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by Muriel Spark

Dust jacket notes: "Venice, with its fading palazzos, its promise of sexual intrigue, and its countless hiding places for secrets best kept hidden, is the setting for Muriel Spark's glittering new novel. Robert arrives off-season at the Pensione Sofia to escape a complicated affair and simplify his life. But in Venice nothing is what it seems - even the innocent pensione has a body buried in the garden - and Robert is soon ensnared in a plot as intricate and ingenious as any Muriel Spark has devised. Drawn together unexpectedly by blackmail and an almost forgotten crime, a glorious rogues' gallery of characters scurry to protect themselves. But who is safe away from home, without territorial rights? In the Venice of Muriel Spark, appearances are not only deciving, but as fragile as houses built on water...."
Download Territorial Rights epub
ISBN: 0698109295
ISBN13: 978-0698109292
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Literary
Author: Muriel Spark
Language: English
Publisher: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan; 1st edition (1979)
Pages: 240 pages
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Rating: 4.2
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Another witty tangle of characters and events from Muriel Spark. Everyone in the novel is hiding something, often a secret identity or mysterious past. Robert, a young art student (or is he a male prostitute?), has just arrived in Venice, supposedly to complete his studies, having just broken off a complicated but unexplained relationship with Curran, a wealthy American art dealer. He no sooner arrives at the Pensione Sofia than he runs into his father--and a female companion. Back in England, Robert's mother, suspecting that her husband's travel companion is more than a colleague, contacts a private investigator--but her friend Grace decides to do her own detective work, arriving in Venice with Leo, a much younger man, in tow. Meanwhile, Robert's Bohemian artist girlfriend Lena Pancek, a Bulgarian defector, is trying to find out where the body of her father, a revolutionary, is buried; rumor has it he was killed in Vanice. Even the elderly sisters who run the Pensione Sofia seem to have something to hide. The fun is in the many crossed paths, unexpected twists, and slow unravelling.
Honestly, I can understand why not everyone will love this book. I do. Having read it -- I don't know -- maybe eight times? -- I can tell you that, if this is the kind of thing you like, you will LOVE it. It is brilliantly written, brilliantly plotted, and so different in tone and intent and content from 99% of other post 1950 novels that it MUST be savored (by those who can savor it). Like most of Spark's novels, it is mordant, highly intelligent, pared to the bone (think Vile Bodies). If you enjoy Nabokov, Bernhard, Waugh, A. Powell, Stendhal...try it.
In my experience, Muriel Spark is a writer who doesn't fail you.She was prolific and consistently good.This is not her best book but it's quite good.It's superficially light and airy.It's humorous.However if you reflect on it,it has a decided dark edge.None of the characters are nice people.One main character is a full blown sociopath who vaguely reminded me of Patricia Highsmith's Ripley.The others are more mundane but aren't people you'd particularly want to know.The plot is complicated .Yet, it is clear.You know what's going on and you're apt to appreciate its ingenuity.It is around 250 pages and I read it in one day.
Golden freddi
This is a fun read. Hard to find something so entertaining and well written. It's got great characters and an interesting plot. A bit of a mystery, with plenty of tongue-in-cheek details.
This is a good light read for anyone who has any experience of Venice. It's also a great introduction to the somewhat kinky mind of Muriel Spark.
to the third degree and a novel within a novel are among the devices used in this tale with a sad example of antisemitism.
This particular novel by the amazing Muriel Spark is hard to find, but worth finding. It has her trademarks of twisted plotting and ever-deepening complications, along with her mordant wit. This one's especially modern in its concerns.
I keep trying to understand why Muriel Spark is considered an important - or at least estimable - writer. She writes black comedies which are amusing but leave me, at the end, feeling, so what?