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by George Guidall,Tami Hoag

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ISBN: 0788717669
ISBN13: 978-0788717666
Category: Literature
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Author: George Guidall,Tami Hoag
Language: English
Publisher: Recorded Books; Unabridged edition (December 1, 1997)
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Rating: 4.8
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I had this nearly a year on my kindle and every time I started it, it was too dark, I couldn't get into the story. Apparently my head was where I could handle it and I finally read it this week. This book isn't a light police procedural. It is a bit dark, and the plot is very complicated. That's a good complicated, but you must pay attention. The plot is full of red herrings, but they are good, deeply written red herrings to sink your teeth into and worry until they fall apart.

I knew who did it after I'd read about half the book. But that wasn't a problem because the plot developments building to the climax were so good I was willing to go along for the ride. Sexism in the Sheriff's department, poor investigative work, gut instincts and obsession all build a very satisfying story.

It helps if you know a little Cajun French. There is a glossary of Cajun phrases at the end of the book, but on my kindle it was too tiny to read and the larger font function didn't work on that page. I know Cajuns and had family live in New Orleans, so I was OK figuring it out.

One minor quibble, a Cajun character says, "where y'at". Where y'at, I thought, was a slang term from the Irish Channel in New Orleans, not a Cajun slang term. Yat is also slang for someone raised on the Irish Channel.

This is a good read, but not a light read. Be prepared to be engrossed and vested in the plot.
A Thin Dark Line returns to the French Triangle, the setting of two earlier books, Lucky's Lady and Cry Wolf. Those of you who have not already read Cry Wolf may want to read it before reading Thin Dark Line as the killer and the victims in Cry Wolf are revealed in Thin Dark Line.
A few years after the Bayou Strangler's reign of terror is ended, Bayou Breaux again terrorized by a killer. After a prominent businesswoman's mutilated body is found, her accused stalker is investigated and arrested for the murder. Charges of corruption in the Sheriff's Office, tainted evidence, and a legal technicality set Marcus Renard free. Renard now focuses his obsession on Sheriff's Deputy Annie Broussard, the officer who found the body. Broussard feels an obligation to the murdered woman, and to the woman's child, to find and punish her killer.
Deciding to use Renard's obsession to get close enough to him to prove his guilt, Annie is caught in a dangerous crossfire. Her only ally is Detective Nick Fourcade, a rogue cop with a reputation of corruption and violence. Annie can't be sure if Fourcade is helping her or using her, since it was his investigation, his evidence, and his mistake that allowed a brutal murderer go free. Fourcade's only hope of redeeming himself and his reputation is in the hands of the woman most likely to die next.
I've tried to read this book off and on for weeks now and it is agonizingly slow. The characters are not believable or compelling and the story simply does not move. Character development is non-existent and there are too many characters and subplots that dilute the novel. The unlikely (but predictable) romance between the two lead characters is a stretch at best. When it is described it is something out of a harlequin novel only not as complex (yes, that was sarcasm). I've stopped reading it as I'd rather watch my fingernails grow. Just can't stand to waste time to get through the last 1/4 of the book.
Ian Rankin and John Connolly are my favourite authors...
John Hart is top.
I'm too stubborn to put a book down once I've started it...
Rankin and Connolly write one book a year?
Too much time left...
For some reason New Orleans and surroundings are stuck in my brain as 'interesting'...

So I read this book by Tami Hoag...

It's not good that after reading through half of the book Steve Reich's 'Drumming' pops into your mind: repetitive with slight variations...
A good story should rely on logical actions of the main characters, not on the author's goal. How can Annie fall in love with Nick? How can a police department be so unprofessional/unresponsive? How can autist Victor follow his mother in her Cadillac to be be where she was? How can Annie react so sharp after being drugged (you're reminded by the author time after time she's slipping but this doesn't seem to have any influence on Annie's reaction? Renard's mother really didn't see Annie holding the pepper spray or the back up gun?

I don't really like super natural stuff, I like my novels as close to reality as can be. If you ever read John Connolly (Charlie Parker) you know he likes the super natural. And I love it...

I'm not giving Tami Hoag another chance. Live's too short.

Any suggestions would be more than welcome!
A strange start was not too sure if I would continue reading. Tami Hogg was so good I did have a on that little have voice told me. The five stars are my rating.A real page turner.hard to put this book down. one only tiny criticism, for me too much of the sexist remarks. looking forward to next book. Peace to all. Claire.
An excellent read! Highly recommended!
This is by far one of the worst books I've read in a while...