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by Wilbur Smith

He is the rover, the lawless trader. She is the healer, bringing the word of God to the exotic tribes of Africa. Robyn Ballantyne and Mungo St. John will battle with all the fury of two natural enemies. They will love with all the desperation of a woman and a man unable to evade the commands of fate.
Download Flight of the Falcon epub
ISBN: 0449202712
ISBN13: 978-0449202715
Category: Literature
Author: Wilbur Smith
Language: English
Publisher: Fawcett (April 12, 1983)
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Rating: 4.7
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Loved the book, hated the characters. The heroine Robyn was a self-righteous shrew; her brother a prig. They were well portrayed, but I'm not sure in a way the author may have intended. The book was long and for this reason I found it tedious at times. All in all, a good book about the slave trade in Africa. Ironically the slave trader Mungo garners the most sympathy of all the pretentious characters. Wilbur Smith is one of my favorite authors and I am rediscovering him after many years.
I was enthralled with every page, as some new event or adventure was being played out. It was so eventful because of the back ground stories about the famalies.
It is a long time since I read any of Wilbur Smith as I was a big fan of his but stopped reading his books after it seemed he was going for blood thirsty openings in his books, while I am no shrinking violet this approach was not for me as it seemed to be in more and more of his opening chapters. This was in the eighties and nineties.

However in the last month I have read two of his books one full of excitement and action (Hungry as the sea) which was a real page turner with few character and a brilliant plot which kept going right to the final page.

The other book "A Falcon Flies" (although not sure why this title however there are serious reference to falcons but there is no flight)
This book is a brilliant book in action reference to slave trade and to the landscapes and people of Africa and how people like Zouga and his sister were pioneers in that vast continent following there own itineraries which saw thousands of miles of travel (mostly on foot) accompanied by loyal even if only through being employed and a small contingent of impi warriors who protected them together and separately throughout their travels. Also what comes through is the remoteness of the various peoples of that country. With travels of months together and seperately throughout that vast country although this book only covers a small part of it. Something which is of particular interest to me is how did the Omani's become so involved in the slave trade in Zanzibar when their home country was so far away.

The book in fact has three stories that of Zouga the brother his sister and also the involvement of a slaver. The descriptions of all three stories are detailed and gives an insight into the thinking of each of the characters and and their difference of opinion and also from the perspective of slaves and the way in which they were captured treated and enslaved for transport, if the research is correct then this could be a reference work. For me an addition to the enjoyment of this book was the description of the country and the terrain which was covered by the individuals. So many authors fail in fully setting the scene however in this book Smith cannot be accused of this his descriptions are stunning.

As said previously this is a book of at least three main sub stories but blend together well with them all appropriate to each other in their culmination. A little like the separation in their travels and coming together the story comes together well at the conclusion .This is the first "Ballantine" book I have read and I was lucky pure by chance to choose the first in the series as I will certainly be reading the sequels once I have come down from this novel.

One other observation is the fact that it runs to around 700 pages more than the usual Kindle novel however it never gets boring
Mr Smith is an excellent writer however this series is overly wordy. So much so one tends to skip sentences and even paragraphs to get through the chapters.
Absolutely love Wilbur’s books. I have read every one he has written.
I am hooked! Love this author and series!
Well written, held my interest all the way through. Hard to put down. I have almost all of Wilbur Smith's books and have not found a bad one yet.
Historically well written and the author keeps you looking for the next eposode.