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Download These Is My Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901 epub

by Nancy E. Turner

In a novel based on the author's ancestress, Sarah Prine, a child of the westward expansion, records her dreams, marriage, adventures, joys, and sorrows in her diary
Download These Is My Words: The Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine, 1881-1901 epub
ISBN: 1568956355
ISBN13: 978-1568956350
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Nancy E. Turner
Language: English
Publisher: Wheeler Pub Inc (June 1, 1999)
Pages: 555 pages
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Rating: 4.5
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This is an incredible book. I expected a "diary" to be dry but Turner brings Sarah to life in an extremely engaging manner. Obviously Turner did an incredible amount of research to be able to sprinkle in all the details relevant to Sarah's days on the wagon train, and then her life in Arizona Territory. The USA TODAY blurb on the cover, "Jack and Sarah are as delicious a couple as Rhett and Scarlet" says it all. I have already sent e-mails to book club friends recommending this book. We had already read Turner's book, My Name is Resolute, and loved it so much we decided that perhaps "Sarah" would be equally engaging. Now I've ordered more of the "Sarah" series. I love it when I find a new-to-me author who has such a sure hand and such engaging characters.
from earth
This is a revetting personal history told in the voice of a woman who lived and survived in the Arizona Territory during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is based on the life of a woman who is the great grandmother of the author. Her voice is clear and authoritative, and her humanity is real and abiding. I recommend this book, and the two sequels, Sarah's Quilt and Star Garden, to any reader who is interested in the history of the southwest.
An excellent book on the frontier life in the Arizona Terretories in the late 1800's. The author has created characters that demonstrate the grit it took to survive on the frontier at that time. It is full of humor, sorrow, joyfulness, gratitude and love. Sarah is a remarkable young lady and yet she doesn't recognize that in herself. I loved this book.
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I don't typically like diary type novels because I find them one dimensional and tiring. This novel was anything but. I love the depth of character that the author created. I found myself smiling at reactions and responses of the characters. From the onset I felt as though I was reading about real people that I would like to know. The "diary" entries were more like an interwoven story versus how most diary type novels are written. I don't typically like novels written like a diary because I quickly grow bored reading line after line of daily life presented in that form. As I approached 80% on my Kindle I purchased the second book which I started last night. I'm only a few pages into it but feel I'll love it just as much. I quickly recognized the Rhett Butler in Jack and found each segment of their lives believable, amusing, heart wrenching, or exciting. I imagine the hardships the author wrote about were realistic. I say this because I read a review that said they didn't like the book because they found the hardships unlikely. I think crossing the country on a wagon train and the process of being a settler was just as hard if not harder than the author depicted. I would give this book 10 stars if I could. I loved it and plan on reading everything this author has, or will write.
This book tells the early part of Sarah’s life and of her love affair with Jack and the days of their lives together. I enjoyed every page and felt like a neighbor learning about their family and just being a friend. I was moved by the trials and tribulations of a beautiful and hard life and enjoyed learning some of how it was living in the territories of Arizona and Texas. But most of all, I really enjoyed the great love Sarah and Jack had for one another. It is not often that a book brings me to tears, but this one managed to touch my heart. I look forward to the sequel, Sarah’s Quilt.
A tentative beginning as young Sarah decides to start her journal. She can barely read or write, but feels compelled to record the days of her life. A challenge in the beginning, the journal quickly becomes her place of refuge, a place to voice her secrets, fears, joys, and, ultimately, love. Early on the reader is drawn to this young girl who views her world in a way that is mature beyond her years. Even though her grammar skill is lacking, her words simply and beautifully take us with her on her journey. How can we not feel her suffering when she tells us "We have drank our tears for food." Nancy Turner skillfully let's us experience Sarah's growth as the journal entries become more grammatically correct, the writing and observations more sophisticated. Living with Sarah through her trials and successes, it's difficult to have to leave her when the last page is turned. She's still a fairly young woman and has much living to do in the new century. I'm hoping for sequels that will build the Prine Saga!
Loved the main character. What a voice. The love story with Jack is beautifully revealed. Spoiler alert. Jack gets the Medal of Honor? For personal reasons, I hold that award in utmost esteem. So, believing this story was "true" as described, I tried to look up Captain/Lt Jack Elliot MOH 1886. Not there. Huh.
Maybe I overlooked something. But, IMO, it wasn't necessary to include this in the story. The only justification would be if it were true. But that part seems to be fiction.
But, aside from that detail, a very enjoyable read and I really cared about the characters.
I downloaded These Is My Words after my best friend and Mom repeatedly suggested that I read it. What a wonderful story of Sarah Prine's journey....and since I live in Arizona, I was thrilled to read about some of her adventures and treks through areas I am very familiar with. I don't even care if this is a true story or not...I felt like I really was reading this young woman's journal and loved discovering how she matured along the way. Many, many wise observations as she faced tragedies, forged unexpected friendships and learned to survive. My mom was it!