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by Diana Gabaldon,P F Chisholm

In 1592, dashing courtier Sir Robert Carey took up his northern post as Warden of the West March in order to escape the complications of creditors and court life. Trouble, however, dogs his heels wherever he goes. And where he goes in autumn, after the summer's misadventures in Carlisle, is back to London upon a summons from his father.

Carey is on difficult terms with his powerful sire, Henry, Lord Hunsdon. Hunsdon, son of Anne Boleyn's elder sister, Mary -- and probably of a young King Henry VIII -- swings a lot of weight as ""cousin"" to Queen Elizabeth. But Hunsdon needs his ingenious younger son, Carey to sort out the difficulties his elder son has got himself into as an innocent party in a plot to discredit the family.

Accompanied by the shrewd Sergeant George Dodd, who's like a fish out of water as he copes with the strange Londoners, Carey tackles Catholics, treachery, and such persons known to history and students of literature as George Greene and Christopher Marlowe who are working as spies and double agents. Most arresting is a portrait of a love-sick, snivelling hanger-on named Will Shakespeare....

Download A Plague of Angels: A Sir Robert Carey Mystery epub
ISBN: 1890208434
ISBN13: 978-1890208431
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Diana Gabaldon,P F Chisholm
Language: English
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press; First US Edition edition (October 1, 2000)
Pages: 252 pages
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Rating: 4.9
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this is still a fine book, but I am really disappointed in the lack of strong female characters. In fact the last two books have gone down hill in hit matter. we are now left with men who like men. perhaps that was the day and times. but the x nun was as close to a strong lady in this book as the author comes. I am also left wondering what happened to the young girl who had recovered from he plague but was still in the plagued marked house. or what happened to the married lady that took care of the brother. perhaps then next book mentions it. but those are loose ends in this one. I didn't like this book near as much as the first one. which DID have interesting strong women. Janet is mentioned but the full effect of punching a man out (which won my heart in the first book) is only in her husbands dreams.
don't get me wrong, I love the mystery, the accurate details of the era, and yes even Carey. But its missing the first books delightful women and the way they ignore or maneuver around the men that "rule" them.
I very much enjoy this writer's work and have purchased (and read) the whole series. That's unusual for me. I usually can't read more than two books with the same characters. Of course, it's helpful if you are interested in the period and the subject. In this instance the hero is a cousin of Queen Elizabeth who has trouble controlling his finances and is off to the Scottish Borders more to avoid his creditors in London than to serve the Queen in keeping peace in the area. This book takes him back to London where he and his assistant run afoul of just about everyone. Written with wit and panache, it gave me chuckles and belly laughs. However one of the characters I liked in the other books met his end in this one. He was somewhat despicable but I really liked the character.

It's a good cold night by the fireplace read.
P.F. Chisholm has created some of the most vivid characters I have read in a long time. The mystery set in the time of Queen involves some actual historical characters and some made up characters. The mix works well. I enjoy the historical setting and the author has a firm grip on the time she writes about.
Make no mistake, the wonderful characters are what make this such a joy to read. The book goes quickly both because of the short legnth and because we want to hurry to discover the solution to the mystery. Too bad the books aren't four times as long. We would have more time to live in the world she creates.
Fast light reading and highly recommended.
Another enjoyable read featuring Sir Robert Cary and Land Sergeant Dodd.

This time the action takes place in and around London but mercifully avoiding
HRH Elizabeth I. Disappointed to see the appearance of the ubiquitous Mr Shakespeare, which seemed a little unnecessary but did the story no harm.

Again, I wouldn’t call this a mystery exactly, more a thriller/adventure, but an engrossing read. Less humour than the previous books or perhaps I missed it.

I imagine this might be more easily read as a stand-alone book, given the change of locale, than others in the series but again, I’d recommend reading in correct order.

Read for: action adventure in a Tudor setting.
Its not really a mystery so much as a travel book on 16th century Elizabethan London. It works if approached that way. The mystery part is both contrived and settled by a few backhand coincidences. Not the best in the series, but I'll buy the next so the author did her job.
I love this writer's work! If you love historical fiction, you will love it too. This installment in the series dealt with dark subject matter, but Sargent Dodd's character is developing almost more than Carey's. It is interesting how she tells the stories through Dodd's eyes. It is very effective. And his character is becoming the stalwart champion behind the flamboyant peacock of Carey, although he also is likeable enough. Dodd's bedrock of character is shining through. He is the faithful sidekick. The true hero, in my opinion. I quickly read on to the next book, which was also a book I could not put down. It too had some real surprises.
Sir Robert and Sergeant Dodd have to deal with alchemists, the plague, debtors and Shakespeare and Marlowe in this trip to London. Sir Robert's father turns out to be a much better man and loving father than Sir Robert would have us believe. But the real fun is Dodd's reaction to London.
I enjoy Chisholm's prose. She is descriptive without lengthy descriptive phrases. A creative wordsmith as well as an entertaining storyteller. Humor riding alongside murder and torture, not black comedy, more a sort of postmodern historical fiction if such a thing exists. Her characters have just the right amount of complexity and inconsistency to be believable.