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by Robert Asprin

MythAdventures or Myth Adventures is a fantasy series created by Robert Lynn Asprin. After twelve novels by Asprin, published 1978 to 2002, he and Jody Lynn Nye continued the series with seven more books. After his death in May 2008,[1] she intended to complete their plans.[2] The Myth Adventures are noted for and popular for their whimsical nature, myriad characters, and liberal use of puns. After the first book, every title turns on the similarity between the word "myth" and the prefix "mis-" or the word "miss". The inaugural title Another Fine Myth puns on the phrase "another fine mess". Chapters are usually headed by made-up quotes by famous or semi-famous persons.[3]
Download Another Fine Myth/Myth Conceptions 2-in1 (Myth 2-in-1) epub
ISBN: 044100931X
ISBN13: 978-0441009312
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Humor & Satire
Author: Robert Asprin
Language: English
Publisher: Ace (April 30, 2002)
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 420
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I fell in love with this series after reading the first one. I'm not much of a fantasy reader, usually stick to other genres, but this is so easy to delve into, it's very heavy on the plot and character development, any reader could pick this book up and appreciate it. Perfect for adults and young adults alike. One of my favorite series of all time.
With the popularity of "Shrek" and "Harry Potter" I'm a bit surprised this hasn't had more of a resurgence. I read this series years ago and have wondered since why they weren't made into a series of movies. "Shrek" is along the same lines but not quite the same as the stories by Robert Asprin. If you want a good laugh be sure to read them. Full of puns, they center around an apprentice wizard named Skeeve and a large lizard like demon named Aahz from Pervect. Aahz takes upon the responsibility of training Skeeve when the master wizard that summoned him dies. They have some wonderfully funny adventures and meet all types of interesting characters. They live in a land of mythical humanoids and creatures. Great for all ages. These are two of the most entertaining books I have ever read.
Another Fine Myth is the first book in what became one of the best fantasy series EVER! Not only is it full of magic, monsters and mayhem but it also has lots of humor. Sheeve was a apprentice, until his teacher dies and leaves him with a powerless demon named Aahz, a couple of assassins and a evil magician who wishes to rule ALL the dimensions.

Few people can mix humor and fantasy such as Robert Asprin. And this book is not just the first novel, but also holds the follow-up, Myth Conceptions. In the second book Sheeve go to the court to try to become the Court Magician of Rodrick the Fifth. The amazing part is he gets the job with Aahz's help. But he finds, to his horror, that his first assignment is to stop the largest army the world has ever seen. All by himself.

The only other author I can think of, off the top of my head, who can pull off this mixture of humor and serious fantasy is Steven Brust.
These are silly books. If you want there to be a point, then you are in the wrong place.

These myths are quite funny, and extremely pun-y. If you can enjoy a good pun, a bit of zaniness (actually, make that three dashes of zaniness), and don't care whether the over-arching story is ever fully resolved, then you'll like these.

Each story is self-contained, and yet there is an overarching... plot, if you will... that connects them. At times, it seems as though the overarching plot will never move forward. It does, but only slowly, and clearly not to any intended conclusion.

Each individual plot, on the other hand, wraps itself up in a totally absurd manner in the individual volume.

Oh, go on, buy them. You'll fly right through them, chuckling the whole way. Who cares if there's no point!

I'll meet you at the bazaar. I've been stuck here for so long that I don't remember where I came from. But I've set up a tent. I tend dragons.
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I read this book in my early teens. I loved it so much I purchased it for my younger sibling who is now that same age. I'm certain she will enjoy it as much as I did when I had the pleasure of reading it.
Book is in great condition, no damage and very clean.
Robert Aspirin's "MYTH" book are ALL great. I highly reccomend them to anyone who likes fantasy books with a light hearted and funny side.