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by Jeffrey Cohen

"Work-at-home dad, devoted husband, hustling freelance writer, aspiring screenwriter―all ways to describe the unwilling sleuth Aaron Tucker, whom one reviewer dubbed a combination of ""Bart Simpson and James Bond"". In A Farewell to Legs, the second installment of the Aaron Tucker Mystery Series, Aaron is back on the trail again, this time trying to ferret out the murderer of a former high school classmate, a D.C. lobbyist whose enemies finally stick it to him, literally―with a six-inch steak knife. The deceased leaves behind a bombshell of a widow, a secret bankroll of $13 million, and a cloud of political controversy, all of which lead Aaron to a barrel of red herrings.But in the life of Aaron Tucker, one mystery is never enough (though he'd be quick to tell you otherwise). He’s also been delegated the odious task of tracking down Buzbee School’s secret stink-bomber. And, much to Aaron’s consternation, his wife, the beautiful attorney Abby Stein, is being stalked by a former client. All in a day’s work for the diminutive freelance writer, who, as procrastinator extraordinaire, would rather be doing anything but investigating."
Download A Farewell to Legs: An Aaron Tucker Mystery epub
ISBN: 1890862290
ISBN13: 978-1890862299
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Humor & Satire
Author: Jeffrey Cohen
Language: English
Publisher: Bancroft Press; First Edition edition (November 1, 2003)
Pages: 276 pages
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Rating: 4.6
Votes: 243
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Not a book for those who seek to plumb the depths of Dostoievskian despair or penetrate into the soul of an urban dysfunctional driven to maso-sadistic depredations on humanity, this is simply a successful attempt to lighten the load of daily problems. Jeffrey Cohen has, as of this date, 2010, completed a mini-series of three Aaron Tucker books, of which this is the second, completed another series of three books, starring the bachelor owner of a movie house showing only comedies, and now has begun a new series, with one book published, another promised for early 2011, in which there is a ghostly hue to the detectival efforts. No doubt, in an effort to throw old readers off his track or lead new readers to believe he is the newest enfant terrible of American literature (now that Norman Mailer has departed), the latest series opener appears as " Night of the Living Deed by E J Copperman/Jeffrey Cohen". Never fear, it is the same good humored, congenial, amateur detective story for we turn to Mr. Cohen to provide.
In this book, Aaron Tucker, freelance writer, faces a triple barrel challenge: who killed his one-time classmate, Legs; who threw a rock through his window and has been making threatening phone calls; and, who threw stink bombs in various locations in the school attended by his son and daughter. In pursuit of solutions, Aaron manages to stumble around in his usual wise-cracking fashion and, perhaps, may accidentally solve one or more of these challenges. Meantime the reader is allowed to join his wife and kids in benign neglect or fear for his life, as he moves uncertainly to complete his work on deadline.
I have had pleasure from this and other books by Mr. Cohen and look forward to each new one with anticipatory gratification. My guess is that many potential readers will find equally pleasant escape by reading this book.
Aaron Tucker is a freelance writer and house husband who helps take care of two kids while working. He also gets involved with solving fascinating mysteries. In this book, Aaron is asked to solve the murder of a major political figure by that individual's wife who happens to be an old schoolmate of Aaron's; he is also asked to find out who is flinging stink bombs at the school that his kids go to; his wife is apparently being threatened by a client who lost a case while being represented by her; and then there all the normal everyday events in this family's life.

That is quite a lot to pile into one mystery novel but Jeffrey Cohen manages to put all of that together along with the quirky character that Aaron Tucker is. Aaron has the tendency to fling witticisms and zingers with abandon at everyone. Most of the fun in this book is to try and keep up with those zingers and the inevitable puns and funny situations that develop.

Of course, since this is a murder mystery, one of the things that the reader tries to do is to solve the mystery. In that realm, all the various threads that go around the book tend to keep you hopping and guessing about one red herring or another. The fun of Mr. Cohen's writing style is that you are sometimes too busy laughing to recognize the importance of a clue!

If you have had the pleasure of reading the first book in this series "For Whom the Mini-Van Rolls", this book is quite similar. The same main characters are players in this one and most of the minor characters reappear including the police chief and his chief of detectives.

At the end of the book all the threads are closed off neatly and all the mysteries are solved. While two of them are logical and easily believed, two others are predicated on some very dubious connections including the discovery of the DNA of a man that was dead for 7 years before these events - that DNA being found at the scene of the crime.

It does not matter though, the laughs, the interactions, and the ridiculous situations that Aaron Tucker gets himself into and out of are good enough to make me want to get the next one in this series.
Aaron Tucker is reuniting with people at his 25th high school reunion, including Stephanie, who can still make men drool with her drop dead gorgeous looks. But part way through the party, she gets a call that her husband, conservative political activist Louis Gibson, has been murdered in his current mistress's apartment. Stephanie insists that Aaron investigate, even getting him a lucrative article deal with a high profile magazine if he does so. But Aaron hardly knows where to start.
Meanwhile, the principal of his kids' school has come to him for help. Someone has set off three stink bombs, and the parents are putting pressure on her to find the culprit. Only problem is, she has no clue where to start. As if that weren't enough, the Tuckers are also experiencing the joys of pet ownership. There's certainly never a dull moment in Aaron's life. But can he juggle it all and solve the mysteries?
There's certainly never a dull moment in the book either. Narrated first person with plenty of sarcasm and puns, I grinned, chuckled, and laughed my way through the entire book. You can't help but fall in love with the Tuckers. They are a wonderful, warm family who face life with a twinkle in their eye. The relationship between Aaron and his wife Abby is especially enjoyable. The plot starts a little slow, but gains speed the further you go in the book and has a few nice surprises before you reach the end. Being a conservative, I was a little put out by the "Liberal good, conservative bad" characterizations that popped up every so often, but I was able to shrug that off.
My real problem with the book was the timeline. Entire days seemed to drop off the face of the earth with no explanation. Characters agree to meet one day, then meet another and act like it's what the plans were all along. I kept flipping back in the book to make sure I hadn't missed something. It doesn't affect the plot, but it sure is annoying. A final edit for these things and a few paragraphs scattered throughout to fill in missing time would have fix the problem.
With that issue in mind, this is still an enjoyable book anyone will love. I will certainly be spending more time with Aaron and his family and friends.