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by Robert Van Gulik

The ancient Chinese detective Judge Dee returns for a fourth and final time in The Chinese Nail Murders. Though the setting is exotic and the time period ancient, Judge Dee has all the style and swagger of a modern Sherlock Holmes.

Judge Dee is appointed to the magistrate of Pei-chow—a distant frontier district in the barren north of the ancient Chinese Empire. It is here that he is faced with three strange and disturbing crimes: the theft of precious jewels, the disappearance of a girl in love, and the fiendish murder involving the nude, headless body of a woman. And even more curious, the crimes seem to be linked together by clues from a popular game of the period, the Seven Board.

First published in the 1950s, The Chinese Nail Murders includes charming illustrations and an epilogue that details the origins of each case and how the author discovered them.

Download The Chinese Nail Murders: A Judge Dee Detective Story epub
ISBN: 0060751398
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Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Robert Van Gulik
Language: English
Publisher: Harper Perennial; Reprint edition (February 15, 2005)
Pages: 256 pages
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I have all the books Robert van Gulik wrote. I love them all, but "Chinese Gold Murders" and this book I rate as best!
In all the books we do meet Judge Dee, who was a historical person, and his life and activites has inspired a lot of chinese
writers in his time (?) to write detectiv novels about him. These books are written in chinese teatre tradition as short novels, concentrating narrowly on each criminal case, on solutions, and elude characterisation of Judge Dee, his family, his helpers and the juridical system of the confutsialist chinese administration. All this was well known to the chinese readers. One of these chinese books could present up to 6-8 investigations to the reader. It was Robert van Guliks genial understanding of us westerners, that he presents us only one "detectiv story" at the time, but fills inn everything we do not know about China in judge Dee-s time. This way a criminal case swells up from short novel stile, to a novel of greater format. From each of Guliks books we get to know more and more about the Judge, his character, about his houshold, about climat, furniture, houses, religion, food, agriculture, communication, also: everthing. This is why Guliks stories make kultural and historical gems. It is nearly a Sci-Fi woorld. That is why I hearthily recommend Gullliks books to Sci-Fi-entusiasts.
The "Nail Murders" is unik and separates itself from the other books, because it is the only one, where judge Dee shows
great empaty for the suspect, and hesitates to give judgement. He understands the brutality of the low. G.A.Szilvay, [email protected]
A good mystery. The author has written his own story, but based on popular detective stories from 17th C China, in turn based on official archives from 1,000 years earlier. Both Judge Dee and the criminals are ingenious. Details in autopsies attest to the advanced state of physiology for the time. The principal character is shown in some depth, and somewhat sympathetically, but the cruelty he employs against suspects will offend today's readers.
Abandoned Electrical
I am a huge fan of Magistrate Dee, he is considered the Sherlock Holmes of ancient China. The Judge has to solve the
crime, not just judge the criminals... and he has helpers that go about town and find out information for him, fight the roughnecks, etc. and out of the
brilliant mind of Judge Dee, he finds the solution, after, he puts all the information together! Interesting thing is he
was a true personage.
Very enjoyable book
mym Ђудęm ęгσ НuK
This Chinese mystery story is one of Judge Dee's best, although I like all of his books so far. The book was fun to read. I always try to figure out who is the murderer and how it was done before finishing the book; the author is very clever, and sometimes there is a surprise ending. I am delighted these books were reprinted. I read them 50 years ago; and now that they are again available, am rereading them. I like them even better now!
Before or Borders, we used to have only the public library to get books to read. So over
40 years ago, I read 5-6 of this series and never knew there were 18 books to complete the set. So,
when a friend gave me the first book last month, I went on and was so happy to see they were are re-released - I got all 17 books. I am happily into the 5th one now. If you are a lover of mysteries - there are 3 cases to be solved in each book; if you are a lover of Chinese culture - you will love the subtle descriptions and seemingly minor hints. I've learned things I never knew before.
You will enjoy Judge Dee.
Love these books. Takes you to another world.
I have always been a great fan of Judge Dee stories. I read them over and over because not only do I like the stories but I like the glimpse into history. This is one of the best because it sheds some light on the struggle of women during the period.