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by Morgan Llywelyn

In the sequel to Lion of Ireland, Donough, Brian Boru's young son, copes with grief over his father's death, a first military command, his treacherous mother, passion for a beautiful pagan, and his struggle for acceptance as High King of Ireland. 125,000 first printing. $125,000 ad/promo.
Download Pride of Lions epub
ISBN: 0312857004
ISBN13: 978-0312857004
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Morgan Llywelyn
Language: English
Publisher: Forge; 1st edition (March 1, 1996)
Pages: 351 pages
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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 545
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Not as good as the Lion of Ireland. All the characters were repeats from the first book, so were lacking in development; you would need to already know them to make this book understandable. It's really a sequel to Lion of Ireland, and if you have not read that book, don't bother reading this one until you do. Lion of Ireland is a five star book, almost alive in its promise and passion for the people of Ireland in that era. Pride of Lions falls short with the main character, Donough (Boru's young son), who is not nearly as interesting as his father. I have read most of Llywelyn's books, and I would rank this one near the bottom. But I will say that my heart was saddened when Gormlaith died. On the bright side, if you are interested in Irish history, as I am, it is worth reading.
Scoreboard Bleeding
Celts and Druids have lately become a passion of mine,it's been a couple years I have kept informed and researches on the subjects...
Morgan Llywelyn has satisfied all my craving for knowledge in the few books she devoted on the subject matter, her legacy if you will.
Culture and pride have been depicted in a glorious way (sometimes gory way), I took them in stride because humans are humans after all, with all their dark and light sides.
I will recommend Morgan Llywelyn's books to all those who want History at its best portrayed...
Under "Culture" I mean all the daily life events, spiritual beliefs in Creation, architecture, hygiene, medecine and health, politics, food and drinks, social positioning of women and men, traditions, tales and magic, hunting, warring, loving, living and dying. And after life...
Pride of Lions, by Morgan Llywelyn, is the sequel to Lion of Ireland, a fictional account of Brian Boru, High King of Ireland. Pride of Lions follows the children of Brian Boru as they struggle in the political and social chaos of Ireland after the Battle of Clontarf, which resulted in a victory of the Irish over Vikings but loss of Brian Boru and his heir. The story is from the point of view of Brian's youngest son Donnchad or Donough as he prefers to be called. Donnchad is the son of Brian and his 2nd wife Gormlaith.

Donough has struggles to learn politics as he tries to emulate his father in every way. He fights many fronts socially in his family as he is torn between supporting his one remaining half brother Teague, who is older and claims the Kingship of Munster. He is also driven by his Mother who is ever working her political schemes for gain and revenge. He finds love in a Druid woman yet struggles to make a marriage and political alliances through his sisters' husbands who includes the King of Dublin and King of Scots. His wife is tied with the Saxon and Dane families in England, and helps Brian lay a foundation for his ultimate goal of claiming his father's title of High King of Ireland.

He is frustrated and young and seems to struggle on every front. At times while reading this book I felt the same feelings. It is definitely a different story than Pride of Lions. I didn't like the path the book was taking and yet was saved in the final chapters. The ending wonderful and I truly loved Donough's final choices. He proves that one can be successful by not repeating history. Donough showed he can live up to his father's fame and learn from his mistakes. I love the path Morgan Llywelyn took and the message sent. Pride of Lions is a lesson in life, achievement and self-worth as well as a great book and wild ride.
To be read only as a sequel to 'Lion of Ireland' in order that a quality background be established, this book was entertaining, informative, thought -provoking and captivating. Morgan Llywelyn is extremely knowledgeable on Irish history and a relentless researcher. Written from a wealth of resources and her own creativity, this book, as did 'Lion of Ireland' provides a clear yet entertaining picture of the lives of Brian Boru's sons, especially his youngest, Donough. Highly recommended but, again, read 'Lion of Ireland' first.
What else do you need to make dry facts come alive? A great story makes the history stick with you.
Love Morgan LLywellyn
To be fair, I have not yet read this book , personally. I just got it back from my son who read it in 3 days. He raved about it and said it is as good, if not better, than Lion if Ireland. He shares my love of books, especially Celtic historical novels. If he says it's good, then it deserves the stars. I plan to start it tomorrow.
The son of Brian Boru learns a lesson and chooses a different path than his father. Great lessons about what was happening in England and Scotland at the time as well, and how Ireland fell apart after Brian Boru. Also, insight into church politics and it's face-off with paganism.