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by Ann Cowart Lutzky

This lushly beautiful novel glides smoothly between ancient and modern realities, from temple gardens to San Francisco bedrooms, Greek Islands and African riverboats, giving a far-reaching perspective on human desire and compassion. In a farming village between Mesopotamia and Mohenjo-Daro, 2700 B.C., a young mother is about to become a medicine woman. Anarisha lies ill with fever that takes her into other identities. She lives out an alternative city life as priestess of the goddess Inanna, and witnesses the lives of her own distant descendants, global-villagers of the 20/21st century. Within interconnected worlds, each a netherworld of self-delusion, Anarisha faces her greatest challenge. She must transcend the power of earthly attachment to reach the farther shore, as the Buddha named it, of all-seeing compassion. With exquisite voice, Lutzky provides a spellbinding experience of Anarisha's journey to serene awareness. Current intriguing knowledge of ancient archetypes, rituals, mythology and culture is interwoven with abundant insights into our last five decades-especially concerning nature and male/female relationship. Like beautiful eyes, this mesmerizing saga of the human family is both erotic and spiritual as it contemplates passion, impermanence, and transformation.
Download Those Beautiful Eyes epub
ISBN: 0595202217
ISBN13: 978-0595202218
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Ann Cowart Lutzky
Language: English
Publisher: Writers Club Press (October 24, 2001)
Pages: 333 pages
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Rating: 4.4
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Ann Cowart Lutzky's evocative "Those Beautiful Eyes" transports the reader on a magic carpet ride from ancient Mesopotamia to the turbulent and transformational days of San Francisco in the 1960's. A student of ancient cultures, Lutzky demonstrates skillful and bold storytelling drawing upon primordial themes and archetypes. One of the primary threads reveals how the profound power of women - something understood by the ancients - has been corrupted and confused in the wake of our modern times. Her characters carry echoes of the ancients within their psyches and, possibly their very DNA. Those Beautiful Eyes is a kind of coming of age story for the ages, bringing the reader to a deep understanding about history, human nature and our evolutionary experience.
Other reviewers have given an overview of the contents of this beautiful novel, so I will only make a few remarks about my own experience in reading it. I bought this book on impulse, something I rarely do. I don't read novels for entertainment, but rather to be touched deeply at the feeling core of my being. Very few novels do that, but this one did. My love for ancient history was fed by the author's fine evocation of life in 2700 BCE, a time I well recall from a lifetime of dreams and reveries of Mohenjo-Daro.

The characters of Anarisha (in 2700 BC) and Maria (in modern times) are the most vividly drawn, and well brought to life by the strong supporting cast. I read this book slowly, savoring every word. The book is well-written enough to allow this kind of deep immersion without becoming thin or shallow. The ending was perhaps a bit contrived, but still satisfying.

I just finished the book this morning and I still cannot separate myself from it enough to give a fully objective evaluation. For one thing, there were a stunning number of coincidences between the dates and places in the book and those of my own life. This added much to my reading experience, but could not possibly be shared by very many other readers. For (only a very few of many) examples: Born in 1945; life changing month of June, 1963; entered UC Berkeley Fall, 1963 (I feel I knew the author then, but I can't be certain); first child born 1974; an unexpected tragic death in 1998; and far too many more to mention without boring you. And the Dhammapada, that constant companion and guide of my life. Certainly a part of my appreciation for this book was that the author was somehow, inexplicably, writing the story of my own life -- not merely the sense of it, which can be found in other books, but the details, which I don't know how she could have known.

A remarkable literary achievement, this book is "almost aesthetically perfect" like Michael Dagan's films. Ann, by pouring your life into this story, you have accomplished your life's work. Now it's time to go beyond being a Buddhist, and to become a Buddha.
This lovely book overflows with enjoyable layers, textures and imagery. Roaming through magical possibilities of the long-distant past, the present, and the future, it spins a thoughtful and heart-felt tale in a lyrical voice that reflects the wonder of existence.
good product good service
Kind of a feat. Consider yourself warned. Wish I'd peaked into it before buying...
Kindle edition is also badly formatted.
A timeless and sumptuous exploration of the fluidity of the ages and our spiritual connections, THOSE BEAUTIFUL EYES is a true feast for the senses.

From ancient Mesopotamia to modern-day San Francisco, in delicate yet masterful prose, this novel depicts the lives and fates of a village girl in service to a goddess, a dancer, and a film maker and his wife, while reflecting on the corrupting influence that the quest for recognition, power and wealth has on the soul. Ms Lutzky's wealth of historical research shines through without interfering with the sublime clarity of her tale - one that carries deep roots in Eastern philosophies. A sensual celebration of longing and loss, of the fragility of love and our forgotten past, this is literature of the highest order - an intelligent, deeply powerful book that cannot fail to leave the reader yearning for more. Highly recommended for fans of Isabel Allende or Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Here is an exquisite tale that transcends time. The author effortlessly channels and weaves between two vastly different worlds, two sides of the human story: ancient Mesopotamia and modern day California. She evocatively conjures the unique spirit of both of those worlds while deftly spinning the threads that unite the very human characters in this tale. Do enter and partake of the lushness, the intrigue, the insight and sensitivity of this book and be open to its underlying wisdom.
The book is very skillfully written: it manages to keep the reader go back and forth in time and space without losing track of the characters and their actions. Neatly woven complicated plot deals with many human themes and has an existential flavor to it. By connecting characters from different eras and different places the author ilustrates our oneness in time and space; she shows that, as human beings, we ultimately share the same problems, same dreams and same destinies.