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by Scott Snyder

Scott Snyder’s protagonists inhabit a playfully deranged fictional world in which a Wall Street trader can find himself armed with a speargun, guarding a Dumpster outside a pawnshop in Florida; or an employee at Niagara Falls (his job: watching for jumpers) will take off in a car after a blimp in which his girlfriend has escaped. But in Snyder’s wondrous imagination there’s a thin membrane between the whimsical and the disturbing: the unlikely affair between a famous actress—in hiding after surgery—and a sporting goods salesman takes an ominous turn just as she begins to heal; an engaged couple’s relationship is fractured when one of them becomes obsessed with an inmate at the women’s prison next door. Dark, funny, powerful, this debut collection underscores the remarkable gifts of a fiercely original young writer.
Download Voodoo Heart epub
ISBN: 0385338414
ISBN13: 978-0385338417
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Short Stories & Anthologies
Author: Scott Snyder
Language: English
Publisher: The Dial Press; First Edition edition (May 30, 2006)
Pages: 288 pages
ePUB size: 1281 kb
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Rating: 4.6
Votes: 275
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I've been a fan of Snyder's graphic novel writing for years. He always has solid plots, interesting characters, and entertaining tales--even if some of them might be a bit too quickly paced. Still, I was curious about this fiction writing.

Honestly, I'm surprised to say that his fiction is as good--if not better--than his graphic novels. He can turn a phrase better than most, and every story has at least one moment that I was completely jealous of its setup and delivery.

Many short story collections have a few duds, but I didn't find that here. True, each story didn't resonate in the same way as the others, which may bother some readers, but there is an odd cohesion of longing here that's explored in both human and almost fantastic ways.

These are beautiful and heartbreaking and hilarious stories, and much as I've dug his graphic writing, I do hope he finds time to squeeze out a few more short works or a traditional novel, as I'll be first in line for more.
deadly claw
If you're like me, you're interested in Voodoo Heart because you're a fan of Snyder's comic work. American Vampire, Batman, Severed, The Wake, etc. I purchased this book because Scott Snyder is my favorite contemporary writer in comics. The reason that I like his work in comics so much, is because Snyder is a horror writer, even his super hero stuff frequently has horror elements. I expected his book of short stories, entitled "Voodoo Heart" (a horror anthology title if I've ever heard one) to be a collection of horror stories. It is not. Not at all. Not in the least.

In fact, Voodoo Heart, is not like Snyder's work in comics AT ALL. However, that doesn't meant that it's a bad book. These stories are very "literary" I guess. They all focus on 20ish something men in odd life circumstances who are in odd relationships with women that end abruptly, or are put through some sort of crazy scenario.

Again, this is not a bad book, it is very well written and Snyder is as imaginative as ever. But, if you're looking for Snyder prose in the vein of his comic work, this isn't the book for you. However, if you're a dude in your twenties looking for some weird perspective on life and some strange, morose, and poignant stories about love and loss, this is exactly what you need.
Scott Snyder really does an amazing job at pulling you into a story but making you feel something for these characters. "Happy Fish, Plus Coin" "About Face" and "Voodoo Heart", the first three stories will break your heart, in particular. Every character in this book feels like a real person going through real things. These people have been through a hell of a lot of hardship and they're not always perfect.

Snyder's greatest strength is that he puts you in the mindset of these flawed people, but you never judge them. You go along for the ride whether you're chasing a blimp with your car, you're dancing with a celebrity while everyone watches you, you crash a wedding and the bride wants to leave in your plane or you're just watching a Women's prison across from your home.

This was definitely worth a third read!

-Jose A. Rivera
Scott Snyder's new story collection, VOODOO HEART, is in most places beautifully written. The male protagonists are always finding love in weird, unorthodox situations. In one story, a recluse young man courts a maimed female celebrity. He's the only one, it seems, who doesn't know her celebrity status under the facade of her scars. The story unfolds from there. In another story, a successful yuppie gives his life away to move to Florida and find a new love. The way Snyder deals with this protagonist's inner consciousness, is gratifying, and it makes the reader feel sympathy in the end.

These stories aren't fancy, but the prose is well-worked out. Snyder knows his metaphors; he knows his style. I recmmend this book to anybody interested in reading the stories of a new, young talent: Scott Snyder.
The stories are pretty engaging but offer no resolution and pretty much just end abruptly. I don't feel satisfied with where the stories took me in the end. It got to a point, after finishing a few stories, that I wondered if I should even bother reading the rest of the book and investing myself into the characters when the non-endings were incredibly frustrating.
Abandoned Electrical
Scott Snyder's first published work hits. The stories are full of real and memorable characters. The common theme among all, as Snyder has stated, is the fear of commitment. Snyder infuses the stories with this in different ways throughout. "Voodoo Heart," the title story is the strongest in terms of getting its message across. If you've ever been afraid to commit to something, no matter how good it was to you, you'll relate to this tale strongly.

All characters have unique motivations and desires and Snyder stays true throughout. The dialog is entirely believable. The endings are all ambiguous, but I think that's the point. He's writing short fiction and probably doesn't have the answers to the questions he's explored.
Great collection of short stories. Very imaginative.
I have come to love good short stories and this book was full of them. They all left you wondering at the end of the story which is the best way to end. Unusual storylines which made them even more enjoyable.