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by Susan Squires

It began in Sienna, with an illicit kiss stolen under a hot Mediterranean sun.

It made the blood sing in her veins, burn in her body in ways--in places--that she had never felt before. It was a pulsing need to be someone else; to be something else, something she didn't yet understand.

It was embodied by Davinoff. The dark lord was the epitome of beauty, of strength. He was feared by the ton, and even by fleeing to Bath, Sarah could not escape him. His eyes were ageless, held a sadness she could hardly fathom. They pierced her, struck so deep that she felt penetrated to her very core. What they offered was frightening and tantalizing. Was it evil that lurked within this foreigner's unnatural kiss, or was the communion he offered something else entirely? All Sarah knew was that the sacrament of his love would either be the death of her body or the salvation of her soul. And she could no more deny it than she could herself.

Download Sacrament epub
ISBN: 1428516166
ISBN13: 978-1428516168
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Susan Squires
Language: English
Publisher: DP; Reprint edition (January 3, 2012)
Pages: 368 pages
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Rating: 4.6
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Rolling Flipper
Well, I have never read a book by this author before. It started out slow. WAAAAAAAY slow. I actually almost abandoned it as I wasn't sure if it would ever really go anywhere. I do like good vampire books and movies, which is why I decided to read this in the first place. It did indeed pick up, but it ended up being more of a romance novel rather than a vampire book. Or maybe it couldn't decide which to be, so it kind of ended up being both. Still in the end I decided to read the follow up, which is "Sacrilege", and I ended up liking it as well . Would I read another book by this author? Yes. But I just hope that all of her books do not start out quite as slow.
When I first started Sacrament, I was impatient for the romance and vampire side of the story to begin. As I kept reading, I found myself getting caught up in the characters' lives and caring about them. Sarah is a very interesting heroine and the hero, Julian Davenoff,is the thing fantasies are made of. Tall, dark, brooding, and handsome, he oozes sex appeal. Sarah's friend, Corrine, had me wanting to strangle her. I couldn't figure out why Sarah stayed friends with her because she was self centered and cared nothing for anybody's feelings but her own. She proved to be quite ruthless in obtaining what she wanted.
In the beginning, it is Corrine who wants Julian, and she does everything she can to snare him. Meanwhile, Julian has produced a deed to Sarah's family home and she believes he will steal it out from under her. Her own deed has conveniently disappeared and she suspects Julian of having it stolen. As a result, their relationship starts out on shaky ground.
If you want a book with pages of graphic sex scenes and vampires attacking humans on every other page, you've got the wrong book. Instead, this book concentrates on Sarah and her relationship with Corrine and issues she has with her past. We also see how Sarah's relationship with Julian undergoes a change due to Corrine's actions. Last, but not least, we get to know Julian and come to care for him. I recommend this book very highly.
I read The Companion first and loved it, so I immediately bought Sacrament. I know several people have given this book bad reviews, but I disagree. A few readers couldn't figure out when and how Sarah and Julien fell in love. I guess they didn't see the subtle signs, Julien not taking Sarah's land, Sarah thinking about him constantly, etc. After all this story takes place in a different time. Women had a different place in society and weren't outspoken about their feelings. Some readers thought the story was too drawn out. I, on the other hand, like my characters fleshed out and the exotic locales described in detail. It's true, there was not a lot of info about "The Companion." But I read the second book first, so I already knew some details that were omitted from this story. As to the friendship between Corina and Sarah, I believe Sarah was a friend more out of pity than real friendship. She knew what Corina had suffered as a child. I also think she was afraid if she ended the friendship, Corina would reveal what she knew about her.

I read this book very quickly and enjoyed it - give it a chance. I am eagerly waiting for The Hunger to come out in October.
it was good but at times took too long for the story to build. needed a little more romance for me.
This was an enjoyable mixture of a formula Regency with a twist-sex, drugs and a vampire! The novel was well written, the characters not too evil or goody goody and the story line was fairly fast moving. Good read.
Excellent historical vampire romance story in the Companion Series. It takes place in 1818 with the focus being Julien Davinoff (v) and Sarah Ashton (h). I recommend that it is read after the Companion (or the Gift) since it has characters making a reappearance.
So far is a good read just haven't finished yet so ill have finish and the give a better review