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by Barb Hendee

New in the national bestselling Noble Dead series, known for "incredible world-building and intriguing characters" (SciFi Chick). In each of its novels, The Noble Dead Saga has swept readers into a world of "Tolkienesque fantasy [and] vampire-infused horror."* (Publishers Weekly) Now, young Journeyor Wynn Hygeorht finds herself cast into the wilds on a dangerous quest for knowledge that may instead lead to her doom...
Download Of Truth and Beasts: A Novel of the Noble Dead epub
ISBN: 0451463757
ISBN13: 978-0451463753
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Barb Hendee
Language: English
Publisher: Roc; 1st ed. edition (January 4, 2011)
Pages: 448 pages
ePUB size: 1810 kb
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 536
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*Warning Spoilers*

This book is by far the better of the 3 Wynn Hygeorht books. The first book seemed to me like a re-introduction of Wynn, with the authors changing her setting from Leesil and Magiere's homeland to Wynn's. The first/second book I'll admit was a little slow but understandable considering Wynn is realtively young and inexperienced sage but still good. Having said that, Wynn really comes into her own in this book. Although she is still a bit naive and lacking the experience of age. In the end she and her companions accomplish a huge task by find another of the fabled Orbs of the ancient ENEMY. The beggining of the book readers might get frustrated with Wynn's superiors because the readers know that Wynn is really on the path to finding the lost city of Ballale Seatt, but that's part of the story of the Sage's Guild vying for control and trying to keep the reality of currnet events from the general public. not to mention the fact the Wynn is openly defiant of her superiors and totally underestimated in the long run. My favorite part of this book was the intricate way the authors layed out and described the long journey to Ballale Seatt. The Hendee's shrouded the journey to the fabled city of the Dwarves in mystery masterfully, which kept me glued to the book. The final scenes in Ballale Seatt to some my seem anticlimnatic, but taking into consideration that Wynn is young and inexperienced and still accomplishing and amazing feat by finding the ancient orb with her rag tag group.
Another reviewer stated that the reunion of Wynn, Magiere, Leesil and Chap at the end of the book was akward, I totally disagree. Since I follow this series very closely I already knew that Wynn would eventually find Magiere and Leesil again for the upcoming 3rd Series. And it seemed to me at the end of this book was the best time for her friends to return. With her friends back from their own quest I'm anxious to see what kind of resistance the guild and the kingdom is going to use on Wynn and her friends, cuz as you all know Magiere and Leesil won't take the same kinda of crap Wynn has been getting.
All in all, I consider this the best book of the 2nd Noble Dead series. While there is not as much action in these three books, the mysterious element written in to the journey to Ballale Seatt was awesome and kept me glued and guessing. I recommend this book to all followers to the Noble Dead series and it's also an important installment to the overall story.
One final persoanl note, I read this book while deployed to Iraq and was glued to this book the whole time. For the 3-4 days it took me to read this I almost forgot that I was in a war zone, right until the incoming alarm went off right before I finished the book...not even kidding!
I love the Noble Dead books and I enjoyed the closer venture into Wynn and Chane's universe. Wynn and Chap were my favorite character's from the first series and I loved reading about her own adventures. These three books (this one included) are not quite as action packed as the first series, but I found I enjoyed reading about the lore more, and I was never at a point where I was disinterested. I'll be looking out for the third series, it'll be interesting to see where things go with Chane.
In keeping with the Noble Dead saga, this book is one of adventure, hardship, strained friendship, and of course fantastic locations and beasts. But underpinning this is a stirring love story. Not a "sparkly" love story, but one that examines the depths of the (undead) heart. The dark side of love peeks through: the internal conflict of caring for someone who is different from yourself, with different goals and drives.
I got the first of this series at my local library and became hooked. The characters were interesting and believable, even if they were vampires, damphyres elves or humans. I still like Chane best. I have never been a fan of sci-fi fantasy but I really enjoyed these books. There was a story line that kept me enthralled throughout.
I loved the Noble Dead series, I really like Wynn. I really even kind of liked Chane. I have not been able to make it through this book. And I am kind of disappointed as I see the next one involved the return of Magiere and Leesil and Chap. There were suddenly too many characters and dynamics to keep track of and to figure out. In the earlier books that wasn't really an issue, you have our group, then Chane and Westiel and that was really it. I didn't even mind the exploration into Leesil's homeland, though that was where I started to drift. I find myself feeling like this is a spin off of a really good TV show (like Joey to Friends), you loved Wynn, but she can't carry your interests for a whole set of novels that you are even sure are heading anywhere (like, I really like the story with the prince who turned in the sea creature, but what did that have to do with anything that is going on now?).
When the action starts it doesn’t stop...action starts 85 percent into the book
Still In Mind
Good sale
I don't know how well these books read I bought them as a set for the public library. Hoping to draw more young readers in.