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by Gloria Naylor

Download Women of Brewster Place (Modern Fiction) epub
ISBN: 0413140105
ISBN13: 978-0413140104
Category: Literature
Author: Gloria Naylor
Language: English
Publisher: Methuen; New Ed edition (March 12, 1987)
Pages: 200 pages
ePUB size: 1132 kb
FB2 size: 1204 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 567
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I purchased this book because it was required for a course I am taking. It was a fairly quick and easy read. Although each woman has their own chapter, all of their stories are connected and in learning more about one, you learn more about the others. If you are reading this for a class you cannot start somewhere other than the beginning hoping to find the answers. You will not be able to follow what is happening and you will miss important connections.

While each woman's situation isn't ideal and the conditions are bleak the story is full of hope and promise making the characters relatable and human. I found myself sad and upset in their times of misfortune and cheering them on in times of awareness and courage. It is probably not a book I would have chosen on my own but I didn't mind reading it. It was easy to follow and engaged me as a reader.
Gloria Naylor’s novel, The Women of Brewster Place, follows suit with other revolutionary novels in that it takes the painful parts of what it meant to be a woman of that time period and plays them out through intimate relationships, such as mother-son, couples, and mother-children. A book about a community knit together by an assortment of struggles unifying the women with a thread of strength that only comes from perseverance, Naylor effectively and beautifully creates a masterpiece encompassing what it meant to be a woman, not just a woman of color, in a time that women needed to be reminded of their worth and strength. Following this work came the publication of Linden Hills, Mama Day, Bailey’s Café, and The Men of Brewster Place, which sealed her fate in the literary world.
I loved this book years ago when I first read it & hardly ever have time to re-read books as I have so many others to devour, but so glad I did because it is even more moving, beautiful & magical than I even remembered. One of my all-time favorites and I am pretty picky about food writing. I’m also not terribly partial to short stories or vignettes (they can feel like the first chapter of a book that just ends abruptly) - but when the stories interweave as this one does, it is truly a thing of beauty. I remembered it being very good but upon re-reading it I gained a whole new respect - some books don’t measure up upon revisiting - this one was even better than I remembered. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Wish t was 10x longer!!
Powerful narratives about women and the trials and tribulations of life at Brewster. Each chapter is a vignette of a woman who eventually ends up at Brewster. I enjoyed how many narratives included a backstory and some were even intertwined with each other. Definitely a book that will stick with you.
It was heart wrenching and delightful at the same time. Brewster street could be any street in the ghetto or high rise, it is the people story and it was very very well written.
Naylor accomplishes so much in this novel, through the lives of her characters, the language, and the timeless themes that run throughout the stories. I went into this text with the assumption that is was a book about the lives and struggles of black women in America. Upon completing the text, I realize that it is so much more - it is a book about women, hardships, growth, overcoming, injustice, dreams and dream deferred, complexity of life, and the impact we have on the lives of others. It is truly a story about connectedness. It is also a story about the unyielding power of women to use what they have - their life, their relationships, their anger, their joys, their hopes - to not only survive, but strive to reach for more in even the most dire circumstances. Naylor also does a great job of creating, which seems effortless in her writing, multidimensional characters - even those who seem unbearable and very unlikeable. I would definitely teach and suggest this novel for students of American literature, African American literature, Womanist studies, and American studies. It is such a great and powerful novel!
My purpose for reading this book was to see how the book differed from the movie. I’m glad I decided to give it a try. The book is always better. I absolutely found myself unable to put this book down at times. I absolutely loved Naylor’s style of writing, it was amazing. She is a magician with words.

I loved all of the characters but Mattie was my favorite. I found myself laughing out loud when Sophie was digging through the trash and found the chocolate chip cookie boxes of “The Two”.

This book offers heartache, love, friendship, and joy. Anyone who’s looking for a book that will propel you into a world to become lost in, this is definitely that book.
This book is such a fantastic representation of how a community can include such a wide variety of individuals and stories. I'm in college in the field of human services, and this book really resonated with the many different types of people that you interact with in this field.