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ISBN: 0590557165
ISBN13: 978-0590557160
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Carol Ellis
Language: Spanish
Publisher: Scholastic Children's Books (1994)
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Rating: 4.9
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Carol Ellis was one of a series of young adult thriller writers to appear during the young adult horror/thriller boom of the nineties. Some like R. L. Stine, Ritchie Tankersley Cusick, Caroline Cooney, and Christopher Pike are still around, while others like D. E. Athkins, A. Bates, Fred E. Katz and sadly Carol Ellis have seemed to have faded away and seemed to have stopped writing, at least under these names. A shame, since Carol Ellis, on the basis of the two books of hers that I have read was a pretty good novelist, even if her books seemed a bit rushed.

In "Silent Witness", Lucy Monroe's next-door neighbor and friend Allen has recently died, and his parents have given her a box of his stuff for her to distribute to his friends at school. Amongst the bric-a-brac is a compilation VHS tape that the amateur filmmaker Allen made as he practiced with his camera. Lucy takes the bag of Allen's stuff to school and asks his friends if they want any of it. Then Lucy finds that strange stuff is starting to happen, she sees a strange light in Allen's house while his parents are away, there are hang-up phone calls, her locker is broken into and searched, and her friend Jenny is attacked while wearing Lucy's poncho. All of these this seems to revolve around the video tape that Lucy has decided to keep, as it is the only thing of Allen's that she had let known that she intended to keep.

Unlike "The Body" which I have also read, Ellis doesn't play fair this time around as there are no real clues as to who the real villain is, the killer's identity seems to come right out of left field. Ellis seems more influenced by writers like Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers more than authors like Dean Koontz or Raymond Chandler as "Silent Witness" is more mystery oriented than thriller oriented with a big red herring that will either fool or be obvious to many readers. This is what then makes "Silent Witness" a clever and fast moving short mystery thriller that is light on violence and conflict, with no inappropriate behavior being done by the teenagers that should please many young mystery fans, especially as Lucy is as likable a character as she is a reluctant heroine.

And one last thing, this novel is 195 pages long, not ten like as is listed on this page.
In the 1990s an entire genre of teen whodunit thriller emerged. The two most recognized authors were R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike, but if you look around a little harder you can find other authors, who while not as well-known, were just as deserving of attention.

Carol Ellis is such an author, and Silent Witness was a worthy addition to the genre. A true young-adult whodunit mystery that will have you guessing til the end. The book is fairly wholesome, the violence is minimal and when it does occur it is only briefly described without the kind of gory details that some other authors favored. Drug use is not mentioned at all, nor does the book explore many of the darker issues that teenagers frequently deal with.

Whether this wholesomeness is good or bad depends entirely on the reader's preference. Personally, I prefer the the style Christopher Pike who is a little more adult and edgy. I don't think Carol Ellis has dumbed anything down, but it's obvious she's trying to keep things G-rated. If you compare Silent Witness with Pike's Die Softly, a novel with a similar premise, you can really see the contrast.

Silent Witness is still an awesome novel, and I'm glad that I discovered Carol Ellis. And if you too, liked Silent Witness, then be sure to check out Pike's Die Softly as well.
"Silent Witness" by Carol Witness was an okay book. I thought it was going to be a lot better, but it could've been worse. The storyline revolves around a girl named Lucy. Recently, her friend Allen died. Allen's mother gives away some of his belongings and Lucy gets ahold of a video tape recorded by Allen. At first, Lucy thinks that the tapings were of fun encounters; the school car wash, a party, etc. It seems fine until she witnesses something deadly on it! Something that someone would kill to get back...
I thought that the book was pretty good. Maybe I've read a bit too many young adult thrillers, but this one wasn't one of my favorites. It moved a little slow but the ending was pretty cool. Overall, it wasn't bad.
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The book Silent Witness was written by Carol Ellis. This book is a mystery about a girl named Lucy, Lucy's friend Allan died. He lived across the street from her. No one really knew exactly what had happend except that Allan was walking on a hill and fell and died. Allan's mom gave Lucy a box full of Allan's things, his mom wanted Lucy to give the things away to his friends so they would have something to remember him by. Lucy found a video in the box and desided to keep it for herself, but that video has evidence of a crime, and someone would do anything to get rid of it. The only problem was that because Lucy kept that video she was about to experience many difficult obsticles..her last obsticle was to find out if she was the next to die.
What I liked about this book is that it always found a way to keep my interest. It never got boring. I also like that it was a bit scary and always kept you in suspence, wondering what was going to happen next. I especially like how this book has a surprising and interesting twist close to the end. You would never suspect, even with to clues the author gives you, that this book was going to end the way it did.
I would certainly recommend this book to others. Especially if you like reading mystery books. You would also like this book if you like books that are light reads and that wont bore you at any point. This book is excellent and I'm sure anyone who reads it would think the same.