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by George Hill

"To all you die-hard, zombie apocalypse readers: if you loved George Hill's first book "Uprising USA", then you'll gush and fawn over the Ogre's newest installment in the "Uprising" series. With every bullet fired, with every explosion, with each Zed that loses its head, humanity comes closer to normalcy and restored dominance. But the ante is raised as the Ogre faces even mightier and darker forces than ever before. The zombies have a learning curve, and they are evolving, gathering newer and greater powers. And be prepared for surprises. In "Uprising UK", the Ogre faces not just the undead, but also the demonic powers that control and drive them to feed on human flesh. Come to England and fight with the Ogre...not just for the right to keep and bear arms...but for the right to survive!"
Download Uprising UK epub
ISBN: 1618080253
ISBN13: 978-1618080257
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: George Hill
Language: English
Publisher: White Feather Press, LLC (November 16, 2011)
Pages: 274 pages
ePUB size: 1621 kb
FB2 size: 1620 kb
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 862
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The Uprising series takes the concept of the Zombie Apocalypse, and puts a brilliant spin on it, "What if the people involved aren't phenomenally STUPID?"
Yes, what would happen if a zombie outbreak happened, and the gun nuts were invited as well?
As George shows us, there is butt kicking and a whole lot of fun.

Now a warning, George is a bastard! He will make you fall in love with many of the characters. Yet, as in any war, not everyone is going to survive, and sometimes people are killed and it has no real meaning. While this sucks in real life, it happens, and he captures it brilliantly in the book. An nice added touch of realism in a story that is both welcome yet painful.

Uprising UK, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you will scream bloody murder as you mow down zombies by the thousands. And who knows what city George will nuke next.
Of course, as he repeatedly reminds us about the events of the first book, regarding Salt Lake, "It wasn't a nuke!" But we know better. Uprising USA
George, I love your stuff. And these two books are page turners, but I have to agree with J.Mills, they are in dire need of some editing work. I just started the sneak peak into Uprising Russia and in the first few paragraphs found "whole" used for "hole". Andrei's name spelled two different ways, "out" used for "at", and some sentence structure rougher than the dirt road to Ogre Ranch. I would just be getting into the books when something like "Barnes & Nobles" or "yes Mam" reared its ugly head. Distracting to say the least. Overall a very interesting series, even if the author does shoot perfectly, woo beautiful women (who miraculously move and shoot well too) all while stumbling across suspiciously untouched gun stores. George had me believing be could assume the role of Governor, but I had to roll my eyes as he became the President of the US and then, within a few chapters, the King of England. Zombies I can believe, but this meteoric rise to power is second only to Obama's! Knowing a little bit about the author, I was surprised to see him gleefully assume these Alpha roles and was even more amazed that the British population just accepted a Yankee as their new King, no questions asked. I would have liked to see Hill and his crew simply roam the world as a bad-ass band of zombie hunters than make the unbelievable leap to King of England. It just doesn't help make the story realistic. George, I volunteer to edit your next books FOR FREE! They have the potential to be great works of fiction.
A rollicking sequel to Uprising USA. The first book had zombies which were explainable from normal means, until toward the end, where it started getting a little supernatural.

In this book it picks up from there. I think of this book as Warhammer 2.1K. It feels like we slipped into the Warhammer 40K universe, but are between the pre-history Warhammer and 37,900 years before Warhammer 40K. We have zombie masters and deamons straight from the Warp.

So it's like W40K without the mountains of dispair and no powered armor. Happily, there's no Inquisition yet either.
I really like this series, but it is in serious need of an editor. There are too many grammar mistakes and (small) plot contradictions. If a good editor read through it, it would be a 5 star book for me. Maybe I'm too picky, but when words such as its, it's, your, you're, their, there and they're are misused, it jerks my attention away from the story. Like I said love the series, but, PLEASE get a good editor!!!
This is a fun ride. The author knows his guns. He knows his tactics and strategy. You get a little religious righteous Zombie slaughter, but it works! Fun from page one. Another must have from the Hill Clan. Book one was a little bit better in my opinion. That said this is one of the best books of the year. Definitely the best Zombie line this year.
After catching my breathe when I finished Uprising USA, Hill gut punches me a second time with the 2nd volume in his opus: Uprising UK. Just when I thought I was going to have time to catch up on all the unfinished books I have laying about the woodshed, along comes Uprising UK, com'on Hill, give the other authors a chance! Right up there with Monster Hunter International, this continuation the UPrising series throws you headlong into that "God, I wish this were real!" feeling once again. Now done & breathless, I eagerly await Uprising Russia...get to scribbling Hill
I enjoyed reading this sequel to Uprising USA. It's an interesting zombie book, with an different twist. I enjoyed reading it and have reread this book and the other two books in the series. I recommend it. My big question is when will the next book come out "Uprising Russia". I would really like to finish the story line. Hopefully George Hill will complete it soon.
This book does raise the bar.The MOOD,the characters,the plot intricacies.The writing is more sophisticated,the editing sharper.The "CAN'T PUT IT DOWN" aspect is higher,if possible.Can't wait for the movie!!! No one should be remotely sorry for their investment.