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by James White

It's a massive hospital space station on the Galactic rim--384 levels, a staff of thousands--where human and alien medicine meet.But Patient Hewlitt, new to Sector General, doesn't want to meet alien medicine--or alien doctors, or alien nurses, or aliens of any kind. Which is just too bad; he's an interesting case, and he'll have to get used to it.In the meantime, it's always been an article of faith among Sector General's multispecies staff that infections can't pass from one alien race to another. But in this season of anomalies, it looks like they might have their first-ever interstellar virus on their hands, their tentacles, their cilla....Combining intrigue, ingenious puzzles (and even more ingenious solutions), action, adventure and White's characteristic easy charm, Final Diagnosis is a science-fiction treat.
Download Final Diagnosis: A Sector General Novel epub
ISBN: 0812562682
ISBN13: 978-0812562682
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Author: James White
Language: English
Publisher: Tor Science Fiction; First Mass Market Edition edition (July 15, 1998)
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 747
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Final Diagnosis is a feel good book. I love James White's Sector General books. The aliens are astonishing in their variety. White was brilliant, and the realism of his universe is extraordinary.
enjoy stretching my imagination. This series does it.
The James White Sector General Novels are so well done. I keep hoping that someone will finally turn them into a TV series, now that technology would make it possible to create the characters.
I wish he were still alive and writing more
You can't go wrong with James White. Fascinating sentient creatures, situations, diseases, accidents, rescues, psychologies. Dedicated medical personnel of all kinds. Enjoy the series -- preferably in order of publication. Have Fun!
I am glad that I found this book in an old book sale. Thirty years ago I started and loved this series and this book fit in well. There were some heavy references to previous books in the series, but after having been away for so long it still read very well. What was really enjoyable for me was it actually reminded me of those books I had read so long ago and brought back many fond and happy memories.

The Sector General books are an excellent melding of "House" and "ST:TNG", the funny thing is this series was written long before either series was produced... It is medical diagnostic mystery, adventure and odd aliens all comfortably wedged between two covers.
Let me just say that I've never read a James White novel before, so I've never been introduced to the Sector General series before I picked this book up at a 2nd hand book store. The synopsis sounded interesting enough, that being a giant ambulance spaceship capable of handling a HUGE spectrum of different aliens (from oxygen breathers, to chlorine breathers to hard radiation absorbers). Upon reading the book I was struck by how wild White's imagination can be when he describes (sometimes in detail and sometimes leaving it up to the reading to fathom) the sights, sounds, stenches, diets and thoughts of each alien being. Seeing the interaction between these aliens and the human characters is a refreshing bit of SF compared to the usual warring species presented in much of today's SF. This may be my first Sector General book, but it certainly won't be my last!
A different look at both medicine and culture, and how the two interact, with both interesting charaters and believable situations involing both medicine, patient's rights and how de-humanizing medicine can be "for our own good", and madding when doctors try to make our decisions for us, Petient Hewlitt must fight those who view him as a mential case looking for attention. This is a field seldom looked into in Science Fiction, where it is assumed the future will hold no illness, and everthing can be cured.