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by Robert Silverberg

Recreates the legend of the Sumerian demi-god and king Gilgamesh, slayer of monsters and master of unsurpassed treasures, who searches for the key to immortality
Download Gilgamesh the King epub
ISBN: 055325250X
ISBN13: 978-0553252507
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Robert Silverberg
Language: English
Publisher: Bantam Books; reprint edition (October 1, 1985)
Pages: 320 pages
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 736
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Gilgamesh...possibly the oldest piece of literature known to humanity, predating the Bible and Homer by more than a thousand years. What Silverberg has done is taken this ancient narrative and arranged it into an historical novel. Outstanding variation!

To begin with, Gilgamesh is king of Uruk (modern day Iraq)...he slays demons, ruthless gods, monsters and adversaries all the while maintaining peace and order in the kingdom. His only fear? Death. As much as he tries, he cannot find the path to immortality. These are the adventures, the tales and fables into his quest as rendered by Silverberg.

An attention-grabbing read...a definite page turner...although conceivably a little risqué in parts for some readers.
I had never read this legend before. I was interested because lately, I have read something about our very early history. I read bits of the Gilgamesh epic, but they are fragments and historians are still trying to put them together. I found this version and decided to read it, partly because of the good reviews and partly because I like the author.
Silverberg takes some license with the available historical texts, but I think he does a good job of putting them together coherently. I like the way he gives us a clear view of how live was lived in Uruk and the surrounding lands at that time.
I recommend it for anyone who is interested in the legend or the people.
The concept of rewriting old mythology as a first person narrative usually embraces better known belief systems, like the Norse, Greek or Roman pantheons. Sumerian legends don't register with the usual consumers of f&sf. Mr. Silverberg gives it his best shot here, and it ain't bad. But when you set out to recreate a legend, you have put constraints on your scope and have limited leeway with the dialogue. Those things hem this story in, but it is written in beautifully elegant prose. Try a chapter, it's not for everybody.
I have attempted to read the story of Gilgamesh in it's poetic format many times and never made it very far. This adaptation by Silverberg is eminently readable, understandable, and delightful.
If you have been interested the story of Gilgamesh, and the Sumerian versions of the Great Flood, pick this title up and prepare to be pulled along on an epic adventure. I had trouble setting this tale down. Enjoy!
The author Robert Silverberg is an armchair archaeologist (as well as a grand master science fiction writer). He has taken the epic Gilgamesh poem found on Sumerian clay tablets almost 6000 years old and fleshed it out with a story of search, adventure and discovery told in the first person - Gilgamesh, king of Uruk. It is a compelling story beautifully written.
Lord Valentine's Castle is the first of Silverberg's books I've read which took me on a grand adventure in Majipoor. I loved it so much that I searched rare book stores to obtain my very own hardcover version of the book. When I stumbled across Gilgamesh The King, I was compelled to read it. Great story from a time before our time. I recommend this book to fan's of all genres.
I am a fan of stories from classical iterature but had not read a Gilgamesh tale. The author did a good job of spinning a cohesive tale from the several fragmentary versions. In a few cases I thought some of the detail might have beneficially been omitted in the interest of moving the story along faster, but for the most part my interest was maintained. Reading the precursor to the flood narrative in the bible was interesting.
I have heard partial stories, had this tale referenced in other novels, but never knew the entire tale. I am so glad I read this. The story is interesting, fun, human, tragic, probably the oldest on earth, except the tale of the flood. Worth reading!