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by Raymond Foye,John Wieners

"It is thrilling to watch the drama develop!" Allen GinsbergSo quoth one of the 20th century's most well-known poets - and not about the latest piece of manufactured pop culture suspense, be it from John Grisham or Jerry Bruckheimer, but about the poetic work of John Wieners. Wieners, unknown to so many today, was schooled at the famed Black Mountain College and, taking his cue from contemporaneous poets, focused his art on such themes as drugs, sex, and homosexuality.Considered by many to be a most undeservedly unrecognized genius, in this collection "Wieners' glory is solitary, as pure poet" (Ginsberg). Certainly, Wieners has the capacity, as great poets must, to heighten and change one's consciousness of the world; this collection brings the pains and joys of a unique man, the Weltanschauung of one who has seen more than most, to the willing reader. DAVID ASPELIN died at 16put a rifle in his mouth, and laid across his bed at night. After he held my hand on the way home and said I will be dead tomorrow.("A Poem for the Dead I Know")
Download Selected Poems: 1958-1984 epub
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Author: Raymond Foye,John Wieners
Language: English
Publisher: Black Sparrow Press (April 1, 1986)
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John Wieners' the authentic thing,surpassing all art-historic poetic requirement he's an insider from that ruthlessly over-publicized "BEAT" scene,"famous among the famous" if you will...He's an insider in the sense that he occupies the inside of an anonymous hotel like a religous retreat, inside his own sympathetic head where alls recorded in a private diarie, inside a lyrical quest for the heartbroken line eradicating everything...he's in the business of healing words: a modern-day Rilke with the gorgeous lyrical gift imparted on every page. One imagines his words coming from sitting on the edge of the bed like sitting at the edge of the world waiting for it all to painlessly end with the formality of an unacknowledged graceful bow. John Wieners knows the-HERO-IN-side-of-us-all; having suffered drugs:the divorce from societal companionship, the physicality of that narcotic hell,all for that invioable annihilating peace becoming of an unattainable suicide where forgivness reigns supreme. He knows the tortured homosexual shared-secret hell of keeping the forbidden joy well as the erotic's supremacy of form and all's deposited in his pages in exquisite scripture. Reading his poems is comparable to getting high in a public restroom: consider it an indulgence in secret vice your closest friends can only guess at by the disturbed glint & gloss over your eyes. Going out in public is never the same after reading him, nor will the beat generation ever be the same for you again once you've found his work; a wholly unimaginable dimension of beatitude poetics will open your eyes, mind and legs to a vast new range of experience previously ignored by public and scholars alike. I do not consider it a startling sin he's un-recognized, un-acknowledged, and un-appreaciated, if anything it has merely made him stronger and deemed all his admirer's: initiates, and all those poets schooled by him: adepts. One more thing, besides the obvious study of evil he has accomplished in his verses lies all earthly and otherwordly heavens' astounding psalms. If you do not already become ecstatic when under the influence of poetry this will surely make you drunk, and if it's your first time, welcome;and if you don't heed the warnings of the fanatic,then for posterity's sake at least let me say : There is a hero-in-side-of-us-all...
In 1989 I had the opportunity to listen to John Weiners read and discuss his poetry. If discuss is the right word. By then Mr. Weiners mental state had pretty well deterierated to a point that he made little sense. But his poetry did. From his battles with drugs, his sexuality and religion, Mr. Weiners poetry spoke volumes about him and his life. I am not a poetry fan, but somehow someway his poetry spoke to me. His use of the language and his passion will touch and engage even a non poetry fan.