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by James Reasoner

At the end of the brutal Civil War, be came home to find his life shattered-and his children missing.

Ater two grueling years in a Yankee prison camp, Evan Littleton makes his way home to Texas only to find his loving wife dead, his farm taken over by Yankee carpetbaggers, and his six children scattered to the winds. He is determined to find his children, but with no money, no horse, and winter approaching, the odds against him are high. And worse, outlaws, state police, and Indians are tracking him like prey. Littleton must summon a strength that got buried in the war, or lose all that he holds dear in the world.

Download The Hunted epub
ISBN: 0061011452
ISBN13: 978-0061011450
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: James Reasoner
Language: English
Publisher: HarperTorch (April 16, 1997)
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Rating: 4.9
Votes: 672
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A few months ago, I bought and read James Reasoner's long-lost, but recently e-published novel Diamondback. I will review that book here shortly, but suffice to say that it was good enough and piqued my interest enough in Reasoner's work that I went out and bought his 1997 novel The Hunted for the Kindle. It was actually the first book I read on my new Kindle, and I will say that it was a pleasure to read.

The Hunted follows the adventures of Evan Littleton, a Confederate soldier who has spent two years in a Yankee prison camp until the end of the Civil War, at which point he is turned loose and walks all the way back to his home in Texas. Or what used to be his home - he discovers that a lot has changed in the four years since he has been gone, and now Evan must range across much of West Texas in order to find his children and bring them together again.

Trouble seems to rear its head wherever Evan goes, and the former soldier finds himself pitted against the Texas State Police, squatting carpetbaggers, outlaws and bandits, marauding Indians, Mexican renegades - a whole rogue's gallery of ne'er do wells and scoundrels. At the same time, however, Evan also meets and befriends a number of honest, compassionate people who help him in his quest. The story shows you the best and the worst of human nature and how Evan handles both extremes is both entertaining and heart-warming.

So if you're looking for a fast, fun, easy read, and you've been intrigued by the western genre but haven't yet dipped your toe, give The Hunted a try.
My first Reasoner book...I will read more!
Making his way home after being released from a Yankee prison in Atlanta, Evan Littleton walks across Alabama, Mississippi & Louisiana to reach his home in Texas after the end of the Civil War. At a ferry crossing he discovers that old Jonas Russell has a young boy living with him & that young boy is his youngest son, Fulton. The boy was left with Jonas by another man who had taken him in after Evan's wife, Lynette died. All of his other children were taken in by different families & after leaving Fulton in the safe keeping of Jonas promising to return for him, Evan begins a journey that will even lead him into Mexico as he completes a vow to find each of his children.
What a wonderful story proving a father's love cannot be diminished by all the obstacles thrown in his path as he diligently searches for each of his children. Fantastic book I would recommend to all western fans.
This is an absolutely fantastic story to read. The story starts with the main character in the process of walking from Atlanta, Georgia to his home in Texas as he was in a Yankee POW camp for two years. When he arrives he finds that his wife and oldest have died, his children are scattered across Texas, And his home has been sold for the "back taxes". At that point he decides that he is going to find the rest of his kids and reunite his family. That's when he starts having all sorts of problems. Just about when you think you have something figured out, the story goes in a different direction. I could go on and on about this story but it's best you read it yourself. One last thought, did you notice all the "five" ratings in the reviews?
Publisher's description - After the war, a lone Confederate soldier and onetime gunslinger emerges from a Yankee prison camp and faces a harsh frontier winter, outlaws, state police, and Indians in a quest to find his six children.

Interesting enough - the gunslinger thing is only mentioned a couple of times in the book - it's actually never put on display - he mentions that he's actually ashamed being labeled as one.

But this is really a good story. Well written. The character is well fleshed-out, and is quite plausible - for the most part. He's quite lucky, but I will forgive that part of it. I wasn't left shaking my head at anything. It was quite the read. I hated putting my kindle down. There were real good guys (and gals), and some bad people.

A compelling, exciting, and adventurous story. I can certainly imagine the many horrid stories of Confederate soldiers who were dispatched to the ruinous countryside of the once proud South. Evan Littleton, demonstrated a remarkable resolve to reunite his family strewn across the wilds of southwest Texas. This a great read for all western fans. So, "Giddy Up."
While some may think this book is a bit far-fetched, it is a beautiful story about a father's love for his children. Taking place right after the Civil War ended, I think a lot of what was described was very believeable. James Reasoner does a wonderful job of taking us back to a time when people had to fight to keep their family together, and realized the value of unconditional love.
A clenching story of a Texan who returns from the civil war and works at gathering the remains of his family back together. The trials and tribulations that he goes through would make most men quit, but his perseverance is beginning to pay off. A great ending. Enjoy your ride.
Very good story! I felt so sorry for Evan, looking for his children and them scattered all over the place. Wished there was a sequel. I highly recommend this book!