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by Andrew M. Greeley

"Blackwood, there's trouble in the old neighborhood! Murder in the sanctuary of the Church!"The church in question is St. Lucy's, a humble edifice at the heart of a venerable Chicago neighborhood now suffering the throes of gentrification. St. Lucy's has long stood as a bulwark against evil and change, which some in the community have often seen as much the same thing.Now three dead bodies have been left in the sanctuary, stripped, mutilated, and shot through the head, execution-style. A warning to those who would remake the neighborhood---or to St. Lucy's charismatic monsignor, who has made a few enemies of his own?Dispatched by his cardinal to investigate, Bishop "Blackie" Ryan fears that the atrocious murders are only the beginning of a campaign of terror directed at this particular church. But to solve the mystery, and to banish the evil gathering over the community, Blackie will need an unexpected assist from his own long-dead father, as well as the help of Declan O'Donnell, a savvy young cop with a touch of the second sight, and of Camilla Datilo, a radiant assistant state's attorney of Sicilian origins.The Bishop in the Old Neighborhood is another charming and compelling page-turner by bestselling author Andrew M. Greeley.
Download The Bishop in the Old Neighborhood: A Bishop Blackie Ryan Novel epub
ISBN: 0765303345
ISBN13: 978-0765303349
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Andrew M. Greeley
Language: English
Publisher: Forge Books; 1st edition (November 1, 2005)
Pages: 304 pages
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Rating: 4.5
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furious ox
Father Mikal Wolodyjowski walks into his church, St. Lucy's, and discovers three dead bodies in the sanctuary. The church, which had a state of the art security system, had been locked before Father Mikal entered. Auxiliary Bishop John Blackwood Ryan, who prefers to be called "Blackie", is assigned by Cardinal Sean Cronin to re-consecrate the church and solve the crimes.

Blackie, at the beginning realizes that he must ponder how someone, without tripping the security system, could murder three people in the church? He must also consider why anyone would desecrate the church. Was it a message for the church, its pastor, or the community? Was the crime committed by local gangs to secure their turf; by drug lords who may have wanted the church out of their affairs; by minority activists who plotted to integrate the area; or local contractors, who wished to profit by manipulating the development of the neighborhood?

Andrew Greeley develops several minor themes in this novel. He expounds on urban renewal and illustrates problems with "blockbusters" and "gentrification". He wonders what happens to the poor when upper class buyers flock to newly planned suburbs that are easily accessed by the mass transportation system. Greeley presents details on advanced security systems which can provide protection by companies remote from the site being monitored. He discusses the impact of "hackers" and considers alternatives for computer "experts" who try to protect the systems.

As is typical in Blackie stories, the Bishop interacts with a couple who are courting. Declan O'Donald, a police sergeant who is also a lawyer and has earned a Ph.D. in psychology, is attracted to Camilla Datillo, an assistant states attorney for the county of Cook. As is his habit, Blackie becomes involved with the lovers and fosters their romance.

Andrew Greeley shares some Christian wisdom in this novel. He considers forgiveness when Father Mikal asks his parishioners to prepare to forgive those who stained their church. When confronted with alleged contact with ghosts, he posits the likelihood of natural suspicion of people involved in horrible events, and even suggests the possibility of ESP.

The Bishop in the Old Neighborhood is an excellent novel. The mystery is interesting and well resolved. The love story introduces us to two fascinating characters. I recommend you read the book.
Lost Python
As always, Bishop Blackie keeps you entertained & guessing. With his grew of helpers, his endearing personality & the elevator doors, which keep opening & closing, until the end, when they finally stay open long enough for him to see the solution to the mystery!
Andrew Greeley will remain one of my all-time favorite authors. His insights into life and the changing world around us are amazing. Although this book was published nine years ago, the story is still happening today and probably always will until the earth is no more. A good read with delightful characters.
When the book arrived (sooner than expected), I thumbed through the pages looking for pencil marks or similar disfigurations. There were none. The book was in excellent condition with no odor from having been on a shelf for a long period of time. Well worth the price.
These are such fun for me...either my old Chicago haunts (hometown) or late life lakeside where I now live, the bishop visits. Also new insights into all things RC. Well-written, often more humor than dark mystery. Great between non-fiction reading I often do.
Longitude Temporary
Not as much fun as earlier books; but easy read while traveling or lounging around the pool or on the beach.
I love this character & the simple but important that Fr. Greeley teaches w/ humor & love. He will be missed.
Fr. Greeley's books are always a great mystery.