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by John Jakes

The lives and fortunes of the Crown family--Paul; his German-born uncle, Joseph; Joseph's wife, Ilsa; their rebellious son, Joe--are set against the turbulent backdrop of a momentous decade in world history, from 1890 to 1900. Simultaneous.
Download Homeland epub
ISBN: 0553471767
ISBN13: 978-0553471762
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: John Jakes
Language: English
Publisher: Random House Audio; abridged edition edition (June 1, 1993)
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Rating: 4.8
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John Jakes has the rare gift of making history racy and readable. He does this through a formula... find a protagonist, place them in some historical context, make sure they are directly involved with some of the historical events of that era. His heroes always have the gift of being in exactly the right place at the right time, and always manage to bump into exactly the right people just before they are about to take centre stage in world events. All of this is told with some invariable love story in the background - girl won, girl lost, girl won again. He writes in an easy readable style that keeps a steady pace throughout, with no real challenge to the reader, and his background research is impeccable. He makes you feel as if you are right on the spot as the action unfolds. This is what makes him so popular - his book are 'faction' and the reader feels as if they are learning something while being entertained. This is fantastic for a one-off, but after reading a few of Jakes' books one does get a little tired of the formula. However, as a light introduction to the history of the eras about which he writes, they are unbeatable.
This was a long book to read - 1175 pages and covered the affairs of many characters connected with the Crown family. Daddy Joe was a self made German Brewery King who is a hard nosed, opinionated boss and ruler of his household. Mother Ilsa is a loving woman who wishes to take up the cause of women in society and politics and feels her husband's business is detrimental to family values when husbands come home intoxicated and late for supper. Son, Joe Jr. is a spoiled brat who is always on the side of union sympathizers who always want to cause trouble in his father's business. Pauli is the immigrant cousin from Berlin who is taken in by the Crown family but has trials and tribulations throughout the book ( similar to an Odysseus or a Jude the Obscure) - just as things are great, the bottom drops out. The setting is Chicago before the turn of the century for Book One and ends with the Spanish American War. You will definitely get aggravated with some of the characters in the book for their stupidity which leads them into disaster after disaster. Book One ends with a cliffhanger that makes one want to continue the Saga with Book Two and on and on perhaps till modern times, but I need to read something else right now for a change of venue and come back to a continuation later on. This is a good story but a bit long dealing with wars and picture flicks but worth the five stars waiting for the next surprise disaster to occur.
Homeland is the first of two in another John Jakes well-written series. Most of it takes place in Chicago, one of my favorite cities! It was interesting to read about the trials and tribulations of living in the 1800s. There was a lot of time spent setting up the characters which was interesting and necessary, but a little tedious. Other than that, this first book was wonderful. I've already begun reading the second book which moves a lot faster!
Risky Strong Dromedary
I chose this book because I had read another series by John Jakes that I absolutely loved. I find Jakes writing to be historically enlightening and emotionally compelling. The bonus with this book for me is that it gave me some insights into my German heritage.
Homeland is an engaging book right from the beginning. It does bog down a little and starts to get long, way long! The experience of leaving one's home country and journeying to a new and promising land was portrayed very well and was very interesting. Most of us have ancestors that made that same journey, so it is enlightening to live the precariousness along with these immigrants. Although, I don't think there was canned beer in 1892, but I might be wrong. I like lots of new information so as to learn, and this book has plenty about photography, beer brewing, workers fighting for better pay in the rough, early days. When they go to the Spanish American war in Cuba, I realized that this is pretty much a man's book. So, I skipped the Boer War and other historic events and went to see how the book ended. Pretty much happily ever after! The length of the book was justified, it really was a pretty good book.
It was a long book but kept my interest throughout. What I came away wondering was if the author took liberties with putting in his own political slant to the events throughout the book. There was a constant reference to republicans being an often cruel and overbearing group of people and the democrats a loving understanding and compassionate group of people. Really? Only if you like to categorize and judge. I just couldn't wrap my mind around it being an authentic depiction of history since there were so many parallels to heavy political leanings and biases that have divided this country since the Clinton administration and that is when Jakes published this book. He's a very good writer, however. Can't fault his talent.
I read the entire Kent Family Chronicles years ago and enjoyed each book immensely. The characters in Homeland have the same ability to keep a reader interested in them. I found the chapter structure difficult to follow as some chaps were only a few pages and others were lengthy. I like reading historical fiction and know how much research goes into it. There is a plethora of historical detail in Homeland -some, I felt, were not pertinent to the story line. I enjoyed the characters and wonder how their lives will progress. Thanks Mr. Jakes for another interesting historical series.