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by John Twelve Hawks

A world that exists in the shadows of our own.A conflict we will never see.One woman stands between those determined to control history and those who will risk their lives for freedom.Maya is hiding in plain sight in London. The twenty-six-year-old has abandoned the dangerous obligations pressed upon her by her father, and chosen instead to live a normal life. But Maya comes from a long line of people who call themselves Harlequins—a fierce group of warriors willing to sacrifice their lives to protect a select few known as Travelers.Gabriel and Michael Corrigan are brothers living in Los Angeles. Since childhood, the young men have been shaped by stories that their late father was a Traveler, one of a small band of prophets who have vastly influenced the course of history. Travelers are able to attain pure enlightenment, and have for centuries ushered change into the world. Gabriel and Michael, who may have inherited their father’s gifts, have always protected themselves by living “off the Grid”—that is, invisible to the real-life surveillance networks that monitor people in our modern society.Summoned by her ailing father, Maya is told of the existence of the brothers. The Corrigans are in severe danger, stalked by powerful men known as the Tabula—ruthless mercenaries who have hunted Travelers for generations. This group is determined to inflict order on the world by controlling it, and they view Travelers as an intolerable threat. As Maya races to California to protect the brothers, she is reluctantly pulled back into the cold and solitary Harlequin existence. A colossal battle looms—one that will reveal not only the identities of Gabriel and Michael Corrigan but also a secret history of our time.Moving from the back alleys of Prague to the heart of Los Angeles, from the high deserts of Arizona to a guarded research facility in New York, The Traveler explores a parallel world that exists alongside our own. John Twelve Hawks’s stunningly suspenseful debut is an international publishing sensation that marks the arrival of a major new talent.From the Hardcover edition.
Download The Traveller (Fourth Realm Trilogy 1) epub
ISBN: 0552152692
ISBN13: 978-0552152693
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: John Twelve Hawks
Language: English
Publisher: Corgi Adult; New Ed edition (2006)
Pages: 608 pages
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Rating: 4.6
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Could not put this book down! The reality of the "vast machine" written by the author in 2005 is is coming to pass quicker than we know. The traveler and the harlequin are unforgettable characters, as are the others in this 1st book of the Fourth Realm Trilogy. Upon finishing Book 1, I immediately got Book 2 and finished it over the weekend. Now onto Book 3 and the conclusion.
This is a must read for those who enjoy fantasy, spirituality and realism all mixed into an exciting adventure.
Reads more like a good thriller by Ludlum than a science fiction, but it qualifies as sf by having the main crux of the plot being a group of rare individuals who can step outside of time to what's called the Fourth Realm and see the big picture. They then can come back and guide mankind to a better life. Sounds great...except the individuals, these Travellers, tend to disrupt the status quo...and the powerful elite want them stopped.

At the time of our story, there are very few travellers left, perhaps none. And the last handful of Harlequins, the people sworn to protect Travelers, are on the defensive, fighting against pervasive recognition software and instant communications in order to keep their and their charges' anonymity.

And now, with one last Traveler free of their enemies' clutches, the last Harlequin has to protect her charge or the world will be enslaved forever.I liked this book a lot. Tight writing, interesting characters, lots of tension and danger and violence--not to mention some pretty good description of how you ride a motorcycle, which is something I'd yet to see written well. But this is a science fiction tale, and doesn't read like one. It reads like Travanian or Ludlum. Which isn't a bad thing, but it's different than what I've read in teh sf genre in recent years. Refreshing, actually.

But I can see that some others have trouble with this perhaps if you were looking for science fiction you might be disappointed, as this is 99% thriller. I liked it, and I'm starting book 2 in the series.
This book was so fascinating that I immediately ordered books 2 and 3 in the series. The author has seamlessly balanced fantasy/myth and real science. His world is a terrifying place, not unlike Orwell's 1984, but totally believable. The Traveler was written 13 years ago and the intervening years have brought us much closer to the frightening world he envisaged. The science is spot on.
I have had this book since it came out, and it literally 'fell off the grid' of my books to read - found it and started reading and could not stop. Deals with a 'futuristic' society where most things and people are monitored and controlled in the fashion of The Brethren. Among the legends of individualism, freedom of thoughts and radical changes for the better, there existed the Travelers - groups of elite souls who can 'astrally project' themselves into different realms and bring back wisdom and enlightment to share - naturally the bad guys don't want that, and had thought the Travelers were killed off - not so - there are brothers in America whose father was a Traveler and they may have inherited the ability - Travelers are protected by Harlequins, super bodyguards, who would give their lives so the enlighted can go forth into the darkness and shine.

A lot has been said about John Twelve Hawks, and the extremes of this society he writes about. I have not gotten his words about the justification of the world he writes about, but I was thinking about it when I was at a stoplight, and the cameras were taking photos of the cars and its occupants. Or the mall, where cameras track you both in and out of stores. Or online stores that greet you by name when you come onto their site...

very interesting.

I am not paranoid. I am not paranoid. I am not paranoid...

But it does make you think if this info were abused by the bad guys.

The Travelers (brothers') journeys are black and white, or shades of grey for Michael who justifies what he does?

I look forward to the next installment of this series -

Well written. Thoughtful. Great characters.

Invest in this one - Amazon even has this one as a bargain book.
the premise is very good - owes a little to the Matrix, no doubt but still different enough to be interesting and give one pause. the execution, though - as others have noted, we are repeatedly told of the evils of a loss of privacy, how we are always being watched, ad nauseam. maybe the author should've concentrated more on developing the characters intead. The only reason i'm willing to cut the author some slack here is because this is purportedly the first of a trilogy and therefore, the author might've wanted to get the world definitions out of the way before developing the chars more in the next novels. At least , that is the hope.

I would've liked more development of some important characters and some less incredulous reasoning abt the Brethren - if they've been aorund since the beginning of recorded history, that means the same set of people have always been pulling the strings. Which isn't true at all. Power has shifted to various groups over the centuries - unless the Brethren have faced internal revolts and civil strife of their own, i don't see how the Bretheren have been manipulating history throughout.

These are all quibbles, though, and not really complaints :D - lets hope the remaining books of the series give us better characterisations and dialogue instead of more propaganda about how we are always being watched.
I really enjoyed this book.