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by Marilyn Pappano

An Improbable DreamAt forty, Tom Flynn has reached all the lofty goals of money and success he'd dreamed of as a boy struggling to survive. The only thing left on his list:  Get married! But he hasn't a clue where to find the perfect wife--or even if he can change his love-'em-and-leave-'em ways. Until he shows up at his birthday party in the small town of Bethlehem and sits across the table from beautiful, desirable Holly McBride. An Impossible ConquestWish for me, Holly thinks silently just as Tom blows out the candles on his cake. But Bethlehem's most eligible single woman wants only a sizzling fling, not a wedding ring. She's seen up close what a disaster marriage can be, and that's one mistake she plans to avoid. But Holly hasn't counted on Tom's single-minded campaign to win her heart--or some mysterious intervention in a special town where miracles are an everyday occurrence....
Download First Kiss (Bethlehem) epub
ISBN: 0553582313
ISBN13: 978-0553582314
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Marilyn Pappano
Language: English
Publisher: Bantam; First Edition edition (September 5, 2000)
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 954
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Once again, I have to that the AMAZON.COM recommendation crew for picking me another winner. I loved this book! It was sharp, witty and surprisingly touching. In 'First Kiss', the twist is that it's the man who wants to settle down and marry, and the woman who's looking for nothing more than a thrilling affair. Of course, we the readers , know that every good love story needs a little kick-in-the-pants from fate or perhaps something more along the lines of...divine intervention. By the first quarter of the book I was in love with Tom myself, and couldn't figure out what was taking Holly so long to go completely head over heels for this gorgeous hunk. Even the secondary characters here were enjoyable and pleasant, and Holly's confession of love actually brought a tear to my eye. I'll be on the lookout for other books by Ms. Pappano. 'First Kiss' is joining my collection of books I will definately read again.
It was not great. I kept skipping pages the only highlights were references to Maggie and Ross from Some Enchanted Season. Now that was a fantastic book,
Terrific part of a series. Read them all.
I loved the whole series. All of the characters in each of them. This one another good addition. Keep writing!
FIRST KISS by Marilyn Pappano
FIRST KISS is the second book that I have read in this series of books by Marilyn Pappano. The general theme that ties these novels together is that they take place in the small town of Bethlehem, New York, where everyone knows everyone. In this novel, Multimillionaire Tom Flynn meets the gorgeous and successful Holly McBride, who also is known by the town to have a tarnished reputation.
Tom has just turned 40, and he's achieved most of the goals on his "to do" list, including becoming a multi-millionaire. The only two goals left to reach are "get married" and "fall in love". When he sees Holly at his small private birthday gathering with best friends Ross and Maggie, he decides that Holly is going to be the one. Now, if only Holly will cooperate.
Holly's philosophy has always been love them and leave them. Never getting closer to a man than a healthy sexual relationship, she has dated and bedded nearly every man in town. Tom has been one man that has eluded her, and she has an itch to get him into bed too. Unfortunately, she soon finds out that Tom wants more than just sex, and she is not very pleased with this turn of events.
As Tom and Holly do their little dance of love and enticement, the rest of the town watches in anticipation. In the meantime, Holly is dealing with her restaurant business and a new girl that she's hired out of pity, Bree. Bree is more than any employer can handle, but Holly keeps her on for some reason. Holly also is dealing with an alcoholic mother who keeps reappearing into her life at the wrong moments. Both of them, though, agree - there is something about Bree that they can't quite make out, and they wonder if they have met her before.
FIRST KISS was yet another enjoyable romance by Marilyn Pappano. Her style is reminiscent of the series by Debbie Macomber, where each novel continues on with the stories of the people living in this particular town. However, where Macomber's novels failed to spark anything in me, the Pappano novels I highly recommend. They each are self-contained, but can be even more enjoyable if read in chronological order, so as to slowly get to know the people of Bethlehem, New York and the ties that bind them to each other. I have not been following this advice; nevertheless, the books are just as enjoyable read out of order as they are in order. Thumbs up for FIRST KISS!
One wouldn't think that it would be a genre making move to write about a heroine who is not a virgin. However, the romance genre remains unwilling generally to use other kinds of heroines even with its contemporary romance novels. Thus, author Pappano really bucked that convention by writing about a heroine with a colorful and significant sexual history, who is 37 years old. That neither she nor the hero want children is groundbreaking as well. Essentially, the novel is about two experienced people who fight about whether they can reinvent themselves into a sedate married couple. He thinks they can; she thinks they can't.

The heroine's immediate family members are also characters and help us understand how she came to her way of thinking about relationships, especially marriages, not being workable. It's a very good novel, well written but not particularly gripping. It was easy enough for me to put it down and pick it up a day later without any sense of urgency. Ultimately, it just didn't tug on my emotional heartstrings enough. It typically takes that emotional reaction for me to put a novel on my own personal list of five star books.

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