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by Cupid R. Poe,Kathi Macias

Emma Jean Cooper, nicknamed "Emma Jean Two" by her father, was born in 1966, in the small town of Crooked River, Arkansas, where poverty and prejudice were rampant. Emma Jean grew up with plenty of both, to the extent that her father was active in the Ku Klux Klan and exposed his daughter at an early age to the group's clandestine activities. Her mother, who had been raised in a dysfunctional, abusive situation, was unable to cope with the death of her first daughter, also named Emma Jean, and so transferred that daughter's identity to Emma Jean Two, claiming she was the reincarnation of her dead sister. Emma Jean's childhood was so traumatic and she experienced such extreme parental abuse and rejection that she spent much of her time daydreaming of a better life somewhere-anywhere-away from her family. Ironically it is an African-American classmate named Sadie Garret, a preacher's daughter, who finally gives eighteen-year-old Emma Jean Cooper, daughter of an active Ku Klux Klan member, the courage she needs to escape her racist, abusive environment. Literally running for her life, Emma Jean hitchhikes to California in search of something better than the destructive existence she has so far endured. The experiences of the next few years are beyond anything Emma Jean could ever have imagined, and ultimately serve only to turn her back toward home to confront the evil she thought she had escaped.Back in Crooked River, Emma Jean takes refuge with her former classmate Sadie and, eventually, in an African-American church, where she begins to learn the secret to overcoming her past and establishing her own identity for a positive future.Though loosely based on a compilation of true accounts, Emma Jean Reborn is purely a work of fiction.
Download Emma Jean Reborn epub
ISBN: 142084816X
ISBN13: 978-1420848168
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Cupid R. Poe,Kathi Macias
Language: English
Publisher: AuthorHouse (June 21, 2005)
Pages: 240 pages
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Rating: 4.4
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To peer into darkness that I've never experienced is to bring my mind into the realm of nightmares. But to see that there is Redemption, that God's gift of forgiveness brings light to all who search for it, brings hope and relief. I couldn't put this one down for long. I took a two day vacay and read the whole thing. Could have read it faster, but, well, after-all, I HAD to cook, eat and sleep!
How could one young woman suffer so many tragedies and still survive?. What would her life be like? You'll have to check it out to figure it out.
Emma Jean was born to an overly oppressive Mother and an abusive, alcoholic Father. She is taught from a young age to be quiet and endure the hardships until one day an unlikely person opens her eyes. She escapes and is introduced to God. She is told that He has a plan for her life and it is good. However, never having been taught how to form a normal healthy relationship, Emma Jean, despite having met guardian angels along her path, soon finds herself in another situation from which she must escape. She begins to question whether God is really leading her. Her beliefs are really tested when she feels God calling her back to the town where it all began. However, once there, she is embraced by a congregation of people with whom her Daddy would have beat her for talking to and a purpose for her life which she knows that God is leading her.

Kathi Macias writes books from the heart. She bases the books on research and her own relationship with God. Her books describe situations in a vivid and real depiction. I love her books!! I spend many nights staying up late just to finish. This is an author that you DO NOT want to miss.
This story captivated me from page one. Gut-wrenching and powerful, I found it very much worth reading. I worked for Child Protective Services for 15 years and believe me, there wasn't anything I hadn't seen during that time. Emma Jean's story is just as tragic, however, it provides insight like few other novels do. Many women are suffering in dysfunctional relationships, one after the other, and haven't a clue why they repeat the same pattern. This novel helps explain some of that. People often say, "I don't understand why she keeps marrying men that abuse her." This story also answers that question. Most importantly, this novel shows healing can occur in even the most damaged heart. Emma Jean had every reason in the world to hate God and everything He represented, yet the hole in her heart that we all possess still steered her toward God, and she wanted so much to believe in Him. She just couldn't trust, and who could blame her for being skittish? What had happened to Emma Jean was worse than what Dave Peltzer suffered in his biography "A Child Called It." The most impressive aspect of this story-to me-was that the abuse cited happened to an actual person as described. Unfortunately, true life is often much more disturbing than we'd like to think, but if as Christians we reach out to the hurting around us, like the African-American church did for Emma Jean, we can make an impact on people who need Christ. In my opinion, this novel is the perfect outreach tool to minister to abused women searching for hope and healing. This novel was very well-written. I commend the authors for being brave enough to write such an emotionally intense book, and I hope this story really takes off.
I approach the writing of this review with unwanted credentials: that of a survivor of abuse. However, it is those very credentials that give me the authority to wholeheartedly recommend this book for those who'd like to:

- understand the face of abuse, or

- move forward from the road called Abuse.

It goes without saying; it was not an easy read for me, not because of poor workmanship, irrelevant content or shoddy grammar. No, it was excellent in all those aspects. Being a bit of an ostrich I delayed and stalled reading the book because I was simply unwilling to "go there" again.

I can now say that it's the best book I never-wanted-to-read because at the end of the day I applauded Emma Jean's courage and unfailing spirit, even as I cried when she cried and triumphed when she did and was encouraged to give moving forward a chance, as she also did. She overcame so much to reach a state of peace: that of her family's financial situation, their bigoted beliefs, their dysfunction, their rejection of who she was as a person, her life threatening situations...

Even though the book encompasses subject matter that is uncomfortable reading for most, the authors pull it off with a mix of sensitivity, spirituality and practicality that:

- Empathizes

- Motivates

- Moves

- Advocates

- Justifies

- Encourages

- Authenticates

- Nullifies

- Resuscitates

- Educates

- Believes

- Opposes

- Rejuvenates

- Nurtures

But most of all it is a clear-cut roadmap directing abuse survivors towards the healing road called Forgiveness. I have heard it said that "forgiveness is a gift you give yourself," and I wholeheartedly agree.

I recommend this title for:

- those wrapped so tightly in their anger they're blinded by it to all the goodness around them,

- those so mired in memory of the hurt, they can't live in the here and now,

- those so walled into a pattern of behavior that they're afraid to come out of their comfort zone because although painful, it's all they know,

- those who blame God for allowing their situation; and

- those who desire the encouragement needed to transition from victim to victor


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