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by Herman Hesse

Download Siddhartha epub
ISBN: 1419147188
ISBN13: 978-1419147180
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Literary
Author: Herman Hesse
Language: English
Publisher: Kessinger Publishing (June 2004)
Pages: 96 pages
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Rating: 4.6
Votes: 237
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Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha is an absolutely amazing and engrossing tale of one man’s journey to find that all-elusive idea of enlightenment. The book’s title may suggest that it is simply a story that would have value only for people of the Buddhist persuasion, but this simply is not true. The work is well written and thought out, and it does a terrific job of showing us as human beings that often times what we are looking for is with us all along.

Hesse’s book follows a young man named Siddhartha on his journey to find the true meaning of life and peace. The young man leaves his family of Brahman priests believing that they have spiritually achieved all that they ever will, and embarks with his friend Govinda down the path of a contemplative and restrictive existence. The young man soon realizes that these religious men (Samanas) also are lacking, to Siddhartha, what the path to true enlightenment really is. He continues on his journey coming by entering the company of the real Buddha—Gatama, but soon comes into contradictions with the Buddha’s teaching of removing oneself from the world. This leaves the man frustrated and lost, and eschews him down another path that is quite opposite of the one he originally intended to take.

Siddhartha has now become rather restless with his pursuit of happiness, so he soon discards it for one of sexuality, greed and total reliance on the flesh. He falls in love with Kamala—a beautiful courtesan woman—and embraces the life of a merchant that furthers his greed and lustful desires. Siddhartha and Kamala conceive a son soon after their affair, but after a dream leaves Siddhartha puzzled, he becomes bored and sickened by his lust and greed, and decides to move on to find his enlightened path. With total despair encompassing his heart and soul, Siddhartha comes to a river where he soon hears a unique sound that will change his life forever. This sound signals the true beginning of his new and fulfilled life--the beginning of earthly suffering, human rejection and inner peace, and, finally, ultimate wisdom and enlightenment.

The book is a harrowing tale of man’s lust for greed, power, sex and material gain; however, its ultimate purpose is to show that often times what we are looking for is in the simplest places imaginable. Hesse’s work craftily explains (through Buddhist and Hindu philosophies) that life is an all-encompassing journey that will eventually show all mankind what it is looking for. We suffer and struggle mightily through banal everyday tasks, but perhaps this daily grind of being in a symbiotic relationship with other life is what inner peace really is.
The Sinners from Mitar
If only this Kindle Edition preserved the translation enjoyed in print edition, it would be a wonderful read. But, it has been badly conveyed with phrasing that destroys much of the beauty of this classic work. An excellent author's turn of phrase, is preserved by an accomplished translator; this 'rendition' does not improve the text by its use of English simplifications and re-phrasings of the original literature. It is a disservice to anyone whom thinks they are reading Hesse.

Object lesson: you get what you pay for -- I wish I'd gotten the (Buddha cover art) version, that appears to be same as paperback I've well read for decades: that superior version is also available as Kindle Edition, by Hermann Hesse (Author), Hilda Rosner (Translator). Next time I'll compare 'sample' with a known edition to avoid spending even very little money on something with damaged literary quality.

This is my number one favorite book I read it more times than I can even count. The words in it are amazing like and can actually picture in my head what Hermann Hesse is trying to explain it so vivid you can actually feel the emotions in this book I have actually laughed out loud and cried while reading it it gives you a connection to another person living a completely different life I feel as though I was actually standing there with him as his knees were shaking I would recommend this book to anybody who's looking to further Enlighten themselves or feel new feelings if you're needing to feel a connection with somebody this is definitely the book for that if you're needing to break away from your own mind in the confines of your everyday life I would definitely say that you should read this book it's not hard to read or to understand it's broken down into very simple terms and easily understood words I think any kid could actually read this or even understand that if a parent have to read it to them also I think it could be a good family lesson overall I can say this is probably the best book I've ever read
I really really really enjoyed this read. I have the version which was translated by Hilda Rosner.

The best thing about this book was that it helped me understand some things about my own journey. Some of the decisions of Siddhartha resonated with me as I have had similar inner thoughts about certain aspects of seeking knowledge and wisdom. I specifically enjoy how he reacted to the Buddah, and while I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read it, his reasons for moving forward - I find - to be very valid. We are our own best teachers, but it does us no good if we can’t realize it and then figure out how to utilize it.

There are so many insightful words and ideas in this book. Some new, some I already knew. The story is gripping and I read the book in 2 long sessions. This is an absolute must read for the knowledge seeker who is already versed in a variety of general writings. This is also a book that could be read every year or two as you progress on your own personal path of inner growth - you’ll take more away from it each time.

One of the most beautiful and telling things about this book was that as Siddhartha progressed through his life, and with all his wisdom, he still learned from others at every chance he could. This is part of becoming a real master of yourself - never assuming you know it all or that others have no knowledge to offer you. I really felt great after reading (and learning from) this exceptional story. It’s more than a story, however. It’s a tool - another piece of the puzzle in discovering who you really are.
This is a terrible digital version of a much loved classic. Numerous typos, incorrect punctuation, phrases that make no sense, just an awful conversion to English.. It reads as if the original German text was put into a translation software and someone hit "translate to English". Only 99 cents so no big deal but frustrating nonetheless. Deleted it and downloaded another version.