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by Edward Asner,Carl Hiaasen

When a ferocious hurricane rips through Southern Florida, the con artists and carpetbaggers waste no time swarming over the disaster area.Among the predators are Edie Marsh, an entrepreneurial young woman whose scheme to sleep with a Palm Beach Kennedy has fizzled, freeing her to concoct a colossal insurance rip-off; Lester Maddox Parsons, a murderous ex-con whose violent encounter with a game warden has left him with the fitting nickname of "Snapper"; and Avila, a crooked building inspector-turned-roofer, who dabbles somewhat unsuccessfully in the occult.Caught in the middle are Max and Bonnie Lamb, newlyweds torn in wildly different directions by the storm. It is Max's fateful decision to abort their Disney World honeymoon and race to Dade County to see the terrible devastation. Armed with a video camera, the ambitious young advertising executive can't wait to show his hurricane tapes to his buddies back in New York. Over Bonnie's objections, Max eagerly sets out through the rubble, debris, and mayhem -- and promptly vanishes. The only clue to his whereabouts: a runaway monkey. But there's also a man called Skink who has devoted his very strange existence to saving Florida from the kinds of people blown in by the hurricane. It is he, crazed and determined, who prowls the swath of the storm and forever changes the lives of Max, Bonnie, Edie, and the others.Their paths -- tangled before they even know it -- come together in a novel that continues the hilarious and scathing muckraking tradition that Carl Hiaasen has so mercilessly made his own. In Stormy Weather, there is no calm eye.Edward Asner won five Emmy awards for his approval of Lou Grant -- first on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and then on Lou Grant. He has garnered much acclaim for his many television, theatrical, and film performances.
Download Stormy Weather epub
ISBN: 0679445854
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Category: Literature
Author: Edward Asner,Carl Hiaasen
Language: English
Publisher: Random House Audio (August 15, 1995)
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Whenever I need a break from serious reading, I always default to Hiassen. Again in Stormy Weather, he starts off with a dramatic event and character descriptions that immediately capture the reader's attention and amusement. He cleverly carries each of his characters through the story in their dysfunctional, pathetic and hilarious misadventures and manages to pull all of them together for a great ending. As always, the good guys go on their merry way while the bad ones, let's just say they had it coming.....
Carl Hiaasen is following his usual agenda in this book - attacking the natural enemies of Florida - insensitive tourist and rapacious economic opportunists.

The scene is Southern Florida after "the hurricane of the century." Many homes have been reduced to rubble, because of shoddy workmanship perpetrated by corrupt construction people and politicians.

All sorts of creeps and crooks are streaming into the Miami area to take advantage of the disaster, from unlicensed roofers to insurance scammers.

We encounter two fun good guys from previous books - Skink, the runaway ex-governor turned swamp bum and avenger; and Jim Tile, Skink's friend the black trooper. Also on the side of the good is a young man named Augustine who has a casual attitude towards life's betrayals since almost dying in an airline accident; and Bonnie, an appealing young women who has just discovered on her Disneyland honeymoon that her husband is a jerk.

My favorite petty crook in the book is a corrupt building inspector who keeps performing botched animal sacrifices in an attempt to curse his enemies Santeria-style.

The only problem with this book is that there are so many colorful characters, and so many bizarre plot threads, that the narrative lacks focus, and the end goes on too long.

Still I enjoyed the book very much, even if it's not my favorite Hiaasen.
This is a wonderful tale, full of the twists and turns that make Hiaasen so fun. It's another "laugh out loud" book-at least I found it so-and as such it is somewhat unsatisfactory for late night reading if one has a partner; I was banished from the bedroom when reading this because of uncontrolled ejaculations of laughter. If you like Hiaasen, you will love this one. If you're new to his work, you can't go wrong with this excellent example of a genre created by Mr. Hiaasen-the "Florida Crime Novel." May Clinton Tyree live forever!
Last year, I read Skinny Dip, my first Hiaasen novel. I was really pleasantly surprised. I found it fun, interesting, quirky-- an excellent waste of time. I wanted to read something else by him and several people recommended Stormy Weather. It is meant to be classic Hiaasen, whatever that means.

What classic Hiaasen meant for me, unfortunately, was that it read very much like Skinny Dip. I can't help but think it a good sign when you feel that an author is formulaic after only two books.

A well-meaning woman makes a bad marriage choice to a reasonably icky male. Disaster of one kind or another brings her into contact with a damaged but well-meaning loner who quickly reveals himself to be a better catch than the man that she actually married. Add to that basic plot a whole lot of character-based zaniness and the idea of Florida as a lens which sorts out the good from the bad, and it seems from these two books as though you have Hiassen in a nutshell.

To be clear, there's nothing wrong with a good formula, providing that it delivers the entertainment value. Hiassen certainly does that-- no doubt about it. I enjoyed Stormy Weather, even if the enjoyment was dimmed by the comparison to Skinny Dip.

By the way, it is well possible that I just picked an unfortunate two books with which to begin and that when I read a third I will see that the strong plot similarities were simply coincidence. I hope so. I've already got Nature Girl sitting on my shelf to be read, so I guess that I'm going to find out.
Carl Hiaasen has delighted readers by skewering Florida institutions ranging from trophy bass tournaments to televangelism to cosmetic surgery. It is a killer hurricane that is the unlikely backdrop for "Stormy Weather". A host of talented writers - Dave Barry and Tim Dorsey among the best - feast on the seemingly endless stream of absurdity provided by Florida's uniquely bizarre mix of rednecks, lowlifes, shysters, snowbirds, and corrupt politicians. But none succeed in capturing Florida with the biting irony and black humor that Carl Hiaasen brings to the pages. "Stormy Weather" is another outstanding example of social satire at its best: the insufferably shallow New York advertising man, the terminally corrupt Miami code inspector, the low-life con artist and her criminal sidekick, the sleazy mobile-home salesman and his cheating wife. Back from Hiaasen's "Double Whammy" is the aberrant but lovable road-kill eating, swamp-loving "Skink", and black state trooper Jim Tile, as close to normal as one will find in a Hiaasen novel. Even the "hero" is wacky - a human skull-juggling proprietor of an exotic wildlife exhibit. In the wake of a massively destructive hurricane, "Stormy Weather" chronicles the fictional - but highly plausible - descent of the swindlers, scammers, and criminals to prey on the victims of the storm. If Hiaasen's usual complement of oddball characters is not enough, the cast is supplemented with packs of storm-liberated wild animals prowling the Miami suburbia. Hiaasen's brilliant expose of the dark side of human nature is never preachy, but whose caustic humor leaves the reader alternating between knowing grins and out-loud guffaws. In anticipation of the author's inevitably unique forms of justice that will be meted out to the miscreants, the pages fly. In part poignant, biting, bawdy but always funny, "Stormy Weather" is another fine example of Hiaasen's literary wit.