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Download Tales from Shakespeare (Everyman's Classics) epub

by Mary Lamb,Charles Lamb

Download Tales from Shakespeare (Everyman's Classics) epub
ISBN: 046011008X
ISBN13: 978-0460110082
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Literary
Author: Mary Lamb,Charles Lamb
Language: English
Publisher: EVERYMAN LTD (December 1983)
Pages: 320 pages
ePUB size: 1457 kb
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Rating: 4.3
Votes: 997
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I was eager to read Lamb's Shakespeare, but this edition is a terrible disappointment. The font size is tiny and all the illustrations are in black and white and most are reduced to the point of uselessness. The cover is pretty, but it is otherwise a badly designed reprint.

Go to the Gutenberg Project, a free online database of works in the public domain. They offer the book in Epub, Kindle, html, etc. both with a without illustrations. The font is legible and can be enlarged and you will not have to pay a cent to read it.
Beware: The hardcover version illustrated by Joëlle Jolivet is NOT THE FULL COLLECTION of the Lamb adaptations of Shakespeare. It only includes 6 of the adaptations: Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Othello, Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, and King Lear. This is a big disappointment, since the item description says nothing about this being an incomplete collection. In fact, it appears misleading, saying "From Much Ado About Nothing to Macbeth..." in the description while not mentioning that their are only 4 other plays included! The slipcover and layout are well-done, but the woeful incompleteness outweighs the aesthetics.
I accidentally discovered a hardbound version of this work in a used bookstore perhaps twenty years ago, and recently gifted it to my oldest granddaughter, who has a love for Shakespeare's world. I then discovered the identical work -- for free! -- on Kindle. The plays are presented in a prose, short story format, written for young people. They are delightfully detailed and the language and style of writing, although somewhat dated, is smooth and fun reading. This is a definite recommendation for anyone wanting to discover The Bard's works without having to wade through the plays. For anyone needing a quick knowledge of a particular play, or just wanting to immerse themselves in the genius of Shakespeare's work, this is the book to get. And it's free!
first, allow me to say that i am quite enjoying these puffin classics editions of some of my favorite books!

here we have a great tool for those being introduced to shakespeare and his vast body of work. to the new shakespeare reader, it can be difficult (through language and writing style) to understand the stories of each play, however this book breaks them down into understandable stories, as well as includes a comprehensive glossary of the main characters in each of the plays covered.

this book covers the following plays:

the tempest
a midsummer night's dream
the winter's tale
much ado about nothing
as you like it
the two gentlemen of verona
the merchant of venice
king lear
all's well that ends well
the taming of the shrew
the comedy of errors
measure for measure
twelfth night; or, what you will
timon of athens
romeo and juliet
hamlet, prince of denmark
pericles, prince of tyre

when i was in high school, each fall, the drama club would go to ashland, oregon, home of the largest stateside shakespeare festival (and a modified recreation of the old globe theatre) to see several plays. how i wish i would have had this book back then for reference!

a bonus here with the puffin classics is the addition of backstory included at the end of the book. here you can learn more about the author, the characters, and so much more. what a delightful thing to include!

i have purchased most of these puffin classics editions, and will certainly look for future additions to add to my collection.
This is an essential to children and grown ups alike as a way to comprehend the stories of Shakespeare, which as prose are as brilliant as the plays. I received this book (when it was actually a paper book!) when I was a child, and it aided me in understanding of all the great plays since the Lambs have converted the plays into short stories. Of course the well crafted dialogue and incredible insights and observations made famous in the plays can only be appreciated in the plays, but at least this book lays the ground work. But this is a highly valuable source.
In his time, Shakespeare was the playwright to Everyman. Think Neil Simon.

Just as with theater -goers today, it was usual for the audience to know ahead of the performance what they expected to witness. Shakespeare's genius was in many things, but as with most great artists, he stole from the best!! NOT PLAGIARIZING AS WE MEAN IT TODAY.. He retold ancient myths and sometimes more recent legends. He combined plot and sub-plot as any great chef combines ingredients. AND, he did it with wonderful language that was witty and fresh and provoking! Shakespeare broke the then-current rules of language: he verbed nouns!!! (Remember the language arts teacher who instructed that "contact" is not to be used as "John contacted his boss."? Shakespeare increased English enormously: some say 50% of words in ordinary use today are due to him!

SO, if you read Lamb, you will be able to pick up a play, or enter a theater with a background similar to the original audience.

p.s. Reading the great Greek and Roman myths will help you see many inside jokes and references; Bullfinch is still my favorite source - one rarely finds this level of language on WWW.
This is helpful if one wants to introduce kids or if you want to read the "Cliff-notes" before you go see a Shakespeare play. Then you can sound intelligent ;)
That said, however, the formatting is weird like someone just cut a pasted without checking afterwards to make sure everything made sense. There are places where sentences just end and beginnings of paragraphs that don't seem to go with what was just said.
I have to confess to buying this book because I saw it referred to in a Jane Austen fan fiction book. I was curious. It is quite a cute little book and bravo to the Lambs for wanting to make Shakespeare accessible to children. I know heaps of people who look at me askew because they don't "get" Shakespeare . . . this book would certainly help any adult who has a problem with the vernacular of the age.