is trying to resist the temptation of Isabel. Isabel has other plans and knows that she is destined to be with Zade forever. This is a great story about love, trust, and being able to be totally yourself without being condemned. The last story is about Jett & Mozaiic and the woman that is destined to bring them closer. Jett and Mozaiic have been in love since they were young and have never been with a woman but ask for one to join in their union. Siria is a very unhappy woman who isn't looking for love but ends up with the two men who will love and cherish her until the end of time if she will just let them in. This is a great story about love acceptance and getting more than you thought that you could in the end.

Agent Andre Batello is a chameleon. He has the ability to take on another person's identity based on a single strand of DNA. He was supposed to be on vacation, but an ambassador died the night before he was due to sign an important treaty. The ambassador is supposed to be estranged from his wife. The night that Andre must play the part of the ambassador is the same night that Briana decides to make one final last ditch effort at resurrecting her marriage. Andre has made it a policy to stay away from the cases where widows are involved. Briana turns out to be too tempting to resist

Myla Jackson does a beautiful job depicting the self-doubt years of being in a loveless marriage can have on a woman as well as restoring hope in future happiness.

CALL ME BARBARIAN by Liddy Midnight

When Princess Cedilla sees twin barbarian gladiators for the first time, she experiences a burning on her chest resembling the stinging of insects, and an emotional reaction she'd never experienced before. As soon as her father realizes what has happened, he pulls her aside and disowns her. He knows what that burning on her chest meant . . . she is not his daughter. He even goes so far as to have her escorted from the amphitheater and left in an alleyway - where the twin gladiators find her. Held between them, the burning eased. She doesn't understand what's happening but she does know that with these two men she is safe. Being disowned may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her.

Liddy Midnight uses a society where women are treated as property and barbarians are not tolerated except as gladiators and pulls off a true "in your face" kind of story! I love it.


Maddy's internal fires need extinguishing and she'd like nothing more than for her best friend and firefighter, Jake, to spend a little time quenching her flames. Unfortunately, she believes he's more interested in ditzy women who are named after foods so Maddy figures she's out of the running. Jake's interested in Maddy but he thinks that she's way too smart for him. However, he knows that she can never resist a challenge. He has the perfect challenge to entice her too - if he can guess her wildest fantasy then she'll leave with him and they'll enact it.

Nicole Austin gives us a deliciously wicked fantasy of having our deepest desires fulfilled. Let's face it, we all have fantasies. Wouldn't it be fun to be able to indulge just once?

DRAGONMAGIC by Allyson James

Witch Clymenstra knows Arys true name and therefore can call him from Dragonspace on a whim. Bound to her through magic, Arys longs for his freedom, a freedom that Clymenstra will unknowingly help to provide. To complete her spell, the witch needs a maiden. Naida is a young maid just discovering her powers. She chooses to visit Clymenstra to get the witch's opinion. Instead of knocking and talking with the witch, she glances through a window and witnesses Arys servicing the witch's carnal desires. Arys knows that she's watching and it excites him as much as it does her.

Allyson James does an amazing job bringing the scenes in the story to life. You can easily visualize each scene and experience the emotional worries along with the characters.

FALLEN FOR YOU by Paige Cuccaro

As a Watcher, it's Zade's duty to ensure that the Oscurita fallen angels do not get the opportunity to kill the witch, Isabel. Her quickly developing powers are the key to destroying the fallen angels, a task Zade's kind had failed at thousands of years ago. Zade's as busy fighting his attraction for Isabel as she is in at attempting to seduce him. Resisting is weakening him. He believes that caving into his need for her will destroy Isabel, but perhaps it will make them both stronger.

Paige Cuccaro depicts a fascinating battle between good and evil through thrilling scenes and fascinating characters. I loved reading through each of Isabel's seduction attempts and witnessing Zade's softening toward her.

THE JOINING by Jory Strong

As a water diviner, Siria's skills are useless on the world of Quamaar, the water world where she currently lives. She has very little credits left and is on the verge of losing her apartment. Siria is fast approaching desperation when she receives a summons for a meeting about a job. Jett and Mozaiic are using the meeting as a ruse to get to her. They live on the desert planet of Adjara as a couple. Neither have ever had a woman and had asked for and obtained permission to add a woman to their household. Siria's been assigned to them as their third.

Jory Strong will amaze readers with the powerful emotions depicted throughout this story. The futuristic plot and characters are awe-inspiring and highly memorable.

DREAMS OF THE OASIS contains six vastly different tales that will tempt the taste buds of readers everywhere. With several different genres included in this anthology, readers will have the opportunity to venture into genres that they may not have read before. Each of these authors have penned exciting tales full of passion with wonderful storylines. This is definitely a book I'd recommend adding to the keeper shelf.

Chrissy Dionne (courtesy of Romance Junkies)