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by Alan M. Clark,James A. Moore

There are rumors that Golden Cove is haunted. That's why Joe Bierden and his crew are hired to take a group of scientists to the area for a month of research. For Joe, it's easy money. He plans to do a little fishing, some relaxing and simply enjoy the easiest gig of his life. At least that's the plan. Sometimes easy money isn't as easy as you expect. There are things moving in the water, and ghostly apparitions which seem undeniably real. Joe's problems get worse when he and his crew save a drowning girl who disappears only minutes later, and the scientific team captures an aquatic monster that appears almost...human. They drag it aboard and take it back to shore for experimentation, realizing only too late that the monster has a family who wants it back. A very, very big family. All the whispers about Golden Cove and its strange inhabitants are as true today as they were when the little fishing village had a different name and a truly dark reputation. Those who thought that the horror in Innsmouth had been vanquished one-hundred years ago were wrong. And it just might cost Joe and his colleagues their lives. Deeper: Sometimes there's nowhere to go but down.
Download Deeper epub
ISBN: 0975363530
ISBN13: 978-0975363539
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Alan M. Clark,James A. Moore
Language: English
Publisher: Necessary Evil Pr; Special, Limited, Signed edition (March 1, 2008)
Pages: 233 pages
ePUB size: 1630 kb
FB2 size: 1979 kb
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 655
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This was an exciting fun read for me. It's not filled with scientific jargon and psuedo-explanations---it is just plain fun! It is a quick read that will quickly ensnare many readers into a mile-a-minute action adventure. Although labeled as a book of horror, it is likely more appropriately an action adventure wrapped in a science fiction fantasy. Yes you have to suspend your sense of disbelief but isn't that expected, even required, in science fiction/horror genres.

"Deeper" is a first person account of Captain Joe Bierden who hires out his yacht, Isabella's Dream, to a group of college instructors and students along with a couple of noted parapsychologists who are set on exploring a series of mysterious underwater caves near Golden Cove--a town that may have a history blacker than many imagine. There is, of course, something or some things down in those caves best left alone but our explorers, with varying motivations, soon capture one of the "Deep Ones" and that sets off a tragic chain of events that doesn't reach resolution until the last page of the book.

Joe and perhaps Charlie, his friend and first mate, are the only truly deeply fleshed characters in the book--most of the rest are two-dimensional and predictable. Joe was an enigma to me as he was something less than a swashbuckling hero and more of an Everyman capable of making errors in judgement at just the wrong moment. There is nothing particularly deep (pun intended) about the storyline yet it is a thrill-paced fast read that kept me hooked most of the book. It has that movie spectator sense where we say "don't be stupid and go in there or don't do that" kind of suspense--and, of course, they do go in there and they do do that--but that's the joy of the book, it makes you stay with the characters and story to see what happens next.

I found James A. Moore to write in a style that flows so comfortably and so naturally that I seldom had to stop and reread a passage for meaning nor did I ever get the sensation that something was too awkward or too inappropriately presented to affect the flow of the plot or the characters. There is nothing profound or deeply prophetic in "Deeper" but the true fan of this sub genre should have a rollicking good time with this fast paced novel.
Solid action horror story from James Moore. Very enjoyable follow up to Lovecraft's Shadow Over Innsmouth, but with a very different tone. This had very little of Lovecraft's brooding cosmic horror and more action adventure. If you are looking for Lovecraftian horror, ancient tomes, and ineffable revelations, this might not be your thing. But if you love The Creature from the Black Lagoon give this a try, it's a fun ride.
I was very disappointed in this book. Looking forward to a scary, creepy underwater fiasco, it never happened. The thing about the book that annoyed me the most was it being written in first person. It got so annoying the way the main character "talks" to the reader that I found myself trying to get through the book as fast as I could just so I could say I finished it. Paid to much money for this book and probably will not purchase any more books from this author.
This story could have gone off the charts with sheer terror if it had been written differently, no first person, more blood and gore, scarier situations!!
Gold Crown
I downloaded this book for Kindle for what I felt would be a quick escape read. About halfway through, I wanted to escape so I read the rest quickly.

In the beginning, I found the first-person narrative of the main character, Joe Bierden, very easy to read, and it was an effective way to bring him to life as the likable captain of a charter boat business. Captain Joe was approached by a college professor and a couple of parapsychologists and asked to hire his boat out for a month to explore underwater caves around Golden Cove and Devil's Reef, areas with a history of sunken ships, devil worship, and massacres. Although reluctant to dock in the area, Captain Joe was seduced by the money in the visitor-slack, off season of New England tourism.

When one of the professor's student divers comes to the surface with a bloody leg and says something grabbed his leg and pulled him down, one gets the idea that there's a creature in the works (not to mention the cover of the book). For the next few chapters, ghost sightings, stories of past diving experiences, thrumming sounds, heavy fogs, and the glimpse of a man-like creature with claws and flipper feet set up enough foreboding for me to avoid reading the book at night. However, when the creature finally emerged to full view as a cross between duck-billed platypus, walrus, and human, the book's suspense flopped. For the rest of the book, the creatures were described as fish men, and that was about the level of believability that was left in the book. There was even a ghost ship battle, a la Pirates of the Caribbean.

I paid $6.39 for this on Kindle. At least I don't have to recycle it. It might have been good for a beach read. Maybe I could have imagined Jaws while reading it.
James Moore's writing is among the best. All the characters have their own stories and the way Moore tells a tale keeps you guessing about what will happen next. Definitely a page Turner tale!