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Download Modern Classics Down with Skool: A Guide To School Life For Tiny Pupils And Their Parents (The Complete Molesworth) epub

by Willans Geoffrey

If headmasters were honest a prospectus would be a book which sa how many kanes he hav, contane a warning about the skool dog and the amount of prunes and rice served during the term. Nigel Molesworth may not be the best student St Custard's will ever have, but he is certainly able to express his feelings about his beloved school - not to mention botany walks and foopball. With his handy guide to Masters at a Glance (Know the Enemy) and Lessons (chiz chiz) and How to Avoid Them, no noble brave fearless etc. boy will ever have to suffer at the hands of the 'swots, bulies, milksops greedy guts and oiks' ever again WIZZ.
Download Modern Classics Down with Skool: A Guide To School Life For Tiny Pupils And Their Parents (The Complete Molesworth) epub
ISBN: 0141191686
ISBN13: 978-0141191683
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Humor & Satire
Author: Willans Geoffrey
Language: English
Publisher: Penguin Classic (November 24, 2009)
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Rating: 4.6
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A truly classic piece of comedic prose. A bit dated but still lots of fun. I had an original printing at one time and was thrilled I could still find it in print at all!!!
This book is a classic like none have to know a little bit about British schooling (or be a teacher) to fully get all the verbal references, but Ronald Searle's illustrations alone are worth viewing.

"Down With Skool!" Is narrated by a young student named Molesworthy (about 10 yrs. old?) and is written in his speech, complete with misspellings, as a guide to other students, with warnings and drawings of: the various academic masters (teachers) and their liabilities; various subjects, punishments delivered via caning, types of students and so on. Circa early 1950s.
I'm very happy with the book and response from the bookstore. It reminds me of my Dad who went to school in Oxford. It even smells right!
Floyd Frank
Ronald Searle was one of Britain's best-loved cartoonists, and Geoffrey Willans (if I remember correctly) a former teacher. If there is such a thing as a genius, then Willans and Searle together were one.

The Molesworth books purport to be instructional manuals by an English public schoolboy named Nigel Molesworth, about how to survive the school experience. From the day the first was published in 1953, they became a wild success, especially with schoolchildren. They are still in print and still eminently applicable (which says something both about the quality of the books, and about the nature of the British school system, which even at that point hadn't changed much in 400 years).

The wild misspelling that permeates them caused hysteria among parents, and their removal from many school libraries (the books, not the parents). Nevertheless, many phrases from them have since gone into the English lexicon, particularly "enuff said" and "as any fule kno".

The quartet consists of:

Down with Skool
How to be Topp
Whizz for Atomms
Back in the Jug Agane

and an omnibus edition,

The Compleet Molesworth, reprinted by Penguin as

These are considered absolute classics in the UK along with gems such as 1066 and all that. Whether they're intelligible in the US is another matter; but I didn't think Monty Python would be, and I was wrong about that...

The reviews here are sparse, I see, so look at Amazon UK for a fuller perspective.

I see also that the second-hand price of some of the individual volumes is becoming ludicrous, so best just to go straight for the Penguin. The original "Compleet Molesworth" was actually missing a small part of "Back in the Jug Agane" (which is why I bought the individual volumes), but I don't know about the Penguin.

I hope perhaps this has provided some context; now you can look at Amazon UK :-)
As a former boarding school student and a fan of British humor, I really loved Down with Skool! Nigel Molesworth's descriptions of his school, friends, and teachers are just hilarious, and to be honest, nearly all of us can relate to his descriptions because we have, at one point or another, felt exactly the same way about our teachers. This is great reading, although, alas, very short.