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by Peter Danielson

Neko returns to Egypt determined to kill his father, the ruler of the Upper Nile
Download The Prophecy (Children of the Lion, Book 7) epub
ISBN: 0553263250
ISBN13: 978-0553263251
Category: Literature
Author: Peter Danielson
Language: English
Publisher: Domain (January 1, 1987)
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Rating: 4.5
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The Little Known Favorite: The Prophecy
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"Hear of how drought was replaced by storm. Hear of how revolt grew in the heart of the land, and of how a new king came to Egypt in secret and in silence, bringing new spirit to the struggle against the Hai. Hear of how darkness came to the lands of Egypt, just before the healing rays of dawn." This dramatic quote captures the spirit of The Prophecy by Peter Danielson, a fast paced and intriguing novel sure to interest those with a sense of adventure and heroism. Danielson uses many aspects of the book to build a complex and captivating story, and is sure to keep the reader interested the whole way through.
The book, as its title suggests, is based on a prophecy that the Egyptian king's exiled son will come back to rule Egypt. His son does in fact return, and begins to battle his father's army with the men of a neighboring country. Most of the book is devoted to tracing the movements of Kamose, the king's ostracized son, but many sub plots also occur throughout the novel, introducing a wide variety of characters. Many love stories also weave their way through the book, and action sequences are very common throughout the story. These aspects are all perfectly intertwined to make it flow and always stay interesting, but these alone don't make the book what it is. The author also uses many aspects of literature to make it exciting.
One such aspect is the setting of the book, which takes place in Egypt around 1,000 BC. The book is historical fiction, which adds to the realistic feel of the book. The setting is described in detail, describing huge underground rivers in the middle of the desert and the slow curves of the Nile as if he had just been there and captured every aspect of it. He describes a small desert oasis as "a deep hole full of greenery that the delta would be proud of." By using such descriptive details, Danielson is able to put the reader in ancient Egypt.
The author also uses characterization to develop the story, describing the people so well that one feels they just met them. In describing the main character, Danielson directly characterizes him as a very formidable man. He's described as being "heavier than he looked, and the muscled body under the chilled skin was hard and compact." Danielson characterizes one of the many antagonists as "hard eyed, cold hearted," showing with minimal words the kind of person he is. These are just a few of the many descriptions of the characters, but it is not hard to see why the author's descriptive characterization plays a big part in the story.
The plot, one of the most important aspects of the story, shows the complexity of the book. It has many sub plots, including a few love stories, which adds to the appeal of this novel and makes it a great example of a book for different kinds of people. Action fans will love all of the battle sections, from one-on-one combat to battles between thousands of soldiers. Romantics will revel in the numerous love sub plots, and people just looking for a well-written book will find exactly what they're looking for.
On top of all this, the author's writing style is impeccable. Danielson uses lots of dialogue throughout the book, and uses it to characterize the people and describe the events all the way through the story. Even though the dialogue isn't exactly realistic, Danielson does a great job of using it to keep the book flowing. He also varies his sentence structure and uses words that vividly portray the events and daily life of the ancient Egyptians. His use of characterization and his style in general make this book a first class read.
"Hear... of the ultimate fulfillment of the prophecy." This quote says it all. Read it! Read of the fulfillment of the prophecy, and be captivated by the unique style and setup of the book. It's a top-notch novel that deserves a chance, and with all the different types of events going on, there's something there for everybody!
Danielson has a real knack for taking stories from the Old Testament and weaving them into the history of the time. The books are like potato chips - you can't eat just one.