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by Sandra Brown

His release from prison should have been the end of Griff Burkett's troubles ...but it wasn't. Once an American football star, Griff is now reviled by fans for throwing a championship game. His fortune lost, he remains under the dark shadow of suspicion for an unsolved murder. Moreover, his worst enemy, the man who has pledged to destroy him, is tracking his every move. So when eccentric millionaire Foster Speakman offers Griff a vast amount of money in exchange for impregnating his wife Laura, Griff readily agrees. What could be easier? Little does he know that this bizarre contract will trap him in a web of betrayal, with deadly consequences ...
Download Play Dirty epub
ISBN: 0340923628
ISBN13: 978-0340923627
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Sandra Brown
Language: English
Publisher: Hodder Paperback (2008)
Pages: 576 pages
ePUB size: 1658 kb
FB2 size: 1236 kb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 830
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This is a review so there are *spoilers*.

Another good book by Sandra Brown, a strong 4.5 stars. After spending 5 years in jail, former football player Griff Burkett was released from prison. He had been convicted of throwing a championship game to pay back a big gambling debt. He had no friends, family, or job opportunities. He was hated by everyone. He unexpectedly receives a call from Foster Speakman, a multi-millionaire offering him a job. You know the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is", and it was.

From there starts a fast past story which involves a 5 year murder, a death, and a dirty cop. All this makes a very good action thriller. Foster Speakman is found dead and Detective Rodarte is blaming Griff and is doing everything, legal or not, to chase him down. A fast pace hide and seek ensues with only Mrs. Speakman believing Griff. I'll not go into the job Mr. Speakman hired Griff to do, but you will find it very unusual and exciting. At least, I did.

Griff is a very defined flawed hero. All the characters were necessary for the story and the bad guy was a scary vicious bully. The story flowed fast without any silly secondary story to distract the reader. The action scenes made me feel like I was right there looking over my shoulder. Good job Ms. Brown. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery/thrillers.

Good reading to all,
retired to read
PLAY DIRTY is one of Sandra Brown’s early efforts at combining mystery hunting with a touch of romance. I believe she failed in both efforts. The story starts off with Griff Burkett, former Dallas Cowboy star football hero now in disrepute for cheating and throwing a game, being sent to prison at Big Spring, Texas, for five years on racketeering charges. Upon release Burkett has no job, no money and no friends. After a time he receives a job offer that can only be construed as weird. However, it pays extremely well so he accepts. His new boss is Foster Sparkman, a paraplegic, and his beautiful wife, Laura, who own Sun South Airlines. Although, Burkett has paid his debt to society, he is harassed daily by former fans and the general public. One person in particular, Stanly Rodarte, torments him at every turn. The plot is interesting but I feel Brown never comes close to developing her characters. What becomes apparent early on is that none of them are very well liked. Toward the end of the story Brown attempts to make up for this but it is too late. I give Play Dirty a 3-star rating.
This book isn't as bad to me as it is to some others that left reviews. That's okay because we all have our own opinions and likes. I get the dislike for the two main characters but I liked Laura. I think she tried to do the right thing but her husband's mind was a bit twisted and she loved him so she went along with him. That's just my opinion. Now Griff on the other hand....I was not a fan of his at all. I guess that was supposed to be the twist at the end that redeemed him but I'm sorry, it was not believable at all. Anyone that watches football would have known what happened on that play, not just 'Coach'. That's the part of the book that really irked me. to try to make it seem that nobody but Coach would have known.. I guess it irks me because I love football and am very knowledgeable about it. Oh and I can't stand the Cowboys..
As far a "Thrillers" go, this is by far, the BEST Sandra Brown has ever written, in my opinion. I have read tons and tons of her books mysteries, romance and more. I can't say enough about this book. It was so good after getting it from the Library, that I actually purchased here online so I could have it for my very own. I also bought a copy for my son. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves, suspense, keeps you literally on the edge of your seat, with a twist so huge, it's absolutely unbelievable! Do yourself a favor, and READ'll be glad you did!
I've been on a steady diet of Sandra Brown novels for the past few months, devouring each and every one. I was intrigued by the premise of this story. I'll admit, at first, I found the whole 'pay Griff to play stud' concept hard to buy into, and even a bit repugnant at times. But I knew that eventually it would all make sense, and there would be a logical (however twisted) explanation for it. Griff and Laura's third encounter was the turning point for them and me. Wow. The intensity of that moment was palpable. It was clear to see this was more than a job for Griff, and Laura wasn't simply a grudging participant anymore. Death, deception, and denunciation turn the lovers into fugitives. The heart-stopping action picks up and doesn't stop until the final pages. The subject matter of this book isn't for everyone, but for me it solidifies Sandra as one of the gutsiest, most gripping authors I've ever read!
I have read thousands of books...when you think there can't be a topic that has not previously been written wrong I was....this book was suspenseful...humorous....and just fun to read...if you want a surprisingly good adventure you will find it in the pages of this novel...thank you Sandra Brown For sharing your story telling talent....