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by Peter David

With his Spider-Man alter-ego finally being accepted by the public, Peter Parker is finally beginning to find a balance between his college studies, work as a Daily Bugle photographer, romance with Mary Jane "M.J." Watson, and crime-fighting duties, until a mysterious dark force begins to affect him and threatens to destroy everything and everyone he cares about. Original. (A Marvel/Columbia Pictures film, written by Alvin Sargent, directed by Sam Raimi, releasing May 2007, starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, and others) (Science Fiction)
Download Spider-Man 3: A Novelization epub
ISBN: 1416527214
ISBN13: 978-1416527213
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Peter David
Language: English
Publisher: Pocket Star; April 2007 edition (March 2007)
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Rating: 4.6
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This novel (unlike the movie) is awesome in every way! Many questions and plot holes from the film are answered in this novel. There are a few things that still seem off plot/character wise, but the author did a great job of covering things up or explaining away things in a believable way. Well... as believable as it can be for a story about a man with spider powers who becomes possessed/obsessed with more power granted to him by an alien as he seeks revenge on a man who can turn into sand and battles the son of an archenemy. *phew*

I greatly enjoyed the read here, as I did with the other two novelizations for Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2. The author, Peter David, is a long-time writer for Marvel comics and all the novels are full of easter eggs and references for hard-core fans and good-natured humor for all fans. I very much appreciated his novelization of Spider-Man 3 and it helped me smooth over those ruffled feathers I got from seeing the movie. Even if you didn't care for the movie, I recommend this book! (It's a quick read too!)
I'm a newbie Spiderman fan, but I can honestly say that ever since I saw the first Spiderman movie I've been hooked. The sequal actually topped the first one which suprised me and kept me rooting for a third film. After seeing the movie at the cinema I was going nuts trying to find different ways to wait for the movie to come out on DVD. I then remembered that every major motion picture usually has a novel attached to it. Happily I found Spiderman 3: the novel based off the movie. This had to be one of the best finds on Amazon I'd come across, I couldn't put the book down (it was very hard to tear away from it for class). I read it in a matter of weeks but kept going back to read over the chapters, needless to say the book held my interest and still holds it. I think I'll give it another read after I'm done reading my English homework.

PS: I recommend this to any Spidy fan who liked the film, although even if you didn't like the movie perhaps the book would be satisfying enough to your Spidersenses.
I've been a Spidey fan since I was old enough to understand comic books (here's a hint: I'm over the age of 40), and my fondest day as a Spider-Fan was to see the original SPIDER-MAN movie released in 2002. SM2, two years later, was the first sequel I'd ever seen that was better than the original, and I really thought the original would be difficult to top.

Now, I'm pretty sure that SM2 is going to be topped, if this novelization is any indication.

I am usually skeptical about the accuracy of novelizations: They're normally written while the movie is still in production, from a script that is probably not in its final stages, and thus a lot of things described in the book may never materialize on screen. This was especially problematic in Peter David's novelization of SPIDER-MAN, and slightly less problematic in the novelization of SM2. That said, take this to the bank: If SPIDER-MAN 3 the movie is HALF as exciting as SPIDER-MAN 3 the novelization, SPIDER-MAN 3 the movie is going to rock hard, because SPIDER-MAN 3 the novelization is very well done.

I read the novelization in about 3 hours the day I got it, but later went back and reread certain parts. I'm very glad I did that, because Peter David has a way of detailing certain scenes (such as characters interacting with Harry Osborn when Harry is hallucinating seeing his dead father) that end up being two segments dealing with the exact same scene (for example, one scene has Peter trying to get Harry to talk to him as Harry is sitting in his limo, but Harry merely stares at Peter before yelling at him; the second set of paragraphs following is the same incident from Harry's PoV, with him turning to talk to Peter and seeing Norman's face reflected in the limo's windows and hearing Norman's voice telling him to ignore Peter, at which point Harry starts yelling in rage at the insanity around himself). A re-read helped clear up some of the confusion I had at thinking things were just being repeated for the sake of repetition.

SPOILERS ABOUND IN THE NOVELIZATION; but if you don't mind being spoiled, pick up a copy of the novelization and get in on the excitement of the build-up to SPIDER-MAN 3.
Im torn....really torn.....I love Spidey...always have. This story really deserves about another 300 pages to flesh out all of the hundreds of characters Raimi decided to cram into this one. Youve all these storylines converging in every which way throughout and youre going...."How is this thing going to come together right in all of this mishmash?" In the end I think the film will be successful, and it is a good story. It just seems rather chaotic; struggling to find a cohesive whole. The whole venom thing was a tack on and pointless to the story. Absolutely pointless. I could go on and on. Anyway, it will make its cash and it will be a great summer film. I just wish Raimi would have split this thing up into 2 films; thats all.
As I have seen Peter David mention in writing online, the problem with doing novelisations is that if the source material is very stinky, then there isn't too much you can do about it.

While this story isn't as bad as one of the Swamp Thing movies, it isn't too flash, either, descending more towards some of the later Batman movies than the earlier examples of those, or Spider-Man itself.

Throwing in multiple villains gives not much time to any of them, particularly when large chunks of this story are taken up with overly mawkish and extended scenes with angsty drama queens (literally), and well-meaning aunts, making the third Spider-Man book somewhat duller than the others, and certainly not as interesting as some of the novels David has managed.

It certainly doesn't help from the start when, let alone having a prologue, it is several pages, all in italics! Recipe for making my eyes glaze over, that.

Some of the book is nifty - the Sandman origin scene, and the bit with Curt Connors are more interesting in the prose version.

On the whole though, this is basically ordinary.