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by David Brin

The second book in David Brin's second Uplift trilogy is a magnificent addition to one of science fiction's most ambitious and compelling series. The six races had been living in exile on the planet Jijo for two thousand years before they were discovered by the Five Galaxies. Now they are alone again, but they know it is only a reprieve ...Fleeing across space following an alien attack on Earth, the spaceship Streaker finds itself stranded near an uninhabited planet. Kaa is sent to the surface to investigate. All seems quiet. He doesn't yet know that the planet is Jijo.
Download Infinity's Shore (The Second Uplift Trilogy #2) epub
ISBN: 1857235657
ISBN13: 978-1857235654
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: David Brin
Language: English
Publisher: Time Warner Books Uk (August 1998)
Pages: 681 pages
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Rating: 4.6
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Inhabited space is controlled by a billions of years old hierarchy of space-faring races and the highest value is any race of pre-sentient creatures that may be "uplifted" to full sentience, thereby making the race performing this service a "patron". Those on the top of the longest chains of patronage are the most respected and most powerful races. Those on the bottom as "client" races are paying off their "uplifting" by serving for up to 100,000 years as servants of their patrons. Humanity has only joined this society within the past few hundreds of years as a possible "wolfling" race, that has brought itself up by its bootstraps. Most galactic citizens, including many humans, do not believe in the possibility and think humanity must have some ancient patron that has been forgotten in the mists of time. This is the setting of the entire "Uplift" series. An easy to read, yet highly imaginative series. And a rousing good space opera!
I have just concluded reading the uplift series of books and have been an avid fan. Complex characters litter the pages and it has been a delight to see them progress. The original three books were for me the 'real deal' in what I see as a master class of science fiction writing and David Brin is one of only a dozen writers on my 'must read list' and that list includes all the genres I am interested in. As a reviewer of Science fiction for many years David Brin was one writer I missed completely so I am diligently going through his whole catalogue. None have disappointed to date. I am grateful to note that David has left the door open for a possible return to Uplift Space in the future though I hope that moment will not be too far away. I started my love affair with science fiction with the purchase of a first edition copy of I Robots by Mr Asimov. SF might span galaxies and billions of years but I must have my David Brin fix before my body is fed to the dross for regeneration. Five stars Mr Brin.
I read Brightness Reef as a young adult and after re-reading the original uplift trilogy and Reef I decided to plunge on. But sadly by a third of the way in I felt like some plots had barely crept past the 'recap the last book' stage (if I heard the traeki mention 'stroking the memory wax' one more time I was going to scream). Whereas for other plot lines they spent half the time recapping things that happened in ... no book. There simply wasn't enough about the actual plot of the actual book I was actually reading. I really wanted to give it a go, but in the end I gave up halfway through.
With Infinity's shore Brin has taken what was a detailed and complex world from Brightness Reef (Book 4 in the uplift saga) and brought events forward to a real pitch of excitement. He has the ability to weave greater and greater complexity into a plot that spans aeons of time, billions of years of planning, coming to a heady conclusion.
It isn't just the variety of races, each well explored in personality and physical traits. It isn't just the sheer number of plot threads that makes this a brilliant series. And it is not just the vision of such a universe. It is the way Brin combines all the serried elements together with such consummate literary skill. His prose is excellent and lapses into the poetic. The uplift saga has to be one of the greatest achievements in science fiction writing, and deserves recognition from mainstream literary critics.
In this volume Brin reintroduces us to the remainder of the Streaker crew who fled Kithrup in Startide Rising (book 2) while continuing to develop the characters of the sooner races on Jijo. And he demonstrates what makes a Jophur of a Traeki. I can say no more without giving away plot elements. Read it!
Important note for buyers: I loved this book, but if you're interested in this book, do not buy the Kindle edition.

I bought most of the Uplift series in Kindle editions: Heaven's Reach, Brightness Reef, Infinity's Shore, Sundiver, and Startide Rising. I was extremely disappointed by the quality of these ebooks. Words were frequently mis-spelled or replaced with similar-looking but incorrect words; words and whole passages were arbitrarily italicized; many words were split with hyphens for no reason. It was confusing, distracting, and eventually irritating. I got the strong impression that all these books had been run rapidly through an OCR system and never checked for correctness or quality. For a publishing company of Ballantine's size and reputation this is ridiculous.

If Ballantine are going to sell ebooks, they should do it properly, and give them the same care and attention they would to physical books. There's no excuse for releasing shoddy digital products.
Jijo as the USA and the innovators showing older so called societies what can be done when normal responses are not used to solve unique problems. Jijo as an arc of survival for intelligent beings. Science fiction at its finest!
This is Book #2 of a trilogy. The first was Brightness Reef, which I thoroughly enjoyed. In Infinity's Shore I didn't feel the characters' personalities were explored as deeply as the first book, there was too much destruction going on instead of consruction, and the ending is a real cliffhanger, leaving me with the feeling that it was written only so the next book will be purchased, and not as a story which can stand on its own. I have enjoyed all the other books I have read by David Brin and hope the next one in the trilogy will not be as disappointing.
I really enjoy David Brin's uplift series. Reading it from start to finish a second time.