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by Shaun Hutson

For Nick Ryan, private detective, life is all work and no play; his family has left him, and he's been given six months to live. When his daughter is kidnapped by a gang responsible for a series of murders, he begins an obsessive hunt for her and will not stop. Time is running out for both of them.
Download Deadhead epub
ISBN: 0316904082
ISBN13: 978-0316904087
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Shaun Hutson
Language: English
Publisher: Time Warner Books UK; First Edition edition (August 5, 1993)
Pages: 326 pages
ePUB size: 1598 kb
FB2 size: 1754 kb
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 100
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I first heard of Shaun Hutson as being a British horror writer who was being compared to people like James Herbert (somebody even called him 'Herbert's little brother'). With this novel I found out he can write about so much more than just 'slugs' and 'ghouls in the graveyard'. I understand that since he's steered even more away from the horrorgenre with his later efforts. That may be a pity, but if it's to be his 'evolvement' as a be it.
I guess it started (partially?) with this one. DEADHEAD is more of a suspense/ thriller novel than a horror one. I think Hutson's roots do show in the excessive amounts of violence though. And besides that there are also some unsettling rape and torture beware!
The book is about this English P.I. who first finds out than he has terminal cancer and than learns that his daughter has been kidnapped by a bunch of pornmovie making perverts.
Next he will do anything to free her. The fact that he doesn't have long to live makes him a loose cannon. Much of the extreme violence sprawls from that.
Also, don't go thinking there will be a happy ending. Let's be honest, in a novel like this there almost can't be one!
I found DEADHEAD to be a quick, thrilling read. I read the novel almost a year ago and parts of it have stayed with me since. I guess that makes it a pretty strong book (I have read a lot of other books since).
To sum it up, it's extreme and in no way mainstream (for all you Nicci French/ John Grisham lovers outthere). But I'm a horrorgeek and I am not easily disturbed by a little mayhem and gore. So, I sure was pleased with what mister Hutson dished out for me!
Keep up the good work Shaun!
Not many books that like to claim the description of "shocking" really live up to it.

But this one does. In fact, in at least a couple of places I seriously considered abandoning the read due to the shocking rape descriptions that I really didn't want to picture in my mind's eye. At least "American Psycho" was tongue in cheek and didn't involve babies... consider yourself warned.

I considered giving it less than 5 stars, because nobody with a healthy psychology could possibly say they enjoyed the read - however, this would be unfair on the book. It is what is is and doesn't try to be anything else.

Grammatically, the book is an easy read. Sentences are direct and to the point, flowery descriptions are kept to a minimum and most pages move the story forward to its conclusion.

The conclusion is short and brutal with no epilogue whatsoever. Personally, I would have appreciated a break from the overall harshness to know whether the survivors lived happily ever after.

But as I said, the book is what it is and doesn't try to be anything else.
An ex-cop, terminally ill, and therefore with nothing to lose, sets off on a quest to save his kidnapped daughter from the pornographers who are holding her for ransom.

There's angst and there's bodily fluids-- both of which seem a recurring theme in Hutson's work. There are scenes which may be (no, who am I kidding, WILL be) disturbing to read, as they involve sexual assault on a baby and a young girl. They aren't excessively detailed, but they tell you enough to make you sick, so be warned.

I was never bored while reading this book, nor was I overly enthusiastic, except at the very end. It was pretty much an okay read, with a stellar conclusion.
The dangerous world of a private detective is superbly captured in this gripping thriller as he searches for his kidnapped daughter and the gangsters responsible for her abduction. The characters are well-defined, the action and suspence is non-stop and the ending is a genuine tear-jerker. If you're thinking of reading Hutson's books this is a good one to start on. I would also recommend Assassins, Deathday and Slugs.