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by Thomas Brookside

A monster is approaching the Bronze Age city of Yarich. It cannot be stopped. It cannot be turned aside. And the monster is...God Himself. The Canaanite city of Yarich is home to a society that is literate, cosmopolitan - and doomed. Sakal, caravan-master to the Melek or king of the city-state, recounts the tale of the increasingly desperate battle for survival waged by his urban culture against fanatical outsiders - nomads from the desert wielding a terrible supernatural power. Half Deuteronomy, half Gojira, Brookside's story examines the horror that arises from the knowledge of inexorable fate, and explores the moral ambiguity at the heart of the Old Testament tales that help make up the foundation of western civilization.
Download The Last Days of Jericho epub
ISBN: 1452878420
ISBN13: 978-1452878423
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Thomas Brookside
Language: English
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 26, 2010)
Pages: 162 pages
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Rating: 4.7
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`The Last Days of Jericho' is a fantasy novel set in biblical Palestine and tells the story of the conquest of the holy land from the perspective of the conquered. Thomas Brookside has done his research and states where and why he deviates from the actual events, as far as they are known, in an informative afterword.

I liked the premise and despite the known outcome the story holds your attention until the end. Where the book fell flat for me was in the depiction of the actual acts of god. These to me had a comic book quality a la Indiana Jones to them that I found ill-fitting to the tragedy of a culture putting up a defiant struggle against inevitable doom.

The depiction of the life in bronze-age Levant on the other hand is spot on and Brookside creates characters whose fate you care for.

Overall a good read the fantasy part of which didn't quite work for me. I will check out other works by the author.
I actually read this twice in a row. It is one of those stories that just seems to stick with you. It's either a long short story or a short choose. And I wouldn't exactly know how to categorize this story either. Not horror, not 'monster', and not science fiction. Just different and unique! Quite well written, this story doesn't have any 'ah ha' moments or any shocking episodes, it just draws you into a period when the world was a very different place. The main character isn't so much the hero of the story, but is more a narrator of a battle between his ancient city and an unknown, unseen enemy. An enemy that is all powerful and unstoppable. Do yourself a favor and give this book a try and you can thank me later!
"Jericho" is a whiplash-paced gem. At just 162 dead-tree pages, a thorough review could embarrass a lesser book, but sophomore author Thomas Brookside's pricing delivers at about a third of the cost per-page of the legacy authors. Buy, borrow, or download this book. You will not be better entertained in the necessary timeframe, or for a better price.

Overall, the svelte story is its own biggest enemy. Brookside's likable characters cry out for subplots -- most notably smirky Bensakal, ethereal Nahara, and the condescending Egyptian contingent -- and more than one passage hints at a whole world of intrigue (political, romantic, and otherwise) just beyond the narrator's perception. As deft as Brookside is at realistic dialogue and characters that act like human beings, I would have enjoyed seeing more of those stories play out. "Jericho" positively shines, however, as a supernatural historical thriller. Despite the frenetic pace, Brookside manages to draw the reader fully into a dense setting steeped in recognizable Biblical history, with a brilliantly enjoyable twist of perspective.

An author -- especially a self-published author -- can do a lot worse than to edit his work too well. And a reader can do much worse than to be left wishing there was more to read.
It should be stated first of all, that although I am not a Christian, I have a longstanding fascination with the so-called history of the Old Testament. In fact, the first question that ever caused me to examine my religion of birth was how a God of Love could command his servants to directly commit genocide by their own swords, down to every last child and animal, when He (biblically-speaking) had the power to exterminate by supernatural means, thus psychologically sparing his followers?

This portrayal of the events in Joshua speaks to that speculation. The habiru are not passive participants in El's genocidal campaign, and Brookside doesn't shy away from portraying what extermination by the sword and the ax would really entail. (Thankfully, he doesn't indulge in gratuitous gruesomeness, simply the necessary depictions.) The confusion of the inhabitants and warriors of Yarich are well-drawn, but I appreciated the realism of these people not being completely innocent in their practices - the scene with the priest of Molech comes to mind as a good example of bronze-age barbarism and superstition.

All in all, an engrossing and fast-paced read.
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good read some very thougght have been .thoughtful things to imagine might have been just fun for the mind.
This book has a large emotional impact, good flow and good pace. I would have enjoyed it just as much if it were longer, but I didn't mind that it is fairly short. I thoroughly appreciated the easter eggs, and the way of skewering perspective while attempting to maintain some semblance of the original story. It's engrossing to see what the people of Jericho think of the "righteous, conquering army" that comes their way. I highly recommend it.
I can't say enough about this book! I am not religious and had to read up on the battle of jericho. The book really brought the terror to life!

I am glad that it wasn't longer, books don't have to be long to be good. Pillars of the earth could have been a lot shorter, and this book kind of reminded me of it in the writing style.

Once the action started it was hard to put down. It's hard not to think about it and talk about it, the feeling of hopelessness and terror is still with me!
I gave 4 out of 5 stars due to the need for further proofreading for typos. The story itself is a solid 5. I liked this book, and the story is unique and creative. I would recommend it highly.