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by Lori Foster

Three best friends find this is one game you might never outgrow . . . Truth Or Dare Satisfy Me Asia Michaels and her friends find themselves tantalized by a quiet new arrival in their small town—and by its possibilities. One thing leads to another as truth leads to dare, and Asia's in the arms of a man who gives her answers to all of the questions she could never ask . . . Indulge Me Shy Becky Harte has a private wild side. But she never thought she'd run into a secret crush like George Westin while buying some rather surprising items. George is more than intrigued at her purchases and would love to show the blushing Becky a thing or two. But it's George who becomes the student when Becky starts calling the shots . . . Drive Me Wild Assertive Erica Lee is used to having the upper hand in business, her love life—everything. On a dare, she boldly approaches hunky, mischievous Ian Conrad with a scandalous proposal. Ian isn't intimidated in the least by Erica—and he's been hoping for just this opportunity. Seems like Erica might have finally met a man who can keep up with her . . . Includes an excerpt from Lori's new novel, Jude's Law
Download Truth Or Dare epub
ISBN: 0821780549
ISBN13: 978-0821780541
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: Lori Foster
Language: English
Publisher: Zebra (January 1, 2006)
ePUB size: 1654 kb
FB2 size: 1353 kb
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 838
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This is a collection of 3 previously published novellas, which feature three best friends who use the opening of a sex shop in their small town as a vehicle to break out of their ordinary lives. They dare each other to go to the shop to pick up a sex toy that relates to their individual fantasies and at the same time pick up a guy that seems to be interested in the same thing.

I have enjoyed many of Ms. Foster’s books, especially her Winston Brothers & Visitation series, as well as her SBC Fighters series. But I just found these stories a little boring. I’m not sure why. Maybe I was bored because shorter stories have little time for plot development, or maybe it was the irritation of the many, many, many errors in the digital ebook edition, which were a big distraction. So I decided to post this review as a warning to other readers.

EDITING ISSUES: I marked all the errors on my Kindle and counted them up after I finished reading. I had copies of the original print editions to compare to, and the errors present in the ebook were NOT in the print editions. There were a total of 118 errors that I found. It really ticks me off to encounter errors in a digital edition that aren’t in the print edition. When a print book is reprinted in a new edition, someone proofreads the darn thing, and we get a flawless manuscript. Why aren’t ebook editions accorded the same professional workmanship? I’m handing a publisher hard-earned money to buy a finished product—not some slipshod, half-baked, unacceptable piece of amateur crap. Zebra is a professional publishing house. I assume they have copy editors and proofreaders all over the place. Why didn’t one of them check this manuscript before it went online? I suspect the publishing house is making a VERY nice profit off an ebook. They don’t have to pay for paper, for ink, or for distribution costs. And also, they don’t pay for the practice of bookstores that strip the cover off a print book they can’t sell. The bookstore then throws the actual book in the trash and returns the cover to the publisher for a refund. In fact, I suspect we’re being grossly overcharged for ebooks, if you compare the profit from an ebook edition to the profit from a print edition. So why doesn’t our money buy the same professional level of attention to detail that a print book gets? It’s inexcusable and outrageous and insulting to ebook readers. I feel cheated. Forgive me for climbing up on my soapbox, but we all need to hold publishing houses to the same standard for ebooks as print books. It breaks my heart to repurchase a favorite title as an ebook only to find it riddled with flaws. Shame on them!

For those who care about the specifics: 86 errors were missing spaces. The words were spelled correctly; they were just run together without a space. Other errors were instances of words or phrases that were italicized for emphasis in the print edition, but were not italicized in the ebook. There were also a few missing periods, a few missing hyphens with words run together, 2 improper capitalizations in the middle of sentences, 1 unwanted space in the middle of a word, 1 missing quotation mark, and 1 unneeded hyphen.

In addition, there were a handful of actual typos in the ebook. The word “drawing” as in “drawing whisper” should probably have been “drawling.” (This error actually was also in the print edition). “Starding realization” should have been “startling realization.” This error occurred twice. “Fingen” should have been “finger.” Also “iL” should have been “it.” And finally, “he liked gender women” should have been “he liked gentler women.”
Boring. I hope never to read another book like this one. However, I do like most of Lori Foster's other books.
Lori always a must read!
These were excellent. Lot's of fun
Very, very little violence
Again, this is a Lori Foster romance book. I love all of her books, filled with both mystery and romance. I am patiently awaiting her next book.
for my wife and daughter.
I give this book 5 stars. Loved that all 3 stories were combined into one great read. Highly recommend reading.