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by Tony Burgess

?Idaho Winter begins as the story of a boy with an extraordinarily painful existence. He is, through no fault of his own, loathed by everyone in the town where he lives. His father, Early Winter, feeds him roadkill for breakfast. The crossing guard steers cars toward him as he crosses the road. Parents encourage their children to plot cruelly against him. One morning Idaho finds it too much to bear and hides down by the river where he meets Madison. Madison, astonishingly, is as hurt by how he’s treated as he is. For the first time in his life Idaho experiences someone’s empathy and it opens a terrible world of pain in him. He dotes on Madison, in awe of her, and he cleans her muddy feet in the river, drying them with his shirt. Suddenly, hunting dogs descend on the scene and, trained to attack the smell of Idaho, set their jaws on Madison’s feet. Then Idaho does something that changes everything. He gets up and runs home. Not so strange until the author realizes that this part was never written. Idaho becomes enraged upon learning that his suffering has been cruelly designed by a clumsy writer who confesses that he made his book meaner than all the others so it would stand out. Idaho locks the author in a closet and runs off, armed with the knowledge that the entire world is invented and that he has the power now to imagine it differently. When the author emerges from the closet he finds that his novel is now unrecognizable. Phantoms and monsters, beasts from the boy’s angry thoughts now dominate the streets. Beneath the earth there is a resistance movement of secondary characters, including the poor Madison who is now bedridden and what’s more: anyone who comes within 50 feet of her is paralyzed with sadness and cannot move or be moved. The author sets out with these characters to cure the novel, to find a way to bring its mind and heart together as they embark on a journey as perilous and paradoxical as anything HG Wells or Lewis Carroll ever imagined.

Download Idaho Winter: Landscape with Drums: A Concert Tour by Motorcycle epub
ISBN: 1550229346
ISBN13: 978-1550229349
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Literary
Author: Tony Burgess
Language: English
Publisher: ECW Press; 1St Edition edition (June 1, 2011)
Pages: 149 pages
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Rating: 4.9
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Pretty sure I've just finished reading my new favourite book. Tony Burgess's Idaho Winter. How to describe this book. Characters recognize that they are characters in a book, the author/writer soon loses the ability to control the story and becomes a character himself. Dinosaurs, weird creatures called Mom-Bats, a crossing-guard who turns into something else. The book is a blend of multiple genre: YA-fiction, fantasy, horror, misery-memoir, and my favourite - `Choose your own adventure!'

Idaho Winter is a boy who has had the worst luck in the world. His father feeds him roadkill, his mother is in an abusive relationship and afraid to look up from the kitchen table. Everyone in town thinks he deserves to die and would be better off dead, the crossing-guard tries to direct traffic towards him.

The book reaches this boiling point where everything is at its worst for young Idaho, and then the narrator/writer/author realizes what he's done and stops. He steps away from the reader and into the book, chases after a young Idaho and confronts him.

I won't say anymore, it would only spoil and further confuse you. This book is very trippy and I'm not sure it's best suited for young adults. As I'm struggling to comprehend the ending myself. The book becomes this meta-thing-poetry-art. I've re-read the last 20 pages twice now and sort of have an idea of what happened, and it's beautiful, something that is hard to describe unless you read it yourself. It's also short. I purchased this yesterday and finished it just now. You could easily read this in a single sitting.

Also, find Tony Burgess's Pontypool Changes Everything, one of the most terrifying zombie novels I've ever read. Burgess is an Ontario writer, so know that you'll be supporting not only a local author but a small time press (ECW).

While reading Idaho Winter, I couldn't help but imagine this tale as a movie - a movie based on a script, written by Charlie Kaufman (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Being John Malkovich, etc.).

It is at first a hard read, for the lead character Idaho goes through so much torment. But along the way, the story take a fantastical and interesting turn when the writer of the book becomes part of the story and is trapped in his own creation.

This novella is a fast read and though it is not a must have or greatest thing since sliced bread - it's interesting enough to hold your focus and the strangeness of it all makes it a ton of fun and well worth the once over.

Being that it went to weirdsville, I think it should of delved deeper and gone full on crazy, expanded more, added more meat to the bone so to speak and that would of made it an awesome reread and pass along book.
Initially quite jarring, the strangeness of the story and the early relentless pace begin to periodically bog down as the author Tony Burgess seems to encounter difficulties finding ways to move the whole thing along. That - to me - is sometimes an indication that the author has worked too hard to turn a naturally short story into something far longer. I cannot conceive of how difficult it may have been to write Idaho Winter, but Burgess has done it. There's little else like it out there, and for that reason alone it's worth reading. Strange, uncomfortable, jarring and you must be willing to let it just happen.
I'm a mark for Tony Burgess, and this is easily one of his best novels. I read it in a day, and the fact that they're making a movie based on it is just simply amazing. If you like dark and weird anti-YA novels, you can't go wrong with Idaho Winter.
It was a bit too warm and fuzzy in the beginning, but as the author began to get his, I was cheering on ISIS and all the other inspirational messages bubbling through the thickening waters of our silly lives.
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So I had to read this book for my English class and I have to say that I have mixed opinions on it. I loved the beginning and really got into it, even bursting out laughing during some parts because it was so insane and quirky. But once it got into the crazy fantasy world of Idaho Winter that's when I found it boring at times, though still entertaining. I just thought it was way to abstract. Even though it's fantasy, it still has to make sense which this absolutely did not. It also got confusing and my head began to hurt (figuratively). Loved the beginning, thought the middle was okay and didn't like the ending. The idea was good, but poorly conveyed.
Seriously...??? This is a work of fantasy not listed as such. And I fail to see how it could be interesting to read such nonsense.