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View our feature on Budge Wilson's Before Green Gables.A must-read for generations of book lovers. This remarkable, and heart-warming prequel to the classic Anne of Green Gables was specially authorized by L.M. Montgomery's heirs to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the publication of the original novel. Before Green Gables is the story of Anne Shirley's life before her arrival at Green Gables-a heartwarming tale of a precocious child whose lively imagination and relentless spirit help her to overcome difficult circumstances and of a young girl's ability to love, learn, and above all, dream. Published in 1908, L. M. Montgomery's coming-of-age classic Anne of Green Gables has enchanted generations of readers, both children and adults. The story of the spunky red-haired orphan from Prince Edward Island is known to millions, and copies of the eight titles in the series have never gone out of print. But when readers first meet Anne, she is eleven, and has just been sent from an orphanage to meet her new family. No one ever learned the events of Anne's life before she arrived at Green Gables. Until now. For the millions of readers who devoured the Green Gables series, Before Green Gables is an irresistible treat; the account of how one of literature's most beloved heroines became the girl who captivated the world.
Download Before Green Gables epub
ISBN: 039915468X
ISBN13: 978-0399154683
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Budge Wilson
Language: English
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons; First Edition edition (February 21, 2008)
Pages: 400 pages
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Rating: 4.7
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As an avid Anne of Green Gables fan, I was desperately wishing for some Anne material that I hadn't read six times already. This was a pretty good attempt on such material. I thought the author really captured Anne well, and thought up some really good back story material. The characters, even the bad ones, weren't one-dimensional, so she didn't really make out Anne to be a victim which was so appreciated. However, the stories are very sad for the most part, and of course they're missing just that spark that only L.M. Montgomery could put into them. Of course, it is fitting because Anne's surroundings weren't as charming and idyllic as they were in Montgomery's stories, so the book is a good fit into what we know of Anne's background. Overall, it's a nice read that I recommend, but it's not one of those read-six-times-and-still-want-to-read-it-again type books.
This book attempts to recapture the wonder that seeps from every page of LM Montgomery's delightful Anne of Green Gables series with a prequel outlining Anne's life before she reached PE Island. I knew going in that it wouldn't be a happy story because of Anne's many allusions to a hard childhood in the original novel, so I was prepared for the oppressive hardness of her early life, but it was sad all the same. Budge Wilson does an adequate job of attempting to capture Anne's spirit and thirst for life, but as expected, it feel far short of the original novels. Wilson repeats herself far too often through Anne, and since we already know she can talk the ears off of anyone nearby, even those colorful speeches become dry when they are the same thing over and over. It was just ok, but if you want a really good dose of Anne, opt for the original.
This is a prequel to the Anne of Green Gables series and tells of her life before she went to live on Prince Edward Island. It is based on the bits and pieces of information about her past that were presented through the series. We first meet her parents, both teachers and see their joy in the birth of Anne. Tragedy strikes twice, leaving Anne an orphan as a baby. We get to see the difficult times she must survive through and how Anne survives and goes beyond her difficulties. I thought while the author did not capture the writing style of LM Montgomery, she did an admirable job of imbuing the spirit of the books in this tale. Yes, Anne is not exactly like how she was in Green Gables, but it is important to remember her age in this book. I was initially skeptical, but thought this was well done and an enjoyable read.
This book is a great prequel to Anne of green gables. Anne felt like Anne and acted like Anne and WAS the Anne we know so well. The author did a great job using the info spread out through the Anne books to flesh out a truly authentic story. I know it had to happen, but Bertha and Walter dying was my least favorite bit , because they were LOVELY!
A new classic. I am a big fan of the Anne series and I've read all the books several times. The author did an amazing job to reflect the writing of L.M. Montgomery. I read this for the first time after I checked it out of my local library. I liked it so much, I needed to buy it and add to my collection.
Tori Texer
If you love "Anne of Green Gables", you will appreciate learning what shaped her into the precocious little girl that stole the hearts of Marilla, Matthew and everyone who has enjoyed these books!
I remember being told about this great television series on PBS about this redheaded orphan girl. I checked it out the next time it was on and was immediately and totally captivated by Kevin Sullivan's adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery's "Anne of Green Gables." I watched it every time it was on and read the original novel. Within a year I had read all of the Anne books plus all of the other Montgomery books that were out in paperback and everything I could find on the shelves in local libraries. I tracked down books that were out of print and photocopied them and managed to pick up a 19th impression of "Anne of Green Gables" (from 1910) and a 1st edition of "Rainbow Valley."

When I got remarried we spent three days just driving to Prince Edward Island for our honeymoon, where we stayed at the hotel that shows up at the start of "Anne of Avonlea" and serves as the White Sand Hotel on "Road to Avonlea." We went to see "Anne of Green Gables: The Musical" in Charlottes town and saw every L.M. Montgomery site there was to see on PEI. On the way home we stopped at several of the places where they filmed the Sullivan adaptations, including the bridge where Anne finally told Gilbert she did not want sunbursts and marble halls, she just wanted him. We have a display case that has a couple of ceramic figures of Anne and Matthew, photographs of Green Gables, and assorted odds and ends including sandstone the peculiar shade of red you find on PEI. So when I found out that the Montgomery estate had authorized Budge Wilson to write a prequel to Montgomery's books, I was pretty excited to read "Before Green Gables."

Cranky old Mark Twain declared Anne Shirely to be "the dearest and most lovable child in fiction since the immortal Alice." But for my two cents Anne has Alice beat across the board. Alice is arguably the least interesting person in Wonderland or through the Looking Glass, while nobody on Prince Edward Island holds a candle to our beloved little red-headed orphan. If you ever thought that Anne grows up a bit too quickly in that first novel, "Before Green Gables" allows you the grand pleasure of reacquainting yourself with the young girl that Matthew Cuthbert discovered waiting for him instead of a boy at the Bright River station

Anne's history is laid out in chapter five of "Anne of Green Gables," so the framework of this new novel was essentially laid out by Montgomery herself a hundred years ago. Consequently, Wilson avoids having to come up with major developments in Anne's life, unlike those writers who have tried to come up with sequels to classic novels (e.g., those divergent paths taken by the sequels to "Gone with the Wind"). Wilson was ably assisted in her efforts by an army of knowledgeable Montgomery fans and scholars who were able to provide her with every detail of Anne's past to be gleaned from Montgomery's novels and short stories. Wilson focuses on fleshing out those key chapters in Anne's life. Montgomery's strength was always writing about children, and once Anne became a mother she faded into the background in the final novels. "Before Green Gables" keeps the spotlight on our beloved Anne-girl and is filled with familiar elements from Montgomery's writing, such as the people who thought they would never be married finding happiness, bratty kids getting their comeuppances, and Anne's peculiar ways thawing the hearts of sundry adults.

The only parts of Wilson's novel that are a bit discordant are when Anne is confronted with certain facts of life. I still remember failing to pick up the subtle clues in "Anne's House of Dreams." Anne was suddenly staying at home and then Marilla shows up. Next thing I know there is a baby. Wilson deals more explicitly with such things and while she goes farther than Montgomery ever would have dared, you have to admit that young Anne would be puzzled as to how a baby gets out of a mother's tummy and think that the bellybutton makes perfect sense as an available point of exit. More importantly, Wilson captures the voice of the young Anne Shirley, including her exquisitely elaborate vocabulary. The ending of the Wilson's story was a slight disappointment to me, but only because I had become firmly convinced that Anne's final line in this book would be her first line from Montgomery's novel. However, Wilson picks a different and totally reasonable point to end the prequel, so the dashed expectations were my own fault. Overall I found "Before Green Gables" to be charming and a worthwhile addition to the canon.
Just finished reading Budge Wilson's story of "Before Green Gables". I just loved it ,everything tied into the life of Anne so perfectly. I have all the Anne books and DVD's .I sure hope Sullivan makes this into a DVD also. Megan Follows is my favorit Anne. I think Budge explained very well the reason Anne knew so many big words and their meaning for one so young. I loved the fact that here and there she had people along the way who helped her and made lifelong impressions on her. That is exactly the way life is... Thanks Amazon for emailing me about the availability of this book, otherwise I may not known about it.